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新目标英语九年级 第87期:用废?#26041;?#36896;的?#35838;?/a>2017-05-13
You have probably never heard of any Winterbourne, but she is a most unusual woman.你可能从来没有听说过艾米·温特伯恩,但是她却是一个最不平常的女人.
新目标英语九年级 第86期:环保2017-05-12
Lots of people think theres nothing they can do,but I just read this book about it, and there are lots ofthings the average person can do.许多人认为他们什么都干不了,但是我看到了一本书,书上说普通人也能够做很多的事情.
新目标英语九年级 第85期:动物的朋友2017-05-12
Dear Editor,I visited our zoo yesterday and I was very surprised to find hardly anyone there.亲爱的编辑,昨天我去参观了我们的动物园,?#39029;?#24778;地发现那儿几乎没有人.
新目标英语九年级 第84期:动物园2017-05-11
Dear Editor,I am writing to say that I am against building a new zoo in our town.亲爱的编辑,我写信要说我反对在市中心建立一个新的动物园.
新目标英语九年级 第83期:海牛2017-05-11
Sure. Were trying to save them.?#27604;?我们正在营?#20154;?#20204;.
新目标英语九年级 第82期:动物2017-05-10
Whats that big, furry animal in the pond? 水池中那个大型,毛绒动物是什么?
新目标英语九年级 第81期:参观祖先生活2017-05-10
Have you been back to the place where your ancestors lived, worked, studied and played? 你曾经回到你的祖先生活、工作、学习和玩耍过的地方吗?
新目标英语九年级 第80期:杰里所要做的事情2017-05-09
Have you done your chores? 你做完你的事情了吗? Were leaving in an hour.一个小时内我们要离开.
新目标英语九年级 第79期:不要错过新海潮乐队2017-05-09
One of the best bands on the music scene is the new Ocean Waves.新海波在音乐舞台上(活跃)的最佳乐队之一.
新目标英语九年级 第78期:乐队2017-05-08
Now tell me a little about yourselves.告诉我一些你的情况.
新目标英语九年级 第77期:做家务2017-05-08
Hi Jake, Sorry I couldnt get back to you sooner.嗨,杰克,对不起?#20063;?#33021;马上给你回复了.
新目标英语九年级 第76期:他们都做了什么2017-05-07
Mom and Dad said they want to leave in ten minutes.妈妈和爸爸说他们将在10分钟之内离开.
新目标英语九年级 第75期:收拾行李2017-05-07
What about the travel guidebook and the street map? 旅游指南和地图呢?
新目标英语九年级 第74期:接受金钱让我感到不舒服2017-05-06
Sometimes, receiving a gift can be difficult,especially when someone buys you a gift you dont want!有些时候接受一件礼物也是很困难的,特别是当别人买给你的礼物你其实并不想要.
新目标英语九年级 第73期:小明的一天2017-05-06
Dear Diary, I thought today was going to be really bad.我原以为今天会是非常糟糕的一天.
新目标英语九年级 第72期:广告:利与弊2017-05-05
Others hate ads, saying that they make our cities and countryside look ugly.另外一些人反感广告,他们说:广告是我们的城市和乡村看起来很难看.
新目标英语九年级 第71期:广告产品2017-05-05
Wow! Look at this ad for Easy Care Shampoo, for the shiniest hair ever.哇!看洗发水的广告,让你拥有最光亮的秀发.
新目标英语九年级 第70期:餐馆的学问2017-05-04
Here are some things theyve learned from scientific studies.这里是一些他们从科学研究中学到的东西.
新目标英语九年级 第69期:又好又坏的一天2017-05-04
Did you and Amy have fun last night, Tina? 缇娜,你和艾米昨天晚上玩得高兴吗?
新目标英语九年级 第68期:去哪吃饭2017-05-03
So am I. Why dont we get something to eat? 我也是.我们去吃点东西吧.
新目标英语九年级 第67期:你应?#27599;?#28857;写2017-05-03
And can you also write e-mail English? 你会用电子邮件英语吗? E-mail English is a new kind of written English that is being used to save time.电子邮件英语是一种用于节省时间的新的书面英语写作方式.
新目标英语九年级 第66期:法国的生活2017-05-02
Dear Laura,Thanks for your message.亲爱的劳拉:谢谢你的信息.
新目标英语九年级 第65期:前往日本2017-05-02
Section B Activity 2a Tomorrow Steve is going to Japan to be an exchange student.B 活动2a 明天史蒂夫将作为交换生去日本.
新目标英语九年级 第64期:时间2017-05-01
If you tell a friend youre going to their house for dinner, its okay if you arrive a bit late.如果你告诉你的朋友我要去他们家用晚餐,迟到一点没关系.
新目标英语九年级 第63期:玛利亚的错误2017-05-01
Listen and check the mistakes Maria made.听短文,查看玛利亚所犯的错误.
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