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1. roll with the punches逆来顺受You have to roll with the punches if you want to survive in this business.如果你想在这一行生存下去的话,就得逆来顺受.2. right off the bat 立刻I was all prepared to put
saddle在这儿作动词,意为使负担,?#32771;?saddle sb. with sth. 意为为某人负重担,因此该习语意为把任务?#32771;?#20104;某人.例如:I can’t be saddled with any more responsibilities.(?#20197;?#20063;不能承担更多的任务了.)
kill somebody 狂胜..... 例句:In the soccer game last week, Chinese killed Japanese.上星期的足球赛中国狂胜日本. I love playing cards with Bob, because I kill him every time.我最?#19981;?#21644;鲍打牌,因为我每回都赢他. the order of the day 最重要的事
drained = ( very tired ) 累垮了,筋疲力尽 例:You should get more sleep, You've been looking really drained recently . 你应该多睡睡,最近你看起来很累的样子. 例:A:How's your trip to Europe ?
1. ahead of the game 领先,?#21152;?#21183;He got ahead of the game by finishing her work early.他因提早完成工作而领先他人.2.all right already 好啦好啦,别念叨啦All right already, I'm coming!好啦好啦,别念叨啦,我
Knockout 绝色美女; 极出色的东西A:How do I look? B:You know, you’re a knockout.A:我看起来怎么样? B:你知道,你是个绝色美女.虽然形容漂亮的字眼不少,knockout却只用来形容非凡的美,可以用来形容女孩
She's a very good lawyer but she does sometimes rub clients the wrong way. 她是个出色的律师,但有时候她?#19981;?#26080;意中触怒委托人.rub sb the wrong way:to make somebody annoyed or angry, often without inten
值得一学的地道英语习语2018-06-12 wiped out ? 极为疲倦EX:Joey: I’m wiped out. I spent five hours on this assignment.Allen: I’d be wiped out, too.
1. eat 使困扰;使不开心 A: What's eating you? You've been so quiet all morning. 什么事让你不开心呢? 你整个上午都不说话. B: I bombed in my final exam. 我的期末考砸了! What's eating you? 是个常常听到的俚语.当你觉得某个人好像为某事所困扰,以致整个人不大对劲,就可以用这句话来问他到底发生什么事了.bomb 是个很有意思的词,它可以表?#23601;?#20840;的失败,也可以表示做得很好.要看当时的情形来决定.
1.dude 老兄 误解:花花公子, 纨绔子弟 实际:此词是?#24515;行?#24180;轻人常用的,与guy的意思相同,只是guy用的范围更广. eg:Hey, dude, look at that girl. 喂,老兄,看那个女孩! 2.chick 女孩
nerd 痴,书呆子,对一项专业精通但对其它事不闻不问的人. computer nerd 电脑痴 Bill Gates may be a computer nerd,but that's why he's so wealthy. 你可能觉得Bill Gates是个电脑痴人,可正因为如此,他才这么的有钱. fold=give up ?#29260;?退出
Snap out of it. 振作起来,作回自己 例句 Hey I know you broke up with your girlfriend and you are depressed.But snap out of it.It's not the end of the world. 我知道你和女友分手了,而且你很难过.可你要振作起来,这没什么了不起的.
They've offered me the job, so the ball's in my court now. 他们已答应把那份工作给我,下一步就?#27425;以?#20040;办了. the ball is in your/somebody's court: it is your/somebody's responsibility to take action next (球已经丢给你了)下一步就看你的了
1、我请客:觉得我们常用pay这个词,如Let me pay it for you.这里列举三种说法:I am buying; This is on me; This is all my bill.2、收买某人:有个比较正式的?#24335;衎ribe,名词时为贿赂的意思,动
get next to somebody 试图接近某人,和别人亲近成为很好的关?#36947;?I just saw the prettiest girl .I wouldn't mind getting next to her . 我刚看到一个世界上最漂亮的女孩,我不介意与她亲近.
like hell 1.used for emphasis 非常;极其She worked like hell for her exams. 她为了考试而拼命复习.My broken finger hurt like hell. 我的手指骨折,痛得要命.2used when you are refusing permission or saying
crash:to fall asleep; to sleep somewhere you do not usually sleep 入睡; (在不常睡觉的地方)睡觉 I was so tired I crashed out on the sofa. 我累极了,在沙发上就睡着了. I've come to crash on your flo
have your hands full---to be very busy or too busy to do something else 忙得不可开交;应接不暇 She certainly has her hands full with four kids in the house. 家里养着四个孩子,她?#27604;?#24537;得团团转.have your
You just can't get over... (you can't forget...) 很难忘记......例句:The French soccer fans can't get over the World Cup 2002. 法国的球迷很难从2002年世界杯中的失利的阴影中走出来.dwell on sth:一直想
宅男/女英语怎么说 Indoorsman refers to a person who spends considerable time in indoor pursuits, such as computing, sleeping and watching sports on television. 宅男(indoorsman)就是指把大部分时间都花在像玩电脑、睡觉以及看电视体育节目等室内活动方面的人.
doze off 睡觉,睡一会儿 例:I was so tired yesterday that I dozed off in class. 昨天我太累了,可别在上课时睡觉了. 例:My grandfather always dozes off after lunch. 我的祖父经常在饭后睡一觉. step on it 快一点,加点速 例:Could you step on it? I'm late for my flight.
2. There is nothing good playing. 没好电影可看. 这里的There's nothing good playing.是接着问句而来的,指的是?#35813;?#26377;好电影可看.」同样的,若是电视上没有好节目可看,你就可以说There's nothing good onTV.3. I've gotten carried away. ?#39029;短?#36828;了.
DUMP HIM/HER——和他/她分手范例:Mary dumped John to go with Peter.玛丽?#35328;己?#29993;掉,开?#20960;说迷?#20250;.句型解说:to dump 这个?#39318;?#21160;作动词,是倒垃圾的意思.引伸到交朋友方面,年轻人常说的把某人甩掉,美国年
give someone a hand 帮助.... Could you give me a hand and pass me the scissors? I can't reach them myself. 帮个忙把剪刀递给我,我够不着. Why don't you give dad a hand with garbage? It looks heavy. 为什么不帮爸爸提垃圾,它看起来很重. what's the deal ? 出什么事了?
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