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聽故事練聽力 unit 12013-10-16
A farmer who lived in a small village suffered from a severe pain in the chest. This never seemed to get any better. The farmer eventually decided that he would consult a doctor in the nearest town. But as he was a miserly person he thought he would find out what he would have to pay this doctor.
聽故事練聽力 unit 22013-10-15
Gretel comes from Austria. She is eighteen years old. She is going to stay with the Clark family for a year. Gretel has come to England because she wants to improve her English. She works as an au pair girl. She helps Mrs Clark in the house and attends English classes regularly in her spare time.
聽故事練聽力 unit 32013-10-15
Mr Smith gave his wife ten pounds for her birthday-ten pretty pound notes. So the day after her birthday, Mrs Smith went shopping. She queued for a bus, got on and sat down next to an old lady. After a while, she noticed that the old lady's handbag was open. Inside it, she saw a wad of pound notes exactly like the one her husband had given her. So she quickly looked into her own bag- the notes had gone!
聽故事練聽力 unit 42013-10-14
But the poor lodger who had the room under the musician's was woken up each night, or early in the morning. by the two thuds that the two shoes made as they landed On his ceiling.Finally, he could not stand it any more and went and complained to the musician.
聽故事練聽力 unit 52013-10-14
Fire! Fire! What terrible words to hear when one wakes up in a strange house in the middle of the night! It was a large, old, wooden house-the sort that burns beautifully---and my room was on the top floor. I jumped out of bed, opened the door and stepped out into the passage. It was full of thick smoke.
聽故事練聽力 unit 62013-10-13
becausc he was always busy working. Now that they're divorced , I've gotten to know him more because I'm with him every weekend. And I really look forward to the weekends because it's kind of like a break-it's like going to Disneyland because there's no set schedule, no "Be home by five-thirty" kind of stuff. It's open. It's free. And my father is always buying me presents.
聽故事練聽力 unit 72013-10-13
Now thats a difficult question, Mrs Clark replied. I just havent any idea which store I like best. There are so many huge stores in London. I suppose Selfridges must be the biggest.
聽故事練聽力 unit 82013-10-12
Hal Bohlman, his wife Judy, and their three children live in a small apartment. Hal works in the income tax division of the government where he is a public information officer. Their children are now 12, 10 and 5 years old. Their plan is for Judy to return to work after their youngest child .
聽故事練聽力 unit 92013-10-12
Sue: Its just life. . . its so boring. David: Oh , its not so bad. . . youve got Daniel ! Sue: But hes only a baby! Its all right for you. Youll leave the house in five minutes. Ill be here all day. Whenll you come home? You
聽故事練聽力 unit 102013-10-11
I'm twelve years old. I'm large for my age and have big feet which I am self-conscious about. I look like both my mum and my dad but in different ways. I have fair hair and blue eyes like my dad, and a mouth an'd expression like my mum.
聽故事練聽力 unit 112013-10-11
You and your family have been living in the same six-family apartment building for eight years. The landlord's family also lives there, and, generally speaking,all the tenants get along fairly well with each other. Recently, however, there was a change in the apartment next to yours.
聽故事練聽力 unit 122013-10-10
If someone offered to pay all my expenses for a month's holiday anywhere in the world, I would feel very surprised and very excited. It would be difficult to decide where I wanted to go. Should I go to one place or to lots of different places?
聽故事練聽力 unit 132013-10-10
I'm forty and married with two children. My trouble is that I haven't got enough to do. The kids are at school all day and the house is empty. So I eat chocolates, mostly. I've put on a lot of weight , but I can't give them up. I try as hard as I can but I just can't stop eating.
聽故事練聽力 unit 142013-10-09
Not all people like to work but everyone likes to play. All over the world men and women and boys and girls enjoy sports. iends the days of long ago, adults and children have called their friends together to spend hours , even days , playing games.
聽故事練聽力 unit 152013-10-09
When memory began for me, my grandfather was past sixty-a great tall man with thick hair becoming gray. He had black eyes and a straight nose which ended in a slightly flattened tip. Once he explained seriously to me that he got that flattened tip as a small child when he fell down and stepped on his nose.
聽故事練聽力 unit 162013-10-08
Maybe you are an average student with an average intellect.You pass most of your subjects. You occasionally get good grades, but they are usually just average. You are more interested in hiking than in history, and in sports than in scholarship. The fact is that you don't study very much.
聽故事練聽力 unit 172013-10-08
Jennifer got off the bus from the university and began walking towards the flat she shared with two other students. On her way she had to buy some food and stopped in one of the shops in the street. It was run by an Asian family, and although the prices there were a little higher than in the big supermarket further down the street, she did a lot of her shopping there.
聽故事練聽力 unit 182013-10-07
Ten years ago I used to be very fit. T cycled to work and I got a lot of exercise at the weekends. I used to play tennis a lot and go for long walks. In those days I didn't earn very much. I had a job in an office. It wasn't a very good job but I had a lot of time to do the things I enjoyed doing.
聽故事練聽力 unit 192013-10-07
Um, well, first of all most children start school at the age of five and they can't leave school until the age of sixteen , which is just , you know , the age the age of five until eleven. . . um, and previously they used to take an e~even plus examination which would then determine whether they would go to a grammar school or alternatively a secondary modern school.
聽故事練聽力 unit 202013-10-06
Mr Brooks, Martin, Robert and Jean are being interviewed on subject of friendship. Mr BROOKS: I consider friendship to be one of the most important things in life-whatever your status, married or single. I see too many lonely people around. A lot of us get so involved with material values, family problems, keeping up with the Joneses, etc. , that we forget the real meaning of friendship.
聽故事練聽力 unit 212013-10-06
I wonder why so many shop-assistants are so foul tempered? Inspite of so many campaigns to improve the services in the past years, we see no appreciable change so far. If Dad and Mum are to be believed, the services used to be quite good in the fifties.
聽故事練聽力 unit 222013-10-05
JOHN: What I like most, I suppose, is the fact that its so unusual. I mean, when I tell people what I do, they just look at me usually as if Im mad. Maybe I am, anyway what I do is this. I get up about a quarter past six every morning.
聽故事練聽力 unit 232013-10-05
The desire for a son and heir is common to all mankind. In our country, especially, to have as many male descendents as possible has always been regarded as the greatest blessing in life. The failure to produce a male heir was considered the most unfilial of all unfilial crimes.
聽故事練聽力 unit 242013-10-04
I wonder whether smoking is as harmful as doctors make us believe it to be? Some of the things they say are really hair-raising, and even if only half of what they say is true , then it is , if not suicidal, at least a self-inflicted chronic disease.


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