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在外国学英语, 最有趣的大概就是可以听到很多俚语。 很多时候光听那些句子, 好像不容易马上可以会意出来他们在说什么, 听了几次后, 就慢慢可以了解这些俚语的含意了。不过, 不管什么语言, 都应该考虑到说话的对象、场合与时间, 有些俚语并不适合在正式的场合用。

美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 12013-09-09
1.Dont put on airs. 不要摆架子. 2.Rubber check. 空头支票. 3.I dont feel very well. 我有点不舒服.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 22013-09-09
51.I am blowed if I know. 我要是知道的话,就是王?#35828;? 52.You are really something. 你真有一手. 53.Ill be with you in a minute. 我马上就来.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 32013-09-09
101.I dont mean to offend you. 我不是故意冒犯你的. 102.How much do I owe you? 我一共要付多少钱? 103.I can never thank you enough. 我不知道该怎样感激你才好.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 42013-09-09
151.That is too bad! 那太可惜了! 152.Is that so? 真有那回事吗? 153.Im through! 我完了!
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 52013-09-08
201.Who in the world are you? 你究竟是谁? 202.I want you to mean it.= I want you to say what you mean. 我要你说出真心话. 203.You have gone a little too far this time. 你这次有点太过份了.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 62013-09-08
252.You had better put your feet on the ground. 你最好要脚踏实地. 253.Mr.Right is hard to spot. 如意郎君不好找. 254.Im on my way. 我立刻就去.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 72013-09-06
301.Get going,you are in my way. 滚开,你挡了我的去路. 302.Go ahead. 请便. 303.He is good for nothing. 他是个无用的人.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 82013-09-06
351.You had better make sure. 你最好搞清楚点. 352.Anybody home? 有人在家吗? 353.You mad at me? 你生我的气吗?
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 92013-09-05
401.Ill be there. ?#26131;?#26102;到达那里. 402.Tell me more. 多告诉我一些. 403.You have my blessing. ?#26131;?#31119;你.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 102013-09-05
451.Dont do this to me. 不要这样对我. 452.You cant make me agree with you. 你不能使我同意你. 453.My idea is different from yours. 我的想法跟你的不同.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 112013-09-04
501.Dont do it for the time being. 暂时别做这件事. 502.Ill knock you flat. 我要揍你. 503.Dont jump on me. 别对我发火.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 122013-09-04
601.Its all over,why torture yourself. 一切都已过去,为什么还要折磨自己. 602.Words move fast. 人言可畏. 603.He is he,I am me. 他就是他,我就是我.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 132013-09-03
651.When things go wrong,smile. 当?#34385;?#19981;如意时,要泰然处之. 652.What the heck? 什么鬼东西? 653.What the heck made you do that? 你怎么搞的,会做出那种?#34385;?#26469;?
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 142013-09-03
702.I cross my heart. 我可对天发誓. 703.You want to search?Be my guest! 你要搜查吗?请便吧! 704.I took care of the check. 我已付过账了.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 152013-09-02
751.Maybe you have learned your lesson. 你也许已尝到了苦头. 752.You are an up-and-coming young man. 你是一个有前途的青年人. 753.His head is in the clouds. 他想入非非.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 162013-09-02
801.There is nothing to it. 这没有什么. 802.There are plenty of fish in the sea. 天涯何处无芳草. 803.I am broke. 我破产了.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 172013-09-01
851.I dont see how it could be. 这个根本不可能. 852.Why not give up smoking? 为什么不戒烟? 853.We must keep in mind our final objective and our mission. 我们必须牢记我们的最后目标和任务.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 182013-09-01
901.He bukled down to a hard job. 他努力从事一件艰苦工作. 902.You had better buckle down! 你最好多用心! 903.Dont try to strike an attitude with me. 不要对我摆臭架子.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 192013-09-01
951.Shes crying her eyes out. 她把眼睛哭红了. 952.No one wants to be a business girl all her life. 没有人想做一辈子的妓女. 953.Dont butt into other peoples business. 不要干预别人的事务.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 202013-09-01
1001.Dont get mad at me. 别生我的气. 1002.Lets go fifty-fifty. 让我们平分(二一添做五). 1003.That problem is really hard to figure out. 那个问题的确很难明了.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 212013-08-30
1051.Dont you think he is good for nothing? 你不认为他是个废物吗? 1052.Its a good deal;I like it. 这是个好差事,我?#19981;?#23427;. 1053.Green back. 美钞.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 222013-08-30
1101.The old man wants to see you,you better get over here on the double. 老长官要见你,你赶快到这里来. 1102.Your better half. 尊夫人. 1103.Please give my regards to your better half. 请代我向尊夫人问好.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 232013-08-29
1151.Hot head. 动?#20301;? 1152.Hot potato. 困难问题. 1153.I cant stand if any longer. 我不能再忍受.
美国日常口语俚语2500句:Unit 242013-08-29
1201.Made a fine play. 表现良好. 1202.Maiden voyage. 处女航. 1203.Ill make a stab at it. 我想试一试.


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