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作者:(印) 泰戈爾



園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 12012-09-11
SERVANT. Have mercy upon your servant, my queen! QUEEN. The assembly is over and my servants are all gone. Why do you come at this late hour?
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 22012-09-11
Ah, poet, the evening draws near; your hair is turning grey. Do you in your lonely musing hear the message of the hereafter?
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 32012-09-11
I dragged up from the dark abyss things of strange aspect and strange beauty—some shone like a smile, some glistened like tears, and some were flushed like the cheeks of a bride.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 42012-09-07
Ah me, why did they build my house by the road to the market town? They moor their laden boats near my trees.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 52012-09-07
I am restless. I am athirst for far-away things. My soul goes out in a longing to touch the skirt of the dim distance.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 62012-09-05
The tame bird was in a cage, the free bird was in the forest.They met when the time came, it was a decree of fate.The free bird cries, O my love, let us fly to wood.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 72012-09-05
I know well he will not glance up once at my window; I know he will pass out of my sight in the twinkling of an eye; only the vanishing strain of the flute will come sobbing to me from afar.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 82012-09-04
A pearl chain was on his neck, and the suns rays fell on his crown. He stopped before my door and asked me with an eager cry, Where is she?
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 92012-09-04
When I go alone at night to my love-tryst, birds do not sing, the wind does not stir, the houses on both sides of the street stand silent.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 102012-09-03
Let your work be, bride. Listen, the guest has come. Do you hear, he is gently shaking the chain which fastens the door?
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 112012-09-03
If your braided hair has loosened, if the parting of your hair be not straight, if the ribbons of your bodice be not fastened, do not mind.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 122012-09-01
The shadow of the coming rain is on the sands, and the clouds hang low upon the blue lines of the trees like the heavy hair above your eyebrows.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 132012-09-01
I asked nothing, only stood at the edge of the wood behind the tree.Languor was still upon the eyes of the dawn, and the dew in the air.The lazy smell of the damp grass hung in the thin mist above the earth.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 142012-08-29
I was walking by the road, I do not know why, when the noonday was past and bamboo branches rustled in the wind.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 152012-08-29
I run as a musk-deer runs in the shadow of the forest mad with his own perfume. The night is the night of mid-May, the breeze is the breeze of the south.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 162012-08-26
It is the moonlit night of March; the sweet smell of henna is in the air; my flute lies on the earth neglected and your garland of flowers in unfinished.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 172012-08-26
The yellow bird sings in their tree and makes my heart dance with gladness. We both live in the same village, and that is our one piece of joy.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 182012-08-25
When the two sisters go to fetch water, they come to this spot and they smile. They must be aware of somebody who stands behind the trees whenever they go to fetch water.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 192012-08-25
You walked by the riverside path with the full pitcher upon your hip. Why did you swiftly turn your face and peep at me through your fluttering veil?
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 202012-08-23
Day after day he comes and goes away. Go, and give him a flower from my hair, my friend.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 212012-08-23
Why did he choose to come to my door, the wandering youth, when the day dawned?
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 222012-08-21
A flutter of a flitting touch brushed me and vanished in a moment, like a torn flower petal blown in the breeze.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 232012-08-21
Why do you sit there and jingle your bracelets in mere idle sport? Fill your pitcher. It is time for you to come home.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 242012-08-20
Do not keep to yourself the secret of your heart, my friend! Say it to me, only to me, in secret. You who smile so gently, softly whisper, my heart will hear it, not my ears.
園丁集 泰戈爾著:Chapter 252012-08-20
Come to us, youth, tell us truly why there is madness in your eyes? I know not what wine of wild poppy I have drunk, that there is this madness in my eyes.
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