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作者:(美) 霍桑



红字:Chapter 1 The Prison-Door2012-04-24
A THRONG of bearded men, in sad-coloured garments, and grey, steeple-crowned hats, intermixed with women, some wearing hoods, and others bareheaded, was assembled in front of a wooden edifice, the door of which was heavily timbered with oak, and studded with iron spikes.
红字:Chapter 2 The Market-Place2012-04-24
THE grass-plot before the jail, in Prison Lane, on a certain summer morning, not less than two centuries ago, was occupied by a pretty large number of the inhabitants of Boston;
红字:Chapter 3 The Recognition2012-04-24
FROM this intense consciousness of being the object of severe and universal observation, the wearer of the scarlet letter was at length relieved, by discerning, on the outskirts of the crowd, a figure which irresistibly took possession of her thoughts.
红字:Chapter 4 The Interview2012-04-24
AFTER her return to the prison, Hester Prynne was found to be in a state of nervous excitement that demanded constant watchfulness, lest she should perpetrate violence on herself, or do some half-frenzied mischief to the poor babe.
红字:Chapter 5 Hester at her Needle2012-04-22
HESTER PRYNNE'S term of confinement was now at an end. Her prison-door was thrown open, and she came forth into the sunshine, which, falling on all alike, seemed, to her sick and morbid heart, as if meant for no other purpose than to reveal the scarlet letter on her breast.
红字:Chapter 6 Pearl2012-04-22
WE have as yet hardly spoken of the infant; that little creature, whose innocent life had sprung, by the inscrutable decree of Providence, a lovely and immortal flower, out of the rank luxuriance of a passion.
红字:Chapter 7 The Governor's Hall2012-04-21
HESTER PRYNNE went, one day, to the mansion of Governor Bellingham, with a pair of gloves, which she had fringed and embroidered to his order, and which were to be worn on some great occasion of state;
红字:Chapter 8 The Elf-Child and the Minister2012-04-21
GOVERNOR BELLINGHAM, in a loose gown and easy cap- much as elderly gentlemen loved to endue themselves with, in their domestic privacy-walked foremost, and appeared to be showing off his estate, and expatiating on his projected improvements.
红字:Chapter 9 The Leech2012-04-21
UNDER the appellation of Roger Chillingworth, the reader will remember, was hidden another name, which its former wearer had resolved should never more be spoken.
红字:Chapter 10 The Leech and his Patient2012-04-21
OLD Roger Chillingworth, throughout life, had been calm in temperament, kindly, though not of warm affections, but ever, and in all his relations with the world, a pure and upright man.
红字:Chapter 11 The Interior of a Heart2012-04-20
AFTER the incident last described, the intercourse between the clergyman and the physician, though externally the same, was really of another character than it had previously been.
红字:Chapter 12 The Minister's Vigil2012-04-20
WALKING in the shadow of a dream, as it were, and perhaps actually under the influence of a species of somnambulism, Mr Dimmesdale reached the spot, where, now so long since, Hester Prynne had lived through her first hours of public ignominy.
红字:Chapter 13 Another View of Hester2012-04-18
IN her late singular interview with Mr. Dimmesdale, Hester Prynne was shocked at the condition to which she found the clergyman reduced. His nerve seemed absolutely destroyed.
红字:Chapter 14 Hester and the Physician2012-04-18
HESTER bade little Pearl run down to the margin of the water, and play with the shells and tangled seaweed, until she should have talked awhile with yonder gatherer of herbs.
红字:Chapter 15 Hester and Pearl2012-04-17
SO Roger Chillingworth- a deformed old figure, with a face that haunted men's memories longer than they liked- took leave of Hester Prynne, and went stooping away along the earth.
红字:Chapter 16 A Forest Walk2012-04-17
Dimmesdale, at whatever risk of present pain or ulterior consequences, the true character of the man who had crept into his intimacy.
红字:Chapter 17 The Pastor and his Parishioner2012-04-16
SLOWLY as the minister walked, he had almost gone by, before Hester Prynne could gather voice enough to attract his observation. At length, she succeeded.
红字:Chapter 18 A Flood of Sunshine2012-04-16
ARTHUR DIMMESDALE gazed into Hester's face with a look in which hope and joy shone out, indeed, but with fear betwixt them, and a kind of horror at her boldness, who had spoken what he vaguely hinted at, but dared not speak.
红字:Chapter 19 The Child at the Brook-side2012-04-15
THOU wilt love her dearly, repeated Hester Prynne, as she and the minister sat watching little Pearl. "Dost thou not think her beautiful? And see with what natural skill she has made those simple flowers adorn her!
红字:Chapter 20 The Minister in a Maze2012-04-15
AS the minister departed, in advance of Hester Prynne and little Pearl, he threw a backward glance; half expecting that he should discover only some faintly traced features or outline of the mother and the child, slowly fading into the twilight of the woods.
红字:Chapter 21 The New England Holiday2012-04-14
BETIMES in the morning of the day on which the new Governor was to receive his office at the hands of the people, Hester Prynne and little Pearl came into the market-place.
红字:Chapter 22 The Procession2012-04-14
BEFORE Hester Prynne could call together her thoughts, and consider what was practicable to be done in this new and startling aspect of affairs, the sound of military music was heard approaching along a contiguous street.
红字:Chapter 23 The Revelation of the Scarlet Letter2012-04-13
THE eloquent voice, on which the souls of the listening audience had been borne aloft as on the swelling waves of the sea, at length came to a pause. There was a momentary silence, profound as what should follow the utterance of oracles.
红字:Chapter 24 Conclusion2012-04-13
FTER many days, when time sufficed for the people to arrange their thoughts in reference to the foregoing scene, there was more than one account of what had been witnessed on the scaffold.


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