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作者:(英) 路易斯 著

内容简介:佩文西家四个兄弟姐妹彼得、苏珊、爱德?#29642;?#38706;茜在一位老教授家做客,无意中发现衣橱后隐藏着一个神奇的魔法王国。这里的居民有羊怪、海狸、矮人、树精……但在阿斯兰离开纳尼亚期间,这个国家被一个邪恶的白女巫占领。她压迫纳尼亚的居民,将其置于永恒的冬季之中。羊怪曾冒着生命危险救过露茜,海狸一家也帮助他们兄妹逃脱白女巫的追杀。爱德蒙曾受白女巫土耳其软糖的诱惑,一度背?#21387;?#33258;己的兄妹。 后来,阿斯兰伴随着圣诞老人来到纳尼亚,带领大家战胜了女巫。四个孩子成为纳尼亚的国王与女王。多年后,他们在打猎时无意中穿过衣橱,重新以孩子的身份回到自己的世界。

I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realized that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it is printed and bound you will be older still.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER ONE LUCY LOOKS INTO A WARDROBE2011-12-25
ONCE there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. This story is about something that happened to them when they were sent away from London during the war because of the air raids.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER TWO WHAT LUCY FOUND THERE2011-12-25
GOOD EVENING, said Lucy. But the Faun was so busy picking up its parcels that at first it did not reply. When it had finished it made her a little bow.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER THREE EDMUND AND THE WARDROBE2011-12-25
Lucy ran out of the empty room into the passage and found the other three.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER FOUR TURKISH DELIGHT2011-12-25
I see you are an idiot, whatever else you may be, said the Queen. Answer me, once and for all, or I shall lose my patience. Are you human?
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER FIVE BACK ON THIS SIDE OF THE DOOR2011-12-25
BECAUSE the game of hide-and-seek was still going on, it took Edmund and Lucy some time to find the others.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER SIX INTO THE FOREST2011-12-25
I wish the Macready would hurry up and take all these people away, said Susan presently, I'm getting horribly cramped.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER SEVEN A DAY WITH THE BEAVERS2011-12-25
WHILE the two boys were whispering behind, both the girls suddenly cried Oh! and stopped.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER EIGHT WHAT HAPPENED AFTER DINNER2011-12-25
Ah, that's bad, said Mr Beaver, shaking his head. That's a very, very bad business. There's no doubt he was taken off by the police. I got that from a bird who saw it done.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER NINE IN THE WITCH'S HOUSE2011-12-25
AND now of course you want to know what had happened to Edmund. He had eaten his share of the dinner, but he hadn't really enjoyed it because he was thinking all the time about Turkish Delight and there's nothing that spoils the taste of good ordinary f
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER TEN THE SPELL BEGINS TO BREAK2011-12-25
Now we must go back to Mr and Mrs Beaver and the three other children. As soon as Mr Beaver said, There's no time to lose, everyone began bundling themselves into coats, except Mrs Beaver, who started picking up sacks and laying them on the table and sai
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER ELEVEN ASLAN IS NEARER2011-12-25
EDMUND meanwhile had been having a most disappointing time. When the dwarf had gone to get the sledge ready he expected that the Witch would start being nice to him, as she had been at their last meeting.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER TWELVE PETER'S FIRST BATTLE2011-12-25
WHILE the dwarf and the White Witch were saying this, miles away the Beavers and the children were walking on hour after hour into what seemed a delicious dream.
I would like to have it done on the Stone Table itself, said the Witch. That is the proper place. That is where it has always been done before.
狮子女?#23376;?#39764;衣橱:CHAPTER FOURTEEN THE TRIUMPH OF THE WITCH2011-12-25
As soon as the Witch had gone Aslan said, We must move from this place at once, it will be wanted for other purposes. We shall encamp tonight at the Fords of Beruna.
Now! Follow me all and we will set about what remains of this war! It will not take us long to crush the human vermin and the traitors now that the great Fool, the great Cat, lies dead.
He was indeed. He had bounded up to the stone lion and breathed on him. Then without waiting a moment he whisked round almost as if he had been a cat chasing its tail -and breathed also on the stone dwarf, which (as you remember) was standing a few feet f
THE battle was all over a few minutes after their arrival. Most of the enemy had been killed in the first charge of Aslan and his companions; and when those who were still living saw that the Witch was dead they either gave themselves up or took to flight


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