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八卦天后的短信密令接连不停,而Serena Van Der Woodsen也结束了自己曾选择的寄宿生活,并重回曼哈顿,令其闺中密友blair惊讶不?#36873;?#22825;后不断爆出各?#32622;?#26009;,学生buzz则通过各种可利用的线索来?#39029;?#20843;卦天后的真身。

该片改编自Cecily con Ziegesar的畅销青春小说,由Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Bob Levy 以及 Lesie Morgenstein担当执行制片人。在新一季最新一集,hamptons的夏天,最受欢迎的学生忍受着hamptons的酷暑。


chapter 12015-01-24
hey people! Ever wondered what the lives of the chosen ones are really like? Well, Im going to tell you, because Im one of them.
Chapter 22015-01-23
The Waldorf penthouse had been expensively redecorated that summer in deep reds and chocolate browns, and it was full of antiques and artwork that would have impressed anyone who knew anything about art.
Chapter 32015-01-23
Blair squeezed Nate’s hand and pulled him into the room. They stumbled over each other, falling toward the bed, and spilling their drinks on the mohair rug. Blair giggled; the scotch she’d pounded had gone right to her head.
Chapter 42015-01-22
They would sit on Blairs four-poster bed and watch Audrey Hepburn movies, wearing vintage lingerie and drinking gin and lime juice.
Chapter 52015-01-22
Kati saw the girl she’d been copying since she started shopping for her own clothes—third grade?
Chapter 62015-01-21
She studied Nate’s face. Neither of them was smiling now. The Red Sea, Nate repeated, drowning in the deep blue lakes of her eyes. Of course he remembered. How could he forget?
Chapter 72015-01-21
Serena didn’t seem to notice Nate’s uncomfortable silence. She sighed, bowing her head to rest it on his shoulder. She no longer smelled like Chanel’s Cristalle like she always used to. She smelled like honey and sandalwood and lilies—her own essential-oil mixture.
Chapter 82015-01-20
Tylers idol was that movie director, Cameron Crowe, who had toured with Led Zeppelin when he was only fifteen.
Chapter 92015-01-20
hey people!S SEEN DEALING ON STEPS OF MET Well, were certainly off to a good start.
Chapter 102015-01-19
Constance ninth grader Jenny Humphrey silently mouthed the words, sharing with her neighbor the hymnal which Jenny herself had been commissioned to pen in her exceptional calligraphy.
Chapter 112015-01-19
I heard she had plastic surgery in Europe this summer, but they didnt do a very good job.
Chapter 122015-01-18
Her parents had to go up there and get her.
Chapter 132015-01-18
Love, Serena v.d. Woodsen Blair, Rain, and Kati giggled noisily. Shhssh, Mr. Beckham whispered, glancing at Vanessa sympathetically. Blair turned the note over and scrawled a reply. Sure, Serena. Whatever you want. Call me from jail.
Chapter 142015-01-17
I’ll see you later, guys, she said, and walked stiffly away. Serena sighed and flicked a piece of lettuce off her plate. Blair was being boring. When were they going to start having fun?
Chapter 152015-01-17
I wasn’t ready before, but now I am. My Mom and Cyrus are going away on Friday and I really want you to sleep over.
Chapter 162015-01-16
STONED IN CENTRAL PARK Actually, my new favorite topic is the Waspoid-the elite version of the wasteoid, or stoner boy.
Chapter 172015-01-16
Serena fished the Tic Tac out and put it on her tongue, but she was so worried about her future, she could barely taste it.
Chapter 182015-01-15
Whats this one called? the Transit Authority woman asked eagerly.
Chapter 192015-01-15
Lets practice your monologue, Dan, Vanessa said sharply.
Chapter 202015-01-14
Yeah, said Vanessa, scrambling for a decent reason why she was using Marjorie when Serena was obviously perfect for the part.
Chapter 212015-01-14
So, what can you do? Jenny poked at her grilled cheese.
Chapter 222015-01-13
Your E-mail Dear Gossip Girl, I wont tell you who I am, but Im in the Remi brothers show too.
Chapter 232015-01-13
So they set up a foundation for them, she explained.
Chapter 242015-01-12
Shit! Blair shrieked when she heard the doorman buzz from downstairs.
Chapter 252015-01-12
What? she said softly. Nate reached down and gathered up the edges of the quilt. He draped one end around Blair’s shoulders and wrapped the other end around his waist.


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