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《走遍美國》(MP3下載+字幕+文本+講解)本節目內容以住在紐約的一家三代人的生活為中心,內容涉及美國各地風土人情、社會生活 的許多方面。這套教材突出了最新的交際教學法,與情景式教學法和句型式教學法相比是一大突破。教材以快速增進聽說能力為主要目標,同時兼顧提高閱讀與寫作能力。本教材也可用作參加托福考試的準備教材。在表現手段上,充分體現了多媒體的優勢,遠遠超過了原有素材的簡單堆積。這種源于教材、高于教材的創造成果,對廣大英語愛好者有極大的幫助。

跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Parting Friends餞行聚會ACTI2018-08-09
聽力文本In the Stewarts home. Ellen Stewart is preparing dinner in the kitchen as her son Robbie comes home from school.Robbie:Hi, Mom.Ellen:Hi, Robbie. Youre home from school early.Robbie:Yea
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:The Community Center社區中心ACTIII2018-08-09
聽力文本Robbie and Alexandra arrive late at the Stewarts' home.They are with Mr. Maxwell, the editor of the local newspaper.Robbie:Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm late. But Alexandra and I have been busy
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:The Community Center社區中心ACTII2018-08-08
聽力文本The same morning. Grandpa, Nat, Robbie, and Alexandra are talking on the patio.Nat:There is a way, Malcolm. We get our friends to roll their sleeves up and get to work.Grandpa:It's certain
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:The Community Center社區中心ACTI2018-08-08
聽力文本Grandpa, Malcolm Stewart, is sitting on the patio of the Stewarts' home. He is bothered by an article he is reading in the morning newspaper.Robbie:[He enters the patio. ]Morning, Grandpa.
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Career Choices職業選擇ACTIII2018-08-07
聽力文本Career Choices職業選擇ACTIII教師講解版視頻Saturday night. Marilyn and Ellen are playing with Max.Ellen:[She looks at Max in his playpen.] Hi, big guy.[The doorbell rings.]Marilyn:That must
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Career Choices職業選擇ACTII2018-08-07
聽力文本Career Choices職業選擇ACTII教師講解版視頻Saturday morning. Marilyn and her mother-in-law Ellen are on the patio with Max.Ellen:[She puts Max's teddy bear in his playpen.]There's your teddy
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Career Choices職業選擇ACTI2018-08-06
聽力文本Career Choices職業選擇ACTI教師講解版視頻In the Stewarts' home one evening. Marilyn Stewart is singing a popular lullaby to her baby, Max.Marilyn:Rock-a-bye, baby, on the tree top,When the
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:A Big Fish in a Little Pond小池塘里的大魚ACTIII2018-08-06
聽力文本A Big Fish in a Little Pond小池塘里的大魚ACTIII教師講解版視頻The next day. Susan and Michelle are setting the table for dinner.Michelle:I love my school. I have so many good friends there no
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:A Big Fish in a Little Pond小池塘里的大魚ACTII2018-08-05
聽力文本A Big Fish in a Little Pond小池塘里的大魚ACTII教師講解版視頻In Susan's office. Grandpa arrives to have lunch with Susan.Grandpa:Hello Hello there [He hugs Susan.] Are, you Susan:Oh! Hi, Gr
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:A Big Fish in a Little Pond小池塘里的大魚ACTI2018-08-05
聽力文本A Big Fish in a Little Pond小池塘里的大魚ACTI教師講解版視頻In susan and Harry's apartment in Soho, a neighborhood in Manhattan. Susan and Harry are looking at Michelle as she models her new
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Quality Time黃金時光ACTIII2018-08-04
聽力文本Quality Time黃金時光ACTIII教師講解版視頻On the patio of the Stewarts' home the next morning. Philip is drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Ellen comes onto the patio to join him.Ellen
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Quality Time黃金時光ACTII2018-08-04
聽力文本Quality Time黃金時光ACTII教師講解版視頻Later that night. Robbie is waiting for his mother to return from her late-night committee meeting. He takes a book and tries to read.Ellen:Hello there
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Quality Time黃金時光ACTI2018-08-03
聽力文本Quality Time黃金時光ACTI教師講解版視頻In the Stewarts' home at night. Grandpa is sitting in the living room. He is balancing his checkbook. Robbie enters and speaks with his grandfather.Robb
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:I DoA我愿意ACTIII2018-08-03
聽力文本I DoA我愿意ACTIII教師講解版視頻Downstairs in the Stewarts' home. The family is there, and the guests are arriving. Judge Vine enters. Judge:Philip… Ellen. Philip:Ah, Judge. Judge:How are
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:I DoA我愿意ACTII2018-08-02
聽力文本I DoA我愿意ACTII教師講解版視頻Upstairs in Marilyn and Richard's room. Marilyn and Ellen are helping Susan get dressed. Susan is wearing a weding gown.Marilyn:[to Susan] And now for…somethi
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:I DoA我愿意ACTI2018-08-02
聽力文本I DoA我愿意CTI教師講解版視頻Upstairs in Philip and Ellen's bedroom. Philip, Richard, and Robbie are talking to Harry as he gets dressed for his wedding. Philip is also helping Harry tie his
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Making a Difference當仁不讓ACTIII2018-08-01
聽力文本Making a Difference當仁不讓ACTIII教師講解版視頻In the Stewarts' kitchen. Richard is holding a video camera.He is taping Ellen's campaign speech.Ellen:…my slogan is I care. I care abou
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Making a Difference當仁不讓ACTII2018-08-01
聽力文本Making a Difference當仁不讓ACTII教師講解版視頻Grandpa:[He enters the living room.] Here are the fliers, hot off the press!Ellen:[She takes some fliers.] Looks good. Simple.Marilyn:Right ov
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Making a Difference當仁不讓ACTI2018-07-31
聽力文本Making a Difference當仁不讓ACTI教師講解版視頻Outside the railroad station in Riverdale. A worker is putting up a sign. It reads, Carter Boswell for school board. He'll save your money.In
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Photo Finish大功告成ACTIII2018-07-31
聽力文本Photo Finish大功告成ACTIII教師講解版視頻Richard is outside Lincoln Center in Manhattan. He is photographing street performers.A little later. Marilyn arrives to have lunch with Richard.Richar
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Photo Finish大功告成ACTII2018-07-30
聽力文本Photo Finish大功告成ACTII教師講解版視頻Inside Carlson Publishing Company the next morning. Richard is waiting to see Mr. Carlson. He is hoping that Mr. Carlson will publish his book of photog
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Photo Finish大功告成ACTI2018-07-30
聽力文本Photo Finish大功告成ACTI教師講解版視頻In the Stewarts' home one evening. Richard Stewart is sitting on the stairs. He is looking at some photographs he has taken of performing arts centers.
跟Tingvoa走遍美國:Full of Surprises意外的驚喜ACTIII2018-07-29
聽力文本Full of Surprises意外的驚喜ACTIII教師講解版視頻On Pete Waters farm. Grandpa looks around while he waits for Pete to return.A little later. A car arrives. Two people get out of the carto gre
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