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《直捷英语》是为英语学习者专门设计的一套听说强化教程,是《新概念英语》(New Concept English)的作者路易斯·亚历山大(Louis Alexander)的又一经典作品。与《新概念英语》不同的是,《直捷英语》采用系列短剧的形式,将语言知识贯穿剧情之中。学习者通过模仿地道美语,达到强化英语听?#30340;?#21147;的目的。


● 1—3册 适合初级英语水平的学习者;

● 4-6册 适合中级英语水平的学习者;

● 7-8册 适合中高级英语水平的学习者。

《直捷英语》这套书遵循了英语学习的一般规律,根据学习过程中的“积累(building)—巩固 (consolidation )—扩展(expanding)”三个阶段设计教材的结构;同时,短剧剧情贴近美国生活,人物个性鲜明,语言生动风趣,不断发展的?#36866;?#24773;节可以让学习者保持持久的学习兴趣,从而达到预期的学习效果。




该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 452013-03-25
[00:00.00]RICHARD:My wifes not here right now.Are you sure she called?[00:18.00]DELIVERY PERSON:Nancy Hobart.176 Brook Street.[00:21.48]Pick up:one package,for delivery to Sampson Wall Coverings.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 442013-03-25
[00:00.00]HEATHER:Mr.Hobart,please feel free to elaborate on anything you like.[00:20.71]I want this interview to feel like a conversation.[00:23.30]RICHARD:Ill do my best.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 432013-03-24
[00:00.00]JOE:Whats that statistic? I remember reading it years ago.[00:04.10]If you look at what the human body is made of,[00:06.79]the materials are woth about 17 cents.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 422013-03-24
[00:00.00]RICHARD:Can I help you out there?[00:21.60]CARRIER:Thats very nice of you.Could you get thte ones in this hand.[00:27.98]Thanks.Great.176,176....
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 412013-03-23
[00:00.00]NANCY:Brr...It good cold so quickly.[00:21.50]RICHARD:Three messages.[00:23.90]NANCY:I'm going to heat up some apple cider.Do you want some?
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 402013-03-23
[00:00.00]NANCY:Thats it Klara.We hope you like it.[00:15.41]KLARA:Wonderful.Thank you.I love what youve done.[00:19.70]KLARA:Now there are a few things Ive been thinking about.[00:23.50]Some of my original ideas were not quite right.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 392013-03-22
[00:00.00]NANCY:And she doesnt want any rugs.[00:15.70]Yvonne,Klara may be our strangest client ever.[00:21.29]YVONNE:Shes not so bad.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 382013-03-22
[00:00.00]BETTY:Hello?Didnt you hear me knock?[00:16.10]NANCY:Hi Mom.Im sorry.Im a little preoccupied. BETTY:Whats wrong?[00:21.31]NANCY:I cant find my keys.Im always losing them.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 372013-03-21
[00:00.00]DANNY:Kinkos.This is Danny.Can I help you?Sure.Yes we do.All night.Bye.[00:27.72]NATHAN:My my,we are eager to answer the phone tonight.[00:32.71]Do you think the owners going to call?
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 362013-03-21
[00:00.00]DOUGLAS:Richard?[00:13.90]RICHARD:Over there is fine.[00:15.55]NANCY:Yvonne![00:22.13]YVONNE:Im almost finished!
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 352013-03-20
[00:00.00]NANCY:What do you think?[00:14.50]RICHARD:I think somethins caught in here.[00:21.07]NANCY:I mean,what do you think of running?[00:24.65]RICHARD:For office?
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 342013-03-20
[00:00.00]TONY:Danny?Danny DeMarco? DANNY:Yeah?[00:23.50]TONY:Its me.Tony.Tony Berelli.[00:25.99]DANNY:Tony Berelli.Wow. TONY:Yeah,yeah.[00:29.09]DANNY:I havent seen you in years.How are you doing?
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 332013-03-19
[00:00.00]JOE:Are you working late tonight?[00:12.91]RICHARD:Excuse me.Yes,Trish.Constanza Fuentes? Are you sure? OK.[00:24.41]Hobart...Hello,Constanza...How are you? Fine,thank you.How can I help you?
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 322013-03-19
[00:00.00]RICHARD:I cant meet them then.Im in court.[00:28.99]TRISH:Youre in court the next day.[00:30.89]RICHARD:Right.But Im also in court on Wednesday.[00:33.38]TRISH:The next day is Wednesday.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 312013-03-18
[00:00.00]NANCY:Heres a list of colors and materials.[00:15.22]If you ever want to match something,take the list to the store.[00:18.10]BILL:Thanks.[00:19.58]YVONNE:And heres your final invoice.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 302013-03-18
[00:10.00]BETH:OK.Did Cavett say we would have any essay questions?[00:18.41]JUSTINE:No.Just multiple choice.[00:21.31]BETH:We must be sone.[00:23.62]JUSTINE:We must be.I cant think of anything else to study.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 292013-03-17
[00:20.00]NANCY:Hi,Michael.Hi Danny. MICHAEL:Hi,Nancy.[00:35.21]NANCY:Yvonne,have you met our new tenants?[00:37.42]YVONNE:Not yet.[00:38.81]NANCY:Yvonne Washington,Michael Chung and Danny DeMarco.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 282013-03-17
[00:20.00]NANCY:Good morning.[00:32.59]RICHARD:Morning.Is there any coffee?[00:35.09]NANCY:Mm-hm.I just made it.Do you want a muffin?[00:39.17]RICHARD:No,thanks.Ill get something at work.Do you want a cup,Nancy?
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 27 what's your plan2013-03-16
[00:10.00]KEVIN:So whats your plan,Dean?I mean,after your internship?[00:17.50]DEAN:I finish school.After school,I look for a job.[00:22.58]KEVIN:With your qualifications,you wont have much of a problem.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 26 Remember that project we talked about2013-03-16
[00:08.00]GEORGE:Remember that project we talked about?[00:11.40]VOICE OVER:Welcome to the United States of America.[00:39.98]When you arrive,follow theArrivalssign.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 252013-03-15
[00:10.00]KEVIN:Baseball.Tennis.Look at that.Football.GEORGE:Yeah.[00:27.79]KEVIN:American football.[00:30.98]DEAN:I couldnt agree with you more,Kevin.[00:34.18]I think football is a violent,over-rated sport.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 242013-03-15
[00:10.00]ELENA:So.How was your day in the Berkshires? HEATHER:Really nice.[00:16.90]ELENA:Did Kevin drive? HEATHER:Yep.[00:19.06]ELENA:Hows he doing?[00:20.64]HEATHER:Hes getting very comfortable.Maybe too comfortable.
该音频有LRC字幕 直捷英语(MP3+LRC) Unit 232013-03-14
[00:10.00]DEAN:Hello KEVIN:Dean,are you ready?[00:13.30]DEAIN:Ill be right down.[00:15.17]KEVIN:Dont worry.We have plenty of time.[00:18.26]DEAN:Hi.[00:35.16]KEVIN:The train to New York doesnt leave till 1:30 or so.


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