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1 Dont be that negative A:I always think everybody looks down on me B:Dont be that negative. A:How can you be optimistic? You can see it in their eyes. B:I find it there is no meaning in living this world.
21. There are still opportunities. W: Well, the tickets for the concert had been sold out. M: Don’t be sad. There are still opportunities. I hear they will come next year.
31. Don’t underestimate me. W: Can you finish typing this file in one day? M: Don’t underestimate me. W: Fine. Send it to my office tomorrow morning.
51. It gives me such a headache. W: The teacher said that my son didn’t listen to the lesson. M: Kids are always nodding, not a big deal.
53. Come on. W: Come to Iraq with me. M: Come on. Its a total mess over there. W: We don’t travel for pleasure but to do business there.
55. Just so-so. W: I’m going to get married. M: Really? Is your bridegroom handsome?
57. That won’t do. W: Come on. Let’s do it tomorrow. M: That won’t do. We’ll have to use it tomorrow morning. W: Then I’ll go first. See you later.
61. Its no joke W:You made a terrible mistake this time. M:Really, I dont think so. W:Come on, Its no joke. M:Today I hurt my leg when running,now its a little swollen.
63.I dont think so F:Do you think famous brands are really good? M:I believe expensive products have some advantage. F:I dont think so. M:I think technology is the most important thing for a company.
65 I dont think thatproper The customer has been in contact Xiaowang. You can contact them too. Anyway we do everything for the company. I dont think thats proper!
67. Nothing Is Serious. Its Up To Me W: Is there anything borthering you? M: Im on the black list, and which people are getting fired by the company. W: Dont worry about your job. Its up to me.
69.Its Not Quite The Same W: Is it beautiful on the beach? M: It is Ok when seeing it from far away, but its not the case when seeing it up close.
71. Its Not Easy To Explain In Several Words W: Can you explain it to me clearly on the phone? M: Its not easy to explain in several words. W: Shall we meet sometime to talk about it?
73. Its not the case W: You offended one of our most important clients. M: Listen to me. Its not the case. W: Sorry, but you are fired.
75. Have A Nice Sleep W: Mingming, are you sleeping? M: I just went to bed. Is there anything happening? W: Then Ill talk to you tomorrow. Have a nice sleep. M: How do you wake up suddenly?
77. Its Not The Truth W: I heard we lost a deal because of your mistake. M: Its not the truth. W: Then whats going on? M: How can the newspaper push the story? Its not even the truth.
79. Still The Same Thing W: Baby, dont get angery. M: Cant you say something else? Still the same thing. W: But I really dont know how to please people. M: Your marketing campaign is still the same.
81. Dont Join The Fun W: There are a lot of people there. It seems a fight happening. M: Dont join the fun. Just leave immediately. W: Ill have a glance and come back at once. M: I heard youd like to study for an accountants license.
83. Work For Nothing W: Im so annoyed. Ive prepared so long for the exam, but it was canceled. M: Then you work for nothing? W: You made a point.
85. I dont mean that W: Do you know that medicines have a lot of side effects? M: Then we just stop taking them. W: I dont mean that. We should take less.
87. Dont take it that seriously W: I dont understand why Wang Lei broke up with me? M: Dont take it that seriously. W: Im trying to forget.
89. How annoying it is W: How annoying it is! M: What happened? W: I just bought a new bike and it was stolen. M: My boss just scolded me. How annoying it is!
91. It should be true W:I heard you changed your job. M:Its true. I will go to the headquarter to work. W:Its a good chance. M:Is he your husband?
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