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英文原版对话1000个:1249 Life on the Road2015-07-18
Julia: What about meeting people? What about like a social life or just basic human interaction? How does that work?
英文原版对话1000个:1248 Work on the Go2015-07-18
Julia: So talking of working overseas, how does that work? How do set that kind of lifestyle up? Todd: You mean like the nomadic lifestyle?Julia: Yeah, yeah, when you want to travel and just be free and how do you go about that?
英文原版对话1000个:1247 Work from Abroad2015-07-17
Julia: OK, so we've talked about freelancing your skills and living and working abroad. Have you ever done that? Have you ever lived and worked in a...
英文原版对话1000个:1246 Outsource on the Small2015-07-17
Julia: So Todd, we were talking about outsourcing and how you use these kind of services when you do your website.
英文原版对话1000个:1245 Outsourcing2015-07-16
Julia: Hey Todd, just talking about your website. Do you do everything on that site, all the recordings, the editing, everything?
英文原版对话1000个:1244 Ecuador and Columbia2015-07-16
Katia: Hello Felipe, how are you? Felipe: Hello, Im fine. Katia: Listen, I was thinking you know a lot about Ecuador and Colombia right? Felipe: Yeah. Katia: What is it that you like about those two countries or what is it that you dont like that much or what would you like to change?
英文原版对话1000个:1243 Culture Comparison2015-07-15
Katia: Good, good, but, you know, I was wondering for me Ecuador and Colombia seem to be so the same. Can you tell me how can I distinguish them or what is the difference between Ecuador and Colombia?
英文原版对话1000个:1242 Capetown2015-07-15
Jana: You must have traveled quite a lot around the country, right? Peter: Hmm, I think I have especially during my student days. I traveled around a lot because I like hiking and outdoor things. I really enjoy traveling around the country and South Africa is really diverse.
英文原版对话1000个:1241 South African Landscape2015-07-14
Jana: Hmm, that's sounds interesting. I always thought South Africa is really wild and rugged and hot. Are there any such areas?
英文原版对话1000个:1240 Big Picture2015-07-14
Daniel: Hey, Vella. Well we're talking about things, big things you want to achieve in your life, so how about you? What do want to do?
英文原版对话1000个:1239 Big Plans2015-07-13
Vella: OK, Daniel, I know you're still really young but I know you must be thinking about what you're going to do in the future so my question would be what do you want to achieve in your life?
英文原版对话1000个:1238 More Freaks2015-07-13
Todd: OK, Julia, we're talking about types of people and we have some more that we can discuss. So the next one is worry wart. Are you a worry wart?
英文原版对话1000个:1237 Freaks and Animals2015-07-12
Todd: So, Julia, lets talk about types of people. Julia: OK. Todd: Right, first one, are you a fitness freak? Julia: A fitness freak? Im fairly fit, but Im not a freak. No, Im not a fitness freak, no.
英文原版对话1000个: 1236 Hotel for Her2015-07-12
Mike: So were talking about ideal hotels. What do you think is an ideal hotel for you? Erina: Thats a tough question but when I choose a hotel I would look at where the hotels located.
英文原版对话1000个:1235 Hotel for Him2015-07-11
Erina: So Mike, you know the other day my friends and I were talking about ideal hotels. What is your ideal hotel?
英文原版对话1000个:1234 Ecuadorian Food2015-07-11
Katia: Good, good. Listen, I heard that you know a lot about Ecuadorean food. Can you tell me a little bit about it? What is your favorite or what is it that you don't like? Can you just enlighten me a little bit?
英文原版对话1000个:1233 Columbian Food2015-07-10
Katia: Hello Felipe, how are you? Felipe: Hello, Katherine, Im fine, you? Katia: Good. Actually Im starving and I wanted to ask you about food. What is your favorite Colombian food?
英文原版对话1000个:1232 Student Life Abroad2015-07-10
Peter: So, Jana, we were talking about academic life in different countries but how about daily life for students? Did students also have part-time jobs and where did they eat? Did they eat at home or in dorms or did they go out?
英文原版对话1000个:1231 Global Student2015-07-09
Peter: So, Jana, you told me that you'd been a student in three different countries and now you're teaching in Japan which is yet another different country. It sounds really interesting.
英文原版对话1000个:1230 New Gym2015-07-09
Rebecca: Hey, Todd, I'm going and looking for a gym. Actually, I hear you've joined a gym. Which one?
英文原版对话1000个:1229 Nadam2015-07-08
Chugi: Hi, Mike, how are you doing? Mike: Hey, Chugi, Im good. Chugi: Im so done were with classes. Mike: Yeah, me too. Chugi: What are you doing for the summer vacation? Mike: Right now, I have no plans.
英文原版对话1000个:1228 Chilean Movie2015-07-08
Daniel: Well, yeah. Actually Chilean movies are quite, we're making a lot of movies recently but this one movie I really liked. It's quite old, probably ten years ago, it's called El Chacotero Sentimental.
英文原版对话1000个:1227 Indonesian Movie2015-07-07
Daniel: Hey, Vella, how are you? Vella: Im good. How are you? Daniel: Im well thanks. Just wanted to ask you whats your favorite movie? Vella: OK, I have one all time Indonesian favorite movie.
英文原版对话1000个:1226 Success and Failure2015-07-07
Todd: We're talking about education and about, you know, people applying themselves and giving grades and giving praise and stuff like that. Have you ever thought that maybe we, because we're both teachers, both of us are teachers, that maybe we put too much effort on judging everybody and that maybe it's OK for kids to realise failure is not really a bad thing or maybe quitting is not a bad thing?
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