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英语随身听:British Tennis Players 英国网球选手2010-07-21
The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are famous around the world, with players from many different countries taking part. China’s most successful women’s international players at the moment, Zheng Jie and Li Na, will be playing in the tournament.
英语随身听:Let's Go to the Beach! 让我们到海边去2010-07-21
The British seaside features spectacular sceneryMost visitors to the UK come here expecting the rain and miserable weather for which the country is famous.
英语随身听:On the Road to Germany 走向德国世界杯2010-07-20
That’s what Liverpool Football Club fans sing about their team’s striker, Peter Crouch, and standing at 2.01 meters it’s no wonder. Crouch is the tallest man ever to have played in the English Premiership and for the national squad.
英语随身听:Wimbledon Warm-up 温?#32423;?#39039;热身2010-07-20
Maria Sharapova - a star of women's tennis With less than a month to go until the start of this year’s Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship, it’s time to take a look at some of the players in contention for the most famous prize in tennis.
英语随身听:Eurovision song contest 欧洲电视歌曲大赛2010-07-19
Jaakko Laajava the Finnish Ambassador to Britain has admitted to having a taste for heavy metal music. Commenting on his country’s amazing victory in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday (20th May 2006), he told the BBC that there was an element of heavy metal in me too, and that he was thrilled and encouraged by his country's first ever Eurovision Song Contest success.
英语随身听:Doing Business 做生意2010-07-19
In Germany, first names are only used with family members and close friends, so be prepared to use titles and last names. In the USA you will usually be invited to use first names almost immediately. The British are quite informal and using first names in business is more and more common, especially among younger people. In Russia, however, nobody uses first names, so use titles and last names.
英语随身听:World Cup Fears 世界杯的忧虑2010-07-18
The World Cup is the greatest prize in football English hopes for World Cup success have suffered a serious setback with the news that striker Wayne Rooney has broken a bone in his foot.
英语随身听:School Dinners2010-07-18
Is this a healthy lunch for a child? In the UK, most children have their midday meal at school, but in many schools, parents can choose what they eat. The children can have a school dinner 每 a hot, cooked meal; or they can take a packed lunch with them, which usually includes cold food like sandwiches.
英语随身听:London Marathon 伦敦马拉松2010-07-16
It's a long way to the finish line This weekend, around 35,000 runners filled the streets of London, running the 26th annual London Marathon.
英语随身听:The World of Animation 动画世界2010-07-16
British films are rarely successful in the United States. However, the animated adventures of a cheese-loving, eccentric inventor and his canine companion are proving to be a surprise hit in America, having taken the number one position in the US box office on the weekend of its release.
英语随身听:Reality TV 真实电视2010-07-15
The latest fashion on British TV is Reality TV. Reality TV means that shows follow and film ordinary people in an artificial situation. This could be at work, or in some kind of competition.
英语随身听:Music in the UK 英国音乐2010-07-15
Have you ever heard of Al Martino? Not many people know his name nowadays but back in 1952 he made history by becoming the first recording artist to have a number one record with his song Here In My Heart.
英语随身听:Cooking 烹饪2010-07-14
The cult of the television chef started in the 1960s when Fanny Craddock presented her BBC programme ‘Adventurous Cooking’. Each week she would teach the viewers a new recipe which they could later make at home.
英语随身听:The Olympics 奥林匹克运动会2010-07-14
After a hard-fought campaign, London has been awarded the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games. The UK capital saw off competition from four rival cities: Paris, Madrid, Moscow and New York.
英语随身听:UK Actors 英国演员2010-07-13
British film star Clive Owen at the BAFTA awards ceremony British film star Clive Owen at the BAFTA awards ceremony Clive Owen is one of the new generation of British actors who are making it big in Hollywood.
英语随身听:Theatre in the UK 英国的剧院2010-07-13
The West End of London, situated a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown, is home to dozens of beautiful theatres.
英语随身听:Harry Potter 哈利波特2010-07-12
All around the world millions of people are eagerly waiting for the 16th of July. That’s because it is the day when the sixth Harry Potter novel will be published worldwide .
英语随身听:Online Music Sales 网络音乐销售2010-07-12
According to the British Phonographic Industry the BPI, the organisation responsible for music sales in the UK, more than ten million songs have been downloaded legally from the Internet in the UK in 2005.
英语随身听:Online Gaming 在线游戏2010-07-11
UK online gamers are on red alert as they prepare for the arrival of the Cyberathlete Professional League World Tour.
英语随身听:New Music Stars 歌坛新星2010-07-11
James Blunt is one of the UK's new music starsPop stars have traditionally not come from the upper classes of society. Eminem grew up on a trailer park. 50 Cent is from the dangerous ghettoes of New York. The Beatles grew up in the poor, industrial city of Liverpool.


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