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3. How are you? How are you doing? How ya doing? (Informal) 4. Fine. How about you? 5. Okay. Thanks.
英語入門對話:Introducing Yourself2014-02-15
1. Im John. Im Jackie. (Use first name in informal situations) 2. Im John Kennedy. Im Jackie ONeill. (Use full name in business and formal situations)
英語入門對話:Introducing Other People2014-02-14
1. This is my friend, Jack. Hi Jack. Im Linda my brother, Bob. my sister, Cindy. my father, Mr. Harris. my mother, Mrs. Harris. my teacher, Ms. Watson.
英語入門對話:Identifying People, Things2014-02-14
1. This is Minnie Rivers. That is Mr. Lewis. 2. Minnie is a writer. Mr. Lewis is a barber. Gail is an artist. He is a photographer.
英語入門對話:Classroom Questions2014-02-13
Whats your name? My name is Robert.You can call me Bob What is this? Thats a pencil What is that?
英語入門對話:06 Asking for Information2014-02-13
1. What is this? 2. What is that? 3. Whats this? 4. Whats that? 5. What are these? 6. What are those?
英語入門對話:07 Giving Information2014-02-12
1. Jeremy is from Ohio. Oh really? What part of Ohio? 2. Kelly is a saleswoman. Is that right? What company? 3. Hes a university student. Oh. What university?
英語入門對話:08 Simple sentences2014-02-12
1. I work in a post office. Are you a letter carrier? 2. Greg works in a bank. Is he a teller? 3. They live in Washington. Are they senators?
英語入門對話:09 Numbers and Counting2014-02-11
1. How many fingers do you have? I have eight fingers. 2. You have eight fingers? Eight fingers and two thumbs. 3. How many brothers does Ryan have?
英語入門對話:10 Talking about Favourite Things2014-02-11
1. What is your favorite color? Purple. 2. Whats your favorite kind of music? I like pop music. 3. Favorite sport? Kung fu.
英語入門對話:11 Talking about here and now2014-02-10
1. What is Ms. Chan doing? She is writing a letter. Thats interesting. 2. What is he doing? Im reading a book. Is it interesting?
英語入門對話:12 Describing People2014-02-10
Personality and Appearance 1.Tell me about your father. What kind of person is he? Well, hes very friendly, smart and funny.
英語入門對話:13 Talking about Past Actions2014-02-09
1. What did you do last Friday? I went to a baseball game. 2. Where did you go? I went to Detroit.
英語入門對話:14 Talking about the Future2014-02-09
1. What will you do tomorrow? Ill help my mom with the housework 2. When will you finish? In the afternoon.
英語入門對話:15 Talking about Life Events2014-02-08
1. When is your birthday? December 29(th) 2. What year? Thats personal. 3. Were you born and raised here? No. I wasnt.
英語入門對話:16 Talking about Health Issues2014-02-08
Hows the weather today? Its really cold. Lets stay inside. How do you feel? Im fine. Thats good.
英語入門對話:17 Expressing Likes and Dislikes2014-02-08
1. I like fruit. What kind? Oranges and bananas 2. Helen likes sports. What kind of sports? Football and tennis.
英語入門對話:18 Simple Shopping2014-02-08
1. Where are the pencils? Theyre on the second shelf. Okay, thanks. 2. How much is this mirror? Its $19.95. Okay. Ill take it.
英語入門對話:21 Expressing Thanks2014-02-07
Thanks for the tour. Thanks for your time. Thank you for the nice gift. I appreciate your kindness.
英語入門對話:22 Situation: At the Store2014-02-07
When you enter the store/start a conversation with the clerk: What a clerk might say: May I help you? Can I help you? Can I help you find something?
英語入門對話:23 Describing a Picture2014-02-05
Opinions What do you think I think Tell a Story Yesterday, Ms. Jones . . . Use PAST tense
英語入門對話:24 Talking about Occupations2014-02-05
A: What do you do for a living? A: What is your occupation? B: Im a____(mechanic)___________. A: A____(mechanic)_____________? That must be a lot of work.
英語入門對話:25 Introducing Others2014-02-04
Paul, this is John. John, this is Paul. 1. Have you met Paul? No, I havent. Paul, this is John. John, this is Paul. 2. Have you two met each other?
英語入門對話:27 Buying and Selling2014-02-04
1. May I help you? Yes, Id like to buy these razors. Okay, thatll be $6.85 with tax. 2. What can I do for you? Im looking for the cameras. Theyre in Aisle Two.
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