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英語經典聽力對話:Talking About Music2013-10-11
DIALOGUE 101 1--Do you want black or white coffee? 2--White, please. 1--Look! Theres a folk concert tomorrow evening. Do you want to go?
英語經典聽力對話:In a Department Store2013-10-11
DIALOGUE 100 1--Yes, madam. Can I help you? 2--Yes, please. Yesterday my daughter bought this skirt from this shop. Id like to change it. Here, Ive got the receipt.
DIALOG 99 laurance--Say, whats your favorite sport? soony--Hmmm. . . its hard to say. I like golf a lot --but I guess I like tennis better. laurance--Do you play much tennis?
英語經典聽力對話:Fancy Meeting You Here!2013-10-10
DIALOGUE 98 1--John, is this John, isnt it? 2--Well, well, Mary. Fancy meeting you here. I havent seen you for. . . oh, what. . . 1--Oh, mustve been nearly ten years.
DIALOG 97 laurance--Say, Joe, do you play bridge? soony--No, I dont play any card games. But I know how to play chess. How about you, George? laurance--Well, I happen to be one of the best chess
英語經典聽力對話:Dad Is Ill2013-10-09
DIALOGUE 96 1--Dad was really bad-tempered last night. And its not like him. He used to like meeting my friends. 2--Well, Im afraid youve come at rather a bad time.
英語經典聽力對話:I'm a Bit Fed Up2013-10-08
DIALOGUE 95 1--Youre not looking very cheerful. Whats the matter with you? 2--Oh, nothing special. Im just a bit fed up. 1--With the job? 2--With everything, with catching the same train
英語經典聽力對話:Education in Britain2013-10-08
DIALOGUE 94 1--At what age do children start school in your country? 2--At five. 1--Do boys and girls go to school together?
英語經典聽力對話:Benefits of Having a Student Card2013-10-07
DIALOGUE 93 1--Do English students have to pay for their education? 2--No, the fees are usually paid by the state. 1--Do they get a grant as well? 2--Yes, most of them get a grant.
英語經典聽力對話:Coffee Time2013-10-07
DIALOGUE 92 1--Would you like some tea? 2--Id prefer some coffee, if youve got any. 1--Of course. How do you take it? 2--white with two sugars, please.
英語經典聽力對話:At Breakfast2013-10-06
1--What are your plans for today, Mak? Nick and I are going shopping. Do you want to come too? 2--Well, as a matter fo fact, Im meeting Steve. Hes writing an article and hes asked me to take some photographs for it.
英語經典聽力對話:I've Got a Bad Cold2013-10-06
DIALOGUE 90 1--Good morning, doctor. 2--Good morning, Miss Archer. How are you today? 1--Im not feeling very well. Ive got a bad cold.
英語經典聽力對話:Getting Sick2013-10-05
DIALOGUE 89 1--Hello, Sergio. Whats the matter? 2--Im feeling terrible. 1--Oh dear! Why dont you see a doctor? 2--Perhaps I will.
英語經典聽力對話:I Feel Tired2013-10-05
DIALOGUE 88 1--You look tired, Jill. 2--yes, I feel tired. I worked hard for my exams. 1--You need a rest. Youve finished your exams. So why dont you go away somewhere for a long weekend? 2--Thats a good idea! Perhaps Morica will come with me.
英語經典聽力對話:What's on TV Tonight?2013-10-04
DIALOGUE 87 1--Whats on the box tonight, does anyone know? 2--Oh nothing much. Theres Panorama at eight for an hour. 1--Oh good. 2--And then theres the football at nine twenty-five. I want to see that.
英語經典聽力對話:At Lunch2013-10-04
DIALOGUE 86 1--Hows the new job, Alison? 2--Well, Im terribly busy. Every day I meet lots of people. But I do lots of typing and filing, too. 1--Dont you like being a receptionist?
英語經典聽力對話:It's Time for Bed2013-10-03
DIALOGUE 85 1--Come on, Sue. Natalie. Its time for bed! 2--But its only nine oclock! 1--I know, but we need to get up early tomorrow to catch the train. 2--Oh yes. I forget. Were going to London to see Madame Tussauds.
英語經典聽力對話:Let's Go and See2013-10-03
DIALOGUE 84 1--What would you like to do tonight? 2--I dont know. What do you suggest? 1--Lets have a look in the paper and see whats on.
英語經典聽力對話:About School2013-10-02
DIALOGUE 83 1--How many hours a week do you work, Sue? 2--We have to start at nine oclock in the morning. but Im always at school by a quarter past eight, in fact. Erm, we finish at four oclock 4 days a week, and I usually do go home at four oclock, and Im usually home by half past four. Wednesday afternoon is free, so we finish at twelve oclock on Wednesday.
英語經典聽力對話:The First Gliding Lesson2013-10-02
DIALOGUE 82 1--What was your first gliding lesson like? 2--If was very interesting. 1--How did you start? 2--Well, the instructor showed me the controls.
英語經典聽力對話:Goiing to School2013-10-01
DIALOGUE 81 1--Go really fast, Cindy! 2--I can. The speed limit here is thirty miles an hour. 1--What a pity! I love going fast. 2--How do you usually get to school?
英語經典聽力對話:Talking About Computers2013-10-01
DIALOGUE 80 1--Do you know much about computers? 2--Not a great deal. 1--Ive just been reading an article about them. They are used for all sorts of things now.
英語經典聽力對話:What Do You Like Doing?2013-09-30
DIALOGUE 79 1--Im sorry, Sam. I dont want to go to the folk concert. 2--How about going to the theatre? 1--I hate goting to the theatre. 2--Well, what do you like doing?
英語經典聽力對話:What's Your Hobby?2013-09-30
DIALOGUE 78 1--Have you got any hobbies? 2--Yes, Im fond of fishing and Im very keen on making home movies. 1--I like taking photographs but I havent got a movie camera. 2--I take a lot of photographs too, but Im interested in the history of the cinema, so I really enjoy using a film camera.
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