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A: If you look on the library shelves, you’ll find A History of the Lakes. The Lakes were a large, rich, but unlucky family. They had thirteen children. The first eleven were killed in mysterious fatal accidents. And the twelfth, Lance…. Poor Lance was eaten by wolves.
⑵ When the orchard yield will be gathered soon. And the fields beyond are yellow with corn, The dog in our yard awakes with a yawn, And yaps and yelps at the yellow moon.
Read the following words, while paying to the pronunciation of the ????. 1. far car large charge smart 2. dear clear fear cheer here 3. air dare pear their where
The man with the whip whistled through his whiskers. The wheel came off somewhere with a whirling sound. Why does he whine and whimper everywhere?
b. low There is a low tree on the street. 5. a. light I can not see the light. b. night I can not see the night.
b. Don Did you call Don from upstairs? 8. a. found He said the word is found. b. fond He said the word is fond.
12. Jump for joy, a baby boy! 13. Way up high in the sky. 14. A cup of tea for you and me. 15. They sailed away for a year and a day.
6. The pig is big. 7. The wood is good. 8. The ice is nice. C. Listen to and repeat the groups of words. Ben bend bent car card cart Bill build built star large March
Last year, I went north to the mountains. Everything was beautiful, but it is too cold this time of year. And it’s really too far to go for a short holiday. I have decided that this is not a good time to go to the mountains. But I do want to go someplace exciting.
Almost everyone has some kind of hobby. It may be anything from collecting stamps to making model airplanes. Some hobbies are very expensive, but others don’t cost anything at all. Some collections are worth a lot of money; others are valuable only to their owners.
So, if your American friends do not use your last names or titles, that really doesn’t mean any lack of respect. They are used to being informal.
The agent said it might need a few repairs, but he thought we should look at it anyway. He told us it was a bargain. Some bargain! The roof leaked and the plumbing didn’t work. The front steps were broken and the back door had no lock on it. It needed to be painted both inside and outside. It was in terrible condition.
Henry W. Longfellow once wrote: Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending. How nice it would be if we all had a god who could help us finish what we begin.
It doesn’t matter whether we play a fast game of ping-pong, concentrate over the bridge table, or go walking through the woods on a brisk autumn afternoon. It is important for everyone to relax from time to time and enjoy some form of recreation.
In the United States, during the meal, you’d better be careful not to leave a spoon in a soup bowl or a coffee cup or any other dish. The coffee spoon ought to be on the saucer, the soup spoon ought to be on the plate under the bowl. When you are having soup, make the least noises and use the side of your spoon inside out this way, not the tip.
Sometimes it takes me a long time to make up my mind, but I don’t often have to change it. Other people I know are changing their minds fast. They are likely to make a decision about everything.
As quickly as we develop insecticides to kill them, mosquitoes seem to be able to develop resistance to our inventions. The same is true of efforts to develop drugs to control the diseases spread by mosquitoes. In many cases, it takes a much shorter time for mosquitoes to develop resistance to man’s invention of a new drug than it takes man to develop the drug.
I still wanted to call my sister, but I was afraid I might get that lady’s number again. I didn’t use the telephone for the rest of the day.
The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.
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