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  ① 精選作品 適合背誦:收錄英語現代文優秀作品,語言優美地道,風格簡潔明快,文體應用廣泛,最適合背誦與模仿。

  ② 常考話題 盡數涵蓋:80篇文章涉及社會生活、人文科學、自然科學等領域眾多題材,四六級、托福、雅思、GRE考試常考話題盡數涵蓋。

  ③ 全文譯文 加深理解:每篇文章都給出準確、精到的全文譯文,有助于加深讀者對文章的理解,雙重語境下全面把握文章的行文組織與精巧構思。

  ④ 擴充詞匯 活學活用:每篇文章后對文中重點詞匯進行中英雙解,幫助讀者在鮮活的英語語境中快速擴充詞匯量。

  ⑤ 聽讀結合 培養語感:本書配有MP3光盤一張,所有英文內容由美音外教朗讀,語音語調純正。聽讀結合,能夠有效培養語感,提高英語聽說能力。

新東方現代文背誦篇章:Types of Speech2015-06-03
Standard usage includes those words and expressions understood, used, and accepted by a majority of the speakers of a language in any situation regardless of the level of formality.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The war between Britain and France2015-06-03
In the late eighteenth century, battles raged in almost every corner of Europe, as well as in the Middle East, south Africa , the West Indies, and Latin America.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The Origin of Sports2015-06-02
When did sport begin? If sport is, in essence, play, the claim might be made that sport is much older than humankind, for , as we all have observed, the beasts play.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The origin of Refrigerators2015-06-02
By the mid-nineteenth century, the term icebox had entered the American language, but ice was still only beginning to affect the diet of ordinary citizens in the United States.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The Nobel Academy2015-06-01
For the last 82years, Swedens Nobel Academy has decided who will receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, thereby determining who will be elevated from the great and the near great to the immortal.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The Language of Music2015-06-01
A painter hangs his or her finished pictures on a wall, and everyone can see it. A composer writes a work, but no one can hear it until it is performed. Professional singers and players have great res
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The Historical Significance of American2015-05-31
The ways of history are so intricate and the motivations of human actions so complex that it is always hazardous to attempt to represent events covering a number of years, a multiplicity of persons,
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The Definition of “Price”2015-05-31
Prices determine how resources are to be used. They are also the means by which products and services that are in limited supply are rationed among buyers. The price system of the United States is a
新東方現代文背誦篇章:The Beginning of Drama2015-05-30
There are many theories about the beginning of drama in ancient Greece. The on most widely accepted today is based on the assumption that drama evolved from ritual.
Television-----the most pervasive and persuasive of modern technologies, marked by rapid change and growth-is moving into a new era, an era of extraordinary sophistication and versatility
Telecommuting-- substituting the computer for the trip to the job ----has been hailed as a solution to all kinds of problems related to office work. For workers it promises freedom from the office
If by suburb is meant an urban margin that grows more rapidly than its already developed interior, the process of suburbanization began during the emergence of the industrial city in the second quar
新東方現代文背誦篇章:Skyscrapers and Environment2015-05-28
In the late 1960s, many people in North America turned their attention to environmental problems, and new steel-and-glass skyscrapers were widely criticized.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:Scientific Theories2015-05-28
In science, a theory is a reasonable explanation of observed events that are related. A theory often involves an imaginary model that helps scientists picture the way an observed event could be produc
新東方現代文背誦篇章:Schooling and Education2015-05-27
It is commonly believed in United States that school is where people go to get an education. Nevertheless, it has been said that today children interrupt their education to go to school.
Scattered through the seas of the world are billions of tons of small plants and animals called plankton. Most of these plants and animals are too small for the human eye to see.
The ancestry of the piano can be traced to the early keyboard instruments of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries --- the spinet, the dulcimer, and the virginal. In the seventeenth century the organ
From Boston to Los Angeles, from New York City to Chicago to Dallas, museums are either planning, building, or wrapping up wholesale expansion programs.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:Movie Music2015-05-25
Accustomed though we are to speaking of the films made before 1927 as silent, the film has never been, in the full sense of the word, silent. From the very beginning, music was regarded as an in
新東方現代文背誦篇章:Modern American Universities2015-05-25
Before the 1850’s, the United States had a number of small colleges, most of them dating from colonial days.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:International Business and Cross-cultur2015-05-24
The increase in international business and in foreign investment has created a need for executives with knowledge of foreign languages and skills in cross-cultural communication.
新東方現代文背誦篇章:Henry Ford2015-05-24
Although Henry Ford’s name is closely associated with the concept of mass production, he should receive equal credit for introducing labor practices as early as 1913 that would be considered advance
新東方現代文背誦篇章:Evolution of sleep2015-05-23
Sleep is very ancient. In the electroencephalographic sense we share it with all the primates and almost all the other mammals and birds: it may extend back as far as the reptiles.
The modern age is an age of electricity. People are so used to electric lights, radio, televisions, and telephones that it is hard to imagine what life would be like without them.


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