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sound someone out試探某人的意見 Have you sounded the principal out on postponing the final examination? call a spade a spade有什么就說什么 We are good friends. Call a spade a spade. Dont tell me in a round-about way. spick and span干干凈凈
On the tip of someones tongue就早嘴邊上 A man in black came to ask about my sons whereabouts. My words were on the tip of someones tongue when I found the man had a gun inside his pocket.
put someone up to...唆使某人去 How dare you to have lodged a complaint against me with the director? Who put you up to it? pop the question求婚 Can you tell me how you popped the question to your wife? Maybe I can learn something from you.
One’s brain child某人的主意,某人想出來的 等同于one’s original idea one’ brain children(復數) The new ways of teaching which have been proved very effective are brain children of all teaching staff of our department.
be hunky-dory挺不錯的 A: How do you like the food here? B: Hunky-dory. skate on thin ice如履薄冰,冒風險 We are skating on thin ice if we continue killing wild animals. toy with the idea of...心里盤算要
catch someone off guard乘虛而入 Within three days, the run-away was exhausted. He fell asleep in a basement. The police caught him off guard. hate somebodys guts恨之入骨
grease someones palm賄賂,給某人好處 It is reported that Sydney has greased the palms of someone members of IOC for the right to hold 2000 Olympic Games. get peanuts微不足道的錢
the black sheep of the family有辱門楣的人 He lost everything in gabling and was called the black sheep of the family by this relatives.
keep ones fingers crossed祈求成功 The leader was guilty of a serious dereliction of duty. He kept his fingers crossed that he could escape severe punishment.
pull someones leg開某人的玩笑 Never ever pull his leg. He is a man without a sense of humor. He takes everything seriously. keep someone at arms length與某人保持距離 My boss is my uncle.
have a barrel of fun極開心 Children had a barrel of fun in the masquerade. make fun of someone取笑某人 It is not right to make fun of the disabled. play to the gallery嘩眾取寵,收買人心
be down in the mouth垂頭喪氣 Sandra was down in the mouth because she didnt make the appointment. keep mum about something對某事保持沉默
have ones heart set on...一心想要 Once he had his heart set on something, hell accept no turning-back. ones heart in ones mouth嚇得要命 My heart was in my mouth when I heart someone tapping on my window one raining night.
be in full swing達到高潮,全面展開 China has opened its door to the outside world for twenty years. Reforms in every walks of life are in full swing. be asleep at the switch玩忽職守
see eye to eye with...與意見一致 Though they are twins, they never see eye to eye with each other on anything. turn a blind eye on裝做沒看見 It is not right for teachers to turn a blind eye to those who cheat in the exam.
play dumb with someone裝聾作啞 Its no use playing dumb with teachers. They know very well their students. be down in dumps垂頭喪氣,深情沮喪 I burned midnight oil yesterday.


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