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1, You carry it out too far. 2, Let me think about it. 3, I really dont have any opinion about it. 4, I couldnt say, Im afraid. 5, I couldnt say, Im afraid it beyond me. . . . . . Im afraid its beyond me. 6, I slipped up there.
萬用英語口語句典42 滿意與不滿意2015-06-28
02.01.18 滿意與不滿意 1, Im quite pleased with my job. 2, Im at peace. 3, My mind at ease. 4, Very good. 5, Thats not what I have in my mind. 6, Wonderful. 7, Im content. 8, Thats exactly what I want. 9, I cant complain.
萬用英語口語句典41 討厭與厭煩2015-06-28
02.01.17 討厭與厭煩 1, Thats enough. 2, Im not at all keen on that sort of job. 3, I dont like it. 4, I dont care for meat. 5, Its your attitude that I dont like. 6, There is nothing I like less than that. 7, I dont think highly of it.
萬用英語口語句典40 責備2015-06-27
02. 01.16 責備 1, Can you be serious for once? 2, What do you mean by saying so? 3, Why are you picking on me? 4, Dont pull my leg. 5, Im out of patience with you. 6, How can you do such a foolish thing. 7, You are too naughty.
1, I have a complaint 2, you are all talk no action. 3, How many times do I have to tell you. 4, Any complaints? 5, You better manage your own business. 6, Im serious. 7, Would you mind keeping it down? 8, What are you thinking about?
萬用英語口語句典38 驚嘆2015-06-26
02.01.14 驚嘆 1, Boy. 2, Thats news to me. 3, I am hardly to believe my ears. 4, You are kidding. 5, It cant be true. 6, are you out of your mind. 7, It dropped from the clouds. ( 核對) 8, Are you serious? 9, Its totally unexpected.
02.01.13 1, Dont try any tricks. 2, Youll be very unwise not to agree with me. 3, you have pay for that. 4, Ill solve you sooner or later. 5, Behave yourself. 6, let me catch you other again.
萬用英語口語句典36 勸告2015-06-25
02.01.12 勸告 1, Dont be like that. 2, Itll work out in the end. 3, It worth of the effort. 4, You must learn how to handle it. 5, You cant took over the crisis that way. 6, I good time. 7, Dont get all bent out of shape! 8, Dont do that.
萬用英語口語句典35 喜歡與偏愛2015-06-25
02.01.11 喜歡與偏愛 1, what I most enjoy is reading. 2, Are you keen on dancing? 3, I like it. 4, Im very partial to sweet food. 5, What I most enjoy is taking photos. 6, Im mad about math. 7, I do like climbing.
萬用英語口語句典34 答復2015-06-24
02.01.10 答復 1, I have my doubt about what he said. 2, Its hard to say. 3, That isnt exactly right. 4, Its not certain. 5, I hope youre right. 6, I cant say for certain wholl come. 7, It might be true. 8, There is no guaranty. 9, Not exactly.
萬用英語口語句典33 反對2015-06-24
02.01.09 反對 1, Dont be so silly. 2, Are you kidding? 3, Thats out of the question. 4, I cant agree with you at all. 5, I wouldnt say that. 6, you got that wrong. 7, I am afraid I cant get my approval. 8, I cant to agree.
1, It sure is. 2, I think so. 3, I agree. 4, I couldnt agree more. 5, I agree with you on this point. 6, I certainly agree on this opinion. 7, I agree totally. 8, Thats just what Im going to say. 9, Thats fine with me. 10, I guess youre right.
萬用英語口語句典31 懷疑2015-06-23
02.01.07 懷疑 1, Get out of it. 2, I dont have great believe in Ads. 3, Never tell me. 4, I dont buy your story. 5, I doubt it. 6, So what? 7, His decision is doubtful. 8, I find it hard to believe. 9, Dont expect me to believe you.
萬用英語口語句典30 相信2015-06-22
1, sound2s true. 2, I take your words for it. 3, I think what you said believable. 4, I can trust her words. 5, I have complete confidence in your reputation. 6, I have no doubt about it. 7, I believe him. 8, I have great believe in his ability.
1, Thank you. 2, Thanks anyway. 3, Im very ablige to you. 4, Thanks a million. 5, I really cant thank you enough. 6, I owe you a debt. 7, Thanks for everything. 8, its most thoughtful of you. 9, you are most understanding.
1. Sorry about that. 2. Im terribly sorry. 3. Im sorry to trouble you. 4. Im sorry for troubling you. 5. I beg your pardon. 6. how was stupid of me. 7. Im sorry Ive kept you waiting. 8. I apologize. 9. Excuse me, may I speak to you for a moment
1. I dont have the slightest idea. 2. Thats not right. 3. Its all wrong. 4. You got that all wrong. 5. I dont think youre right about it. 6. Thats not what I mean. 7. Your idea is fundamentally wrong. 8. Its absolutely not the case.
1. Im sure. 2. Youre absolutely correct. 3. Im 100% certain. 4. Right. 5. You got it. 6. I couldnt agree with you more. 7. I have no problem with that. 8. Your answer is to the point. 9. This is just what I have in mind. 10. Your opinion is reas
1, Please! 2, May I have a word with you? 3, Could you spare me a few minutes? 4, Would you turn down the stereo? 5, Im begging you. 6, Please, I really need your help. 7, You could give him a hand. 8, Could you tell me your telephone number?
1. Where did you go? 2. What was your trip like? 3. Could you tell me what your trip was like? 4. What do you think of Canada ? 5. Whats there to see? 6. Where do you think its better for shopping in Beijing ? 7. Whats the weather like in Beijing
01.04.07 1. Now more and more students choose to study abroad. 2. Most people who want to study abroad regard the U. S. as the first choice. 3. The U. K. has issued the new visa applying and issuing strategy (策略) to attract more international stud
01.04.06 1. What do you do for a living? 2. What position do you own? 3. Im my own boss. (我自己當老板. ) 4. Ive been seating all day, my shoulders get so stiff (僵硬的) . 5. Im so tired for I have to work for 11 hours a day.
01.04.05 1. Are you busy with your study this term? 2. How many courses do you have? 3. How many compulsory courses (必修課) do you have? 4. I think youre overloaded. 5. Were your credits (學分) be enough? 6. Do you audit (旁聽) other courses
01.04.04 談論婚姻 1. After getting married, he turns to be henpecked 2. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. 3. Trust and respect are conditions of a happy marriage. 4. I believe marriage needs patience and good care.


pk10长龙统计走势图 北京赛车计划大全 北京赛车pk开奖视频app 北京pk10的玩法技巧 北京pk109码计划 中国福彩北京赛车官网 北京pk10微信群二维码 彩票控北京赛车走势图 北京赛车冷热杀号 pk10冠亚和值推荐号 北京pk10在哪看直播视频 北京赛车pk10下注 北京赛车超准计划 北京赛车pk10单期计划 北京赛车pk10冠军口诀
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