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Marilyn: Im so glad everyone is asleep. I thought Max would be crying, and everybody would be a wake. Richard: What did I tell you? Nothing to worry about.
Harry: Excue me. Can you help me? Vendor: Sure, what do you want? Harry: Where is 83 Wooster Street? Vendor: Thats easy. Walk to the comer. Then make a left turn.
Ellen: Marilyn, you want coffee or tea? Marilyn: Coffee, please. Ellen: I am so excited! At this time tomorrow morning, Grandpa will be sitting in the kitchen with us.
Amold: Dont tell me. Please dont tell me. I recognize you Peggy: Oh, dont be silly, Arnie. Of course you recognize him. Except for the beard, he hasnt changed in fifty years. Its Malcolm Stewart!
Ellen: Hi, big guy. Marilyn: That must be Rita Mae. Ellen: She sure got here quickly. Thats a good sign. She must like you and your work, Marilyn.
Marilyn: What happened? Susan: The baby-sitter called. His daughter is sick. Marilyn: Whats wrong? Susan: I think she has a stomachache. Hes a good father.
Susan: Hi, Michelle. Hello, Harry. Its nice to see you again. Michelle: Hello. Harry: Hi, Susan. We have both been excited about seeing you and having lunch with you today. Michelle picked these flowers out for you.
Jack: OK, Richard. Thats terrific. Your pressure is 120 over 75, and thats fine. Now stand up,please. Good, its 122 over 80. You can sit down now. When was your last complete physical?
Alexandra: Excuse me, officer.Can you help me? Policeman: Sure. Alexandra: Can you tell me how to get to Linden Street, in Riverdale?
Richard: Hot dogs. I love hot dogs. There is nothing better than a hot dog in the country. Ellen: Hot dogs and mustard. Richard: Cooked outdoors over an open fire.
Philip: Molly, I need your special talent for handing special maters. Molly: Like what special matters? Philip: Well, I have a scheduling problem. Molly: Yes?
Virginia: I remember yuor parents first house very well. It was on Spring Avenue, near the park. Richard: I grew up in that house. Virginia: Yes, and you were such a cute baby. Marilyn : Ive seen pictures of him. He had blond hair.
Judge: PhilipEllen. Philip: Ah, Judge. Judge: How are you? How are you? Ellen: Hello. Judge: I think its time for the wedding to begin. Judge: All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Marilyn: And now forsomething old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Susan: OK. Lets see. Something borrowed. Thats this dress. Borrowed from Marilyn.
Attendant: Hello. What can I do for you? Grandpa: Hi. Filler up. I need a full tank. Attendant: Check the hood? Grandpa: No, thanks. Attendant: Whereabouts are you headed?
Voice: Ladies and gentiemen, Amtrak is happy to announce our arrival in New York City. The train will be stopping in five Minutes. Please check to be sure you have your belonings.
Susan: Sam, would you come in ,please? Sam: You sound like somethings brothering you, Susan. The sketches for the cover of the new doll book?
Molly: OK. Do you know how to play charades? Molly: Frank, youve never played charades? Frank: Nope. Molly: Carl, youre sure youve never played?
Richard: Two weeks. I said I could do it in two weeks, and I did it. Marilyn: The pictures youve taken are fabulous, Richard. Mr. Carlson will love them. Richard: Monday morning.
Linda: OK. If you want to adopt an animal, first we need to know some references. Robbie: References? People we know?
Ellen: OK, Philip. This is your third cup of coffee. We should get to work, or we wont be finished by dinnertime. Philip: I guess we must. Ellen: We must.
Ellen: Theres your teddy bear, Max. Ellen: He just loves that teddy bear that Grandpa Philip bought for him. Marilyn: I took him to Philips office yesterday for a checkup.
Innkeeper: Welcome to the Watermill Inn. Marilyn: Oh, Richard, its exactly as it was when we were married! Innkeeper: And when I got married.
Robbie: Hi, everyone. Sorry Im late. But Alexandra and I have been busy at work this morning on the community-center project.And we brought someone along who can help.
Ellen: Theres nothing more joyous than the arrival of a new baby. Susan: I am so excited, Mother! Just imagine-Marilyn and Richard must be thrilled! Oh, a new baby!


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