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Ellen: Good morning. What a wonderful morning! Dont the flowers smell wonderful? Philip: Good morning, Ellen. Yes, they do. Thats why Im reading my paper and having my coffee on the patio this morning. Ah, it does smell sweet.
Robbie: Dont worry, Alexandra. Well find the owner. Alexandra: How, Robbie? Robbie: Let me think. Alexandra: Gemma, sit. Good Gemma.Give me your paw.Good Gemma.This dog is well trained.
Nat: There is a way, Malcolm. We get our friends to roll their sleeves up and get to work. Grandpa: Its certainly a good idea. If I could take a look at the place, I could probably tell what it requires to fix it up.
Carlson: A little further to the right, Tom. Tom: Is this OK? Carlson: Good. What do you think ,Richard? Richard: I like it there. Carlson: Its the first thing people will see when they come in. It sets the tone for the whole show.
Harry: Theres a conversation we have to finish. Susan: What was it about? Harry: It was about caring. Susan: Oh? Harry: Yes, caring. I said that it makes me feel good that you care about Michelle.
Marilyn: Im exhausted. My new exercise class is so hard. Richard: Your new exercise class? Marilyn: Yeah. My new advanced exercise class. Richard: Why advanced? Marilyn: My instructor thought that the beginners class was too easy for me.
Michelle: Oh, Daddy! We had such a good time at the aquarium. I saw a real shark. I could almost touch it. Harry: Im so glad. Hi, Michelle, why dont you introduce everybody to Susan? Michelle: Hi, Susan. Susan: Hi.
Richard: Whats this? Carlson: Read it. Richard: I cant. Would you read it, Marilyn? Marilyn: Richard Stewarts show at the Carlson Gallery is a collection of photographs from his new book entitled Family Album, U.S.A. There is power and beauty in. Mr. Stewarts work, and his book introduces us to a remarkable new talent. Oh, Richard, its wonderful.
Receptionist: Good morning. Richard: Good morning. My name is Richard Stewart. Im here to see Mr.Carlson. Receptionist: Please sit down, Mr. Stewart. Mr. Carlson will be with you shortly. Richard: Thank you.
Alexandra: You ready for the next problem? Robbie: You know what? I cant look at another number. How about a lemonade break? Alexandra: Sure. Robbie: Oh, by he way, when is your plane reservation for your flight to Athens?
Ellen: ……my slogan is I care. I care about people, not things, Vote for me, Ellen Stewart. I care. How was it? Richard: You were terrific! Ellen: Can I see it? Richard: Sure.
Millie: How about some music? Sandra: No, lets wait till Robbie gets back from the airport. Millie: Did she say why she had to leave today? Mike: She told Robbie that her flight tomorrow was canceled, so she had to take an earlier flight today.
Somsak: Ah! Miss Stewart! Welcome! How are you? Susan: Five, Somsak.And you? Somsak: Fine, thank you. Sumsak: This is my friend Harry Bennett. Harry: Pleased to meet you.
Robbie: Hi, Grandpa. Grandpa: Hi, Robbie. Robbie: Can I help? Grandpa: Yes, indeed. Hand me two eggs from the refrigerator, and Ill make you two fried eggs. Robbie: How about some bacon?
Richard: Excuse me.My name is Richard Stewart. Im a photographer.May take a picture and your little boy? Mrs.Vann: Whats it for? Richard: Its for a book. Mrs.Vann: Youre writing a book?
Michelle: I love my school. I have so many good friends there now. I wouldnt miss a day even if I were really sick. Susan: Come and sit down for a minute, Michelle. Id like to talk to you about something. Something important.
Ellen: Hello there, Robbie. What are you doing up this late? Robbie: Reading. Ellen: Reading? At this hour? Ah, come on, Robbie. What are you doing up this late?
Robbie: Heres the bag. Will he be OK, Dad? Philip: I hope so. Thats it. Thats the way. Thats it. There. Oh, its going to be all right. Thats it. Wrap him in the blanket. Dad!
Marilyn: Rock-a-bye, baby, on the tree top, When the wind blows. The cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, The cradle will fall, And down will come baby, Cradle and all. Richard: Hi, Marilyn. What are you doing? Marilyn: Just sketching.
Philip: And give her a teaspoon of the medicine after every meal.Dont worry. Shell be fine. Youre welcome. Good-bye. Ellen: How are you? Philip: Im tired and hungry.
Grandpa: Is that you, Susan? Susan: Its me, Grandpa. Grandpa: Am I glad to see you! Susan: And am I glad to see you! I am also glad to be here. Grandpa: How are things?
Philip: Sorry, Robbie. Sorry to be late this morning, but, well, weve still got some time for a cup of coffee. I cant wait to see my old pal Charley Rafer. Robbie: Neither can I. Philip: So you thought about it, huh?
Philip: OK, everybody. I want to welcome Harry and his daughter Michelle to Thanksgiving with us. Harry: Thank you, Dr.Stewart. Philip: Call me Philip. Harry: OK.
Alexandra: Robbie, this new Walkman is absolutely wonderful. Robbie: Richard and Marilyn bought it for me for my birthday. Alexandra: Theyre so thoughtful.
Marilyn: Im so glad everyone is asleep. I thought Max would be crying, and everybody would be a wake. Richard: What did I tell you? Nothing to worry about.
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