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商务英语听力第23期:What's a CV?个人履历如何写?2011-03-27
After firing WebWare’s sales director and advertising the new post, Phillip Hart and Marcia Boardman discuss the applications and decide on an interview format.
商务英语听力第22期:Lost the document 文件丢失2011-03-27
I know you’ve had some personal problems recently...yes, sure...yes, I know our competitors have improved their offer...but, really Brian, these are just excuses...
商务英语听力第20期:The school visit 学校参观2011-03-26
Over twenty school children are going to visit Biscuit Barrel. Nellie, Maria and Andrea plan the itinerary for the tour.
商务英语听力第21期:Journey's end? 终结还是?2011-03-26
The team report on the success of the Food Fair, school visit and the likelihood of launching the new biscuit range with the desired partner and advertising campaign.
商务英语听力第18期:Report from the fair食物博览会汇报2011-03-25
Biscuit Barrel has participated in the Food Fair. Check out how well received their biscuit ranges were at the Fair.
商务英语听力第19期:New plant for old? 购买新机器?2011-03-25
The guarantees of their machines are going to expire. Malcolm and Lee are considering whether to renew the guarantees or buy some new machines.
商务英语听力第15期:A Joint Venture合作伙伴2011-03-24
After laying out the advertising campaign, the team discusses the potential for launching the new biscuit range with a partner.
商务英语听力第17期:Phew 唷2011-03-24
The transport strike is off. Lee and Andrea work together to ensure that all orders can be delivered in two days.
商务英语听力第16期:A transport strike运输工罢工2011-03-23
The transport strike is going to affect the delivery of packing materials to Biscuit Barrel. Check out how the team manage the crisis.
商务英语听力第14期:An advertising plan广告宣传策划2011-03-23
Nellie, Andrea and Maria discuss ways to promote the new biscuit range. They have come up with an effective and out of the box advertising plan find out more from this episode.
Well to be honest, I don’t get to see much of the staff from where I am out here. But everyone seems to like Mr McKenzie, and he’s been in a particularly good mood lately I think.
商务英语听力第13期:New products 新产品发布会2011-03-22
Nellie joins the team to work for the launch of a healthy biscuit range. With Kevin setting a good sales pitch, Nellie is going to work out the advertising plan.
if you say something is professional, you approve of it because it is of very high standard 具有专门知识的; 表现专门技能的; 内行的
Female guest: Anyway, as I said his cooking was fine. And as a whole, I think the conference was a great success, so I’ll be reporting that back to our head office in Hong Kong.
Marina, I cannot work like this! I’m going to quit! This is crazy! I think of all the things that could go wrong, they have all happened.
Luke : Yes I am sorry about this, sir, our electrician is investigating the problem right now. We should have normal power in a few minutes. I do apologise for any inconvenience.
buffet (n.) - it is a kind of meal where people can choose what they like to eat and serve themselves from a variety of dishes. 自助餐
Steve, what on earth were you thinking? You should have at least told Marina and I that you were planning to have a fire drill. Marina and I got the shock of our lives 每 we thought it was for real!
商务英语听力第5期:another fire2011-03-18
I’ve just seen an email from Steve. We’ve won the bid for the conference! We’lll be hosting the whole thing now, so it’s all hands on deck. And we’ll be getting loads of new temporary staff to help us out too.
商务英语听力第4期:The Bid2011-03-18
Roberto had a word with me last night. He is worried about the level of training that new staff members have. That kitchen fire was just a silly incident but if Roberto hadn’t known how to use the fire extinguisher properly and speedily, the consequences could have been much more serious.
The new waitress, Naomi, decided that there was not enough excitement in her life, came round our side of the serving counter(柜台) and knocked over a pan of hot oil which caught fire on the gas burner(煤气灶). Suddenly, inferno!
Wow! That is great news for the hotel, hosting that conference would be wonderful publicity for us. You’ll have your work cut out for you, Jenny!


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