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实用商务英语会话 场景37:工作机会2017-12-20
I have to say that that has nothing to do with the treatment of this company.Ive been satisfied with my salary here,and treasure the opportunity.我要说这同公司待遇无关.我很满意我的薪水,我非常珍视公司给我的机会.
实用商务英语会话 场景36:取消会议2017-12-20
Impossible!Its importance is very clearly to been seen.You gave me the OK just a few days ago.这怎么可以呢!这个会议的重要性显而易见,几天前还说没问题的.
实用商务英语会话 场景35:签定合同2017-12-19
Right,Mr Boardman.May I suggest we sign a 6-months contract at a 5% discount on your quoted prices and then well meet again to see if we can reduce the prices further.好,勃德门先生我建议按你们的定价以5%的折扣签定六个月合同,然后再看是乎能降价.
实用商务英语会话 场景34:发货期2017-12-19
Sure.What sort of delivery periods did you have in mind? 行,你打算是哪一种发货期?
实用商务英语会话 场景33:独家代理商2017-12-18
Sounds reasonable.Can you provide some numbers for me? 听起来很合理,你可否给我具体的数字呢?
实用商务英语会话 场景32:个人情况2017-12-18
Something is important to get the job.Such as your background and experience and any personal information that you feel is relevant and can be referred to.一些对找工作很重要的东西.例如你的背景、经历和你觉得任何与此有关且可借以参考的个人情况.
实用商务英语会话 场景31:接待客户2017-12-16
Mr.Gatess office.盖茨先生办公室.Hello,Betty.This is Reception.Mr.Smith is here for his appointment.您好,贝蒂.这里是接待处,?#35775;?#26031;先生来赴约.
实用商务英语会话 场景30:订单编号2017-12-16
Could you please give me your order number? Thats the number on the top right-hand corner of our letter.您的订单编号是多少? 号码在信的右上角.
实用商务英语会话 场景29?#21512;?#21806;部2017-12-15
Could I speak to someone in the sales department,please? 我想接通销售部.
实用商务英语会话 场景28:市场部经理2017-12-15
Mr.Li,This is Ms.Nan Smith,market manager for Apple Company(Li extends hand first;Li and Smith shake hands)李先生,这是?#36824;?#20844;司市场部经理-?#35775;?#26031;女士.(李先生先伸出手,两人握手)
实用商务英语会话 场景27:顾客光顾2017-12-14
This is a graceful place with good atmosphere,pleasant decoration,and high-quality service.Do you come here often? 这是个雅致的地方,气氛好、装饰美、服务质量高.你常来吗?
实用商务英语会话 场景26:预订?#32771;?/a>2017-12-14
Good evening ,sir,Welcome to our hotel.How can I help you? 晚上好,欢迎到我们旅馆.有什么要帮忙的吗?
实用商务英语会话 场景25:提行李2017-12-13
Nice to meet you,too.Can I carry your luggage for you? A taxi is waiting outside.也非常高兴认识你.让我帮你提行李好吗? 有辆出租车在外面等候.
实用商务英语会话 场景24:入境证和护照2017-12-13
May I see your entry card and passport,please? (You entry card and passport please.)我能看一下您的入境证和护照吗?
实用商务英语会话 场景22:电子杂志2017-12-12
Excuse me,I noticed you are reading a magazine about electronics.对不起,我注意到您在看一本电子杂志.
实用商务英语会话 场景21:价格2017-12-12
The price is acceptable(unacceptable).价格可以(不可以)接受.
实用商务英语会话 场景20:商品检验2017-12-11
As an integral part of the contract,the inspection of goods has its special importance.作为合同里的一个组成部分,商品检验具有特殊的重要性.
实用商务英语会话 场景19:货物装运2017-12-11
The shipment has arrived in good condition.?#35828;?#20043;货状况良好.
实用商务英语会话 场景18:货物运输2017-12-10
We arrange shipments to any part of the world.我们承揽到世界各地的货物运输.
实用商务英语会话 场景17:包装问题2017-12-10
Id like to discuss the problem of packing.我想就包装问题?#33268;?#19968;下.
实用商务英语会话 场景16:佣金是多少?2017-12-09
What about the commission? 佣金是多少?
实用商务英语会话 场景15:市场前景2017-12-09
Products x can find a ready market in our country.X产品在我国很有市场前景.
实用商务英语会话 场景14:代理agent2017-12-08
Considering your experience in the field,you are qualified as our agent.考虑到你们在这一业务范围的经验,你合格地成为我们的代理.
实用商务英语会话 场景13:商品质量2017-12-08
Nothing wrong will happen,so long as the quality of your article is good.只要商品质量可靠,就不会发生差错.
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