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《速成口语 第六册》听力音频打包下载2018-09-18
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson24:That's Not Terribly PC2017-10-26
Molly: I just dont want to see his area start to go downhill. You know the kind of people that place is going to attract.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson23:I Found This Great Website2017-10-26
Chase: Agreed. Hey, speaking of new music, have you had a chance to check out the new track Bassnectar dropped last week?
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson22:Crunched for Time2017-10-25
Cedrick: Well, dont say I didnt warn you if you get caught. Hes not as dumb as he looks. Im sure youre not the first person to try to pull a fast one on him.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson21:She Felt Her Life Was Over2017-10-25
Janet: Are you referring to that cyberbullying case thats been on the news this week? Yeah, the Internet has opened up a whole new can of worms as far as bullying goes.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson20:What a Small World2017-10-24
Sandra: Were not quite there yet, Jovan. We still have some people who help out when theres a need. Hey, pass me that bowl there.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson19:to the Team2017-10-24
Chan: It is. In fact, I think its in everyones best interests that we cooperate with one another. Each of us has resources that could help everyone else grow.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson18:Do Something about It2017-10-23
Jessica: Then youre no better than those who litter in this field. What next? Are you going to tell me that global warming is just a hoax, too?
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson17:What a Small World2017-10-23
Hiro: Were already there, Steve. Just by sitting here talking to each other, were proving how small the world really is.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson16:Money vs. Memories2017-10-21
Jared: Oh man, thats tough! Cant you book this weekend off or find someone else to cover? I mean, your daughter only graduates from high school once.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson15:We Made a Bucket List2017-10-21
Jessica: Wow, Im jealous. I hope I have enough to retire at 65, but with how things are going, I dont know if thatll be possible.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson14:A Breather from the Daily Grind2017-10-20
Timothy: Im sorry, but Im afraid Im going to have to. Im drowning in paper work here, and my boss wants me to work late all this week.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson13:Take a Chill Pill2017-10-20
Jackson: No. I just think hes smart for taking a step back and removing himself from the situation. Maybe we should follow his example, you know? It might help clear our heads.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson12:Negi's Mother2017-10-19
Jane: I guess so. I guess in America, we dont think too much about putting our children through all of their after-school academies. We just want them to have time enjoying being kids.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson11:Company Policy2017-10-19
James: Im really sorry about this. Its just that Mr. Fuji dropped a bomb on us earlier today and told us we have until tomorrow to finish this project that he was told about only this morning.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson10:First Day, Huh2017-10-18
Jack: I just like having my freedom, you know? People dont get married until theyre old and ready to settle down. I mean, maybe thats what people did back in the day, but now? Thats just way too old-fashioned.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson9:Boy Things And Girl Things2017-10-18
Ira: Its OK, yeah. But what if its a boy? Im not giving a baby boy something pink to wear. Its way too girly.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson8:He Taught Me All I Know2017-10-17
Dad: What a great picture! Do you remember this one, a few summers ago? Thats Grandpa, and were working on that old clunker of his.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson7:I'm Just Going To Delete My Account2017-10-17
Tom: Arent you afraid of your personal information being all over the Internet, though? Im sure theyre selling all our information to businesses.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson6:We're Like One, Big, Happy Family2017-10-16
Suzanne: Youre kidding! A block party! Now I know why you insisted I move into the neighborhood.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson5:Flattery Could Get YouIn Trouble2017-10-16
Mrs. Wilson: Dont be cross with her. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She just wants to be like her big sister. Shell soon grow out of it.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson4:The Odds,One in a Million2017-10-15
Doctor: Well, to be completely honest, its hard to believe hes still alive. From the reports I received about the accident, hes lucky to have survived.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson3:It Gives Me Goose Bumps2017-10-15
Stanley: It is… Youre looking at the oldest building in the area. It was first built as a library. Then it became a hospital during the Civil War and, after that, an insane asylum.
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson2:Too Tired to Sleep2017-10-14
Bill: Well, the project is finished, but I had been burning the candle at both ends for so long that my sleep has really suffered. I guess Im actually too tired to sleep!
速成英语口语第六册 Lesson1:Do You Think It Really Happened2017-10-14
Sandy:Do you think it really happened? Did she really see it? Sounds like a real cock and bull story to me!


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