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《速成口語 第三冊》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson24:I feel out of shape!2017-10-16
Frank: Id love to, but I havent been to the gym in two weeks. I feel really out of shape these days.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson23:All for Today2017-10-16
Daniel: Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. So, what needs to be done again?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson22:Can I Get These Shirts Laundered2017-10-15
Clerk: Can I see your ticket, please? Yes, those are ready today. Anything to drop off?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson21:Sending a Package2017-10-15
Post Office Clerk: You can send it standard post, airmail, or priority post.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson20:Shopping for Clothes2017-10-14
Saleswoman: Yes, Ill see what we have in the back. Would you like me to open a fitting room for you?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson19:I Need a New Ride!2017-10-14
Maddie: Im open to suggestions, but I heard that Honda has some excellent safety ratings this year, so Id like to start there.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson18:A Don't-Miss Show2017-10-13
Cashier: We have two on the end, Row L, in orchestra. We also have two in the middle, but closer up, in Row E.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson17:Does It Come in Red2017-10-13
Salesman: Hello, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson16:​Shouldn't Be a Problem2017-10-12
Erica: Are you the loan officer here? The person at the desk sent me to your office.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson15:Forgot to Pay the Bills2017-10-12
Cashier: Hi, welcome to Kor-Tel. What can I do for you today?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson14:Making a Deposit2017-10-11
Mr. Wilson: Good morning. Id like to deposit this money into my savings account, please.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson13:Number Crunching2017-10-11
Eric: Krista, we need to set aside enough money for the kids soccer registration.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson12:Put Your Card Away2017-10-10
Annie: Well, I guess its getting to be that time of the day. Shall we get the bill and go?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson11:Bailing Early2017-10-10
Ken: Hey, can I get one more round of drinks over here, please?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson10:How About Dinner2017-10-09
Ginny: I think thats a wonderful idea! What do you feel like having? Chinese? Japanese? Italian?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson9:A Chance to Unwind2017-10-09
Beth: Hey, Sarah and I were thinking of celebrating her new promotion. You want to join us?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson8:Check,Please2017-10-08
Waiter: One moment, sir...Here you are. I can take care of that for you whenever youre ready.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson7:I'm Starving2017-10-08
Chelsea: As an appetizer, Ill have the house salad with the vinaigrette dressing. Whats todays special again?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson6:What Should I Order2017-10-07
Edith:I dont know. Ive heard their meatloaf is great, but Ive never been here for lunch before.
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson5:Calling Ahead2017-10-07
Maitre d: Thank you for calling Bon Appétit. How may I help you?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson4:It's Definitely Her2017-10-06
Larry: Look who just walked in the door! George: Who are you talking about?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson3:Long Time No Hear!2017-10-06
Tiffany:Im so happy you called. Its been way too long! So what have you been up to these days?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson2:My Old Roommate2017-10-05
Frankie: Yeah, its coming together nicely. It should be just about ready. Hey, Sammy, whos the linebacker standing next to you?
速成英語口語第三冊 Lesson1:How About Dinner2017-10-05
Lisa: Would you like to come over to my place for dinner on Saturday? Linda: Id love to. What time on Saturday?


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