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真实生活英语Unit30:Cost of Living生活费用2012-05-15
Let’s see. We spent $700 dollars for our home loan payment, $400 on groceries, $75 on utilities, $250 on gasoline, $100 on books, and $300 on entertainment last month.
A: 4.5%, that’s good. How much money do I have to keep in it to get that rate?B: You have to maintain a balance of $10,000 in the account or the rate drops to 3%.
B: That’s true. Well, how much do you think I should get?A: A $100,000 policy shouldn’t be too expensive. Here, call my agent. He’ll give you a good deal.
真实生活英语Unit26:Shopping Affairs购物2012-05-11
A: Are there small shops near here as well?B: Yes, on 4th street, near the movie theater there are many specialty shops, including clothing boutiques.
A: The price tag says $99.99.B: Yes, miss, but there is a five percent sales tax in Maryland.
A: We send our kids to private school, but that’s good to know too.B: Oh, well. As far as other conveniences in the neighborhood, there’s a grocery store just up the block, and there’s lots of little shops nearby.
真实生活英语Unit25:Household Goods Shopping2012-05-10
A: Yes, it is pretty, but it costs $200. What about this one? It’s almost the same, but it costs half as much.B: It’s not the same. It’s completely different.
真实生活英语Unit23:Moving In搬家2012-05-09
A: Really? How long did it take you to find a spot yesterday?B: Well, last night it took me half an hour to find a spot when I came home from work.
真实生活英语Unit22:Renting a House租房2012-05-09
Why don’t I come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease?我何不明天顺道来你的办公室签下合约?
真实生活英语Unit21:Transportation Problems and Complaints2012-05-08
A: No, they just said it too many people were trying to get off at the Capitol exits.B: Well, let’s put on some music. We’re going to be stuck in this for a while.
真实生活英语Unit20:Private Transportation2012-05-08
Does that mean you’re not going to take the train to work anymore?这是否意味着你不再坐火车?#20064;?#20102;?
真实生活英语Unit18:The Internet2012-05-07
B: Go to and click on Travel and Tickets. They’ll be about a billion sites to look at.A: O.K. Thanks. I’ll let you know what I find.
真实生活英语Unit19:Public Transportation2012-05-07
A: Excuse me, how do I get to Wall Street?B: Take the A train south to the Liberty Ave. stop. You should be able to find it from there.
A: No, I’m afraid not, Mary. May I take a message for her?B: Yes, please tell her that band practice has been moved to Tuesday night at 8:30.
真实生活英语Unit16:Further Education进修2012-05-05
A: The shows are dull and they’re too many advertisements.B: Well, you already watch too much TV instead of doing your homework, anyway.
真实生活英语Unit15:Further Education进修2012-05-04
B: I want to become certified in computer programming. Do you offer any part-time courses for adult further education?
B: The counselors were so nice too. It was the best summer ever. Except for all those mosquitoes!
I’d like to take modern business communications courses.我想修现代管理和通信的课程。
真实生活英语Unit12:Diseases & Social Problems2012-05-03
Supposedly, it was the first time he did heroin.据称,这是他第一次吸食海洛因。
真实生活英语Unit11:Hospitals and Clinics医院和门诊2012-05-01
B: Hello? Yes. Someone has passed out at Connecticut Ave. and 1st St. He isn’t breathing and does not have a pulse. Yes. My friend is performing CPR. OK. Thank you. They’re sending an ambulance. Here, let me help.
真实生活英语Unit10:Health care保健2012-05-01
A: I talked to her for a while, but she’s really depressed. So, I made an appointment with the school counselor for her.
真实生活英语Unit9:More American sporting activities2012-04-29
I started playing ice hockey in a community league.我开始在一个社团里打冰球。


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