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辦公室英語口語第190:Tracking down an order 追查一筆訂單2010-07-18
Excuse me, I’m sorry to trouble you. My name is Susan Ransom, and I have placed several orders with you company.
辦公室英語口語第188:A job well done 出色的工作2010-07-16
Hi, Ms. Seymour? It’s Allan Parker. I’ve been waiting to call you and thank you for all your help last week.
辦公室英語口語第189:Checking an account 核查賬戶2010-07-16
辦公室英語口語第189:Checking an account 核查賬戶
辦公室英語口語第187:An angry customer 氣憤的顧客2010-07-15
I am very sorry to hear that you’ve been having so many problems, sir.
辦公室英語口語第186:Birthday party invitation 生日聚會2010-07-15
Her birthday is on the 9th. We’re going to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and then maybe go out dancing.
辦公室英語口語第184:Talking about a new pet 談論新寵物2010-07-14
this is my new baby. He’s just as much trouble. That’s for sure! But, he’s a lot of fun!
辦公室英語口語第185:A newly received award 受到表彰2010-07-14
Thanks, Denise. Actually, I was really surprised. I mean, there were a lot of qualified people out there.
辦公室英語口語第183:Talking about appearance 談論人的外表2010-07-13
Thanks, Jim. I didn’t think guys paid attention to stuff like that.
辦公室英語口語第182:Offering a cup of tea 喝杯熱茶2010-07-13
I was out sick most of last week. I’m still not completely over it. You’d better not get too close!
辦公室英語口語第180:Chatting about a new restaurant 談論新餐廳2010-07-12
I know the feeling. I’m calling to let you know about this new Italian place I found. It’s right around the corner.
辦公室英語口語第181:Inviting for cup of coffee 請喝杯咖啡2010-07-12
John! Wait a second! I was just heading downstairs for a cup of coffee. You want to come? I’ve got some good news!
辦公室英語口語第179:Chatting with a newly wed 談論新婚2010-07-11
辦公室英語口語第179:Chatting with a newly wed 談論新婚
辦公室英語口語第178:Complaining about overtime 抱怨加班2010-07-11
They’re really running you into the ground. Why don’t you ask for some time off? You could take a long weekend and go away somewhere.
辦公室英語口語第177:Trouble with computers 電腦問題2010-07-09
辦公室英語口語第177:Trouble with computers 電腦問題
辦公室英語口語第176:First day of school 上學第一天2010-07-09
辦公室英語口語第176:First day of school 上學第一天
辦公室英語口語第175:A new exercise class新健身班2010-07-08
I’d like to, but I’m going to have to look at my schedule.
辦公室英語口語第174:Back from vacation 度假歸來2010-07-08
I’m really jealous! I won’t be able to get any time off for at least another three or four months.
辦公室英語口語第173:Getting a promotion 獲得提升2010-07-07
辦公室英語口語第173:Getting a promotion 獲得提升
辦公室英語口語第172:Chatting about child 談論孩子2010-07-07
辦公室英語口語第172:Chatting about child 談論孩子
辦公室英語口語第171:Sports talk 談論體育2010-07-06
Come on! It’ll be fun. We play every other Saturday afternoon from May until August.
辦公室英語口語第170:Complaining about work 抱怨工作2010-07-06
I had meetings back to back all morning. Then the printer broke in the middle of putting together the Wix Soap presentation, and the phone rang off the hook from the minute I walked into the office.
辦公室英語口語第169:Chatting about sports 閑談體育2010-07-05
辦公室英語口語第169:Chatting about sports 閑談體育
辦公室英語口語第168:Chatting with a new employee 和新雇員閑談2010-07-05
辦公室英語口語第168:Chatting with a new employee 和新雇員閑談
辦公室英語口語第167期:Getting married 結婚啦2010-07-04
We’re planning a June wedding, but we haven’t picked a date yet.
辦公室英語口語第166期:Talking about work load 議論工作量2010-07-04
Thank God! I am finished writing that service guide! It took me forever!
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