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I do not know how John can put up with his son, who fools around without working. He's out of John's hands. Nothing he can do about such a black sheep.
[00:00:01] How many cleaning ladies does your company hire? 你们公司雇了多少员工? [00:09:22] We have two cleaning ladies. 雇了2个.
[00:00:44] Sandra is actually a blue chipper. 桑德确实是一个出类拔萃的人. [00:03:49] I do not think she could realize that she has married a fool for women. 我知道她不知道自己嫁给了个色鬼.
习语:a breath of air 讲解:a breath of air 本义指一股清风,It' s really sultry. There is not a breath of air. 真的闷热得很,一点儿风也没有. 它逐渐转喻为person or thing that is welcome and refreshing change
习语: a chicken guy 讲解:chicken是指小鸡,温驯而胆小,用之比喻胆小、懦弱的人. 迷你对话: A :Jack wonders whether Linda likes him or not. 杰克不知道琳达是否?#19981;?#20182;. B :Why doesn't he ask her? 他为什么
习语:a dead beat 讲解:a dead beat 的意思与moocher的意思相近,都是指借钱不还的人.但是a dead beat更强调借钱后的赖账行为.除此之外,a dead beat还有不劳而食,游手好闲的人,或寄生虫的意思.
习语:a fair-weather friend 知识点津:fair-weather本指鸟亮丽的羽毛,后用以指人非常风光.因此a fair-weather person 指的是a person who stops being a friend when one is in trouble,即不能?#19981;寄?#30340;人.
习语:a hard nut 知识点津:nut除了指坚果的意思,还可以指难题、难事、难对付的人.A hard nut源于短语a hard nut to crack或者是a tough nut to crack,表示顽固不化的人无知无觉的人顽冥不化的人.
习语:a hen-pecked husband 知识点津:hen-pecked表示受老婆虐待或怕老婆的人,所以a hen-pecked husband指的?#26725;?#32769;婆的人,和中文的妻管严类似.
习语:be in line for 讲解:名词line有人?#26725;?#38431;的意思.Be in line的意思就?#26725;?#38431;.该习语的字面意思是为了什么东西而排队,引申为即将获得某物,即可得到,即将得到.
[00:00:07] I have not got enough for prosecuting him. 我没有足够的证据起诉他. [00:08:30] Why do not you find someone who is in the know. 你为什么不找一个熟悉内幕的?#22235;?
习语:keyed up 讲解:Key做动词用,有使(心情等)紧张,兴奋的意思.keyed up的意思是紧张,兴奋. 支持范例:Naturally, you were keyed up when you went on the platform for the first time.
[00:00:01] Who did the stupid thing? 谁干的蠢事? [00:06:01] Maybe it was Dick. 也许是迪克. [00:08:25] I do not think so. 我想不是. [00:10:10] Dick has been on the ball and never does things like that.
[00:00:55] We are going to the concert this evening. 我们今天去听音乐会. [00:06:27] Will you join us. 你和我们一起去吗? [00:07:58] I 'm very sorry I can not. 非常抱歉?#20063;?#33021;去. [00:11:00] Why not? 为什么.
[00:00:01] I am in hot water now, all the things seem to be blown up. 我现在遇到麻烦了,好像所有的事情多和我作对似的. [00:09:03] Do not be scared. 别泄气, [00:10:25] Bite the bullet and everything will be right again.
[00:00:19] Do you know Sally? 你知道Sally吗? [00:02:15] Sally. Sally? [00:03:36] She is a bachelor girl. 她是个未婚职业妇女.
[00:00:01] Why did Tom quit the job? Tom为什么要辞职? [00:06:02] He said his present job seemed to be a blind alley. 他说目前的工作暗淡. [00:11:41] If he does not change his attitude toward his work
[00:00:01] Whatever we do, we should do it above board. 不管我们做什么,我们都应该正大光明. [00:06:48] You are right. 你说得对. [00:07:40] We should not do anything under the table. 我们不应该偷?#24471;?#25720;地做事.
[00:00:04] Do you think you 'll get the project? 你认为你能得到这项工程吗? [00:07:26] It's a chance in a million. 机会很小. [00:09:25] I hear John is interested in it. 我听说?#24049;?#20063;对它?#34892;?#36259;.
[00:00:12] I did not expect to see you at this hour. 这个点无不忘看到你的. [00:03:42] You must have goofed off again. 你准是开小差了. [00:06:29] Goofed off? 开小差? [00:07:52] Maybe, but I 'm not a clock watcher.
[00:00:01] He was once a poor man but now he is a man of means. 他曾经很穷现在发达了. [00:06:16] How did he make a fortune? 他怎么发财的? [00:08:49] He did not make any effort. 他没怎么努力. [00:11:20] His aunt died and le
[00:00:03] John seems to be in high cotton. John走红起来了. [00:02:20] He may well become a big shot. 他有可能成为个大人物. [00:04:28] I bet my button dollar that he will not. 我敢打赌他成不了大人物. [00:07:14] He is n
[00:00:01] How did Jim get the money? 吉姆是怎么弄到钱的? [00:02:31] He borrowed it from Nick. 他从尼?#22235;?#20511;来的. [00:05:31] He must be mad! 他肯定是疯了. [00:07:57] Nick is a loan shark. 尼克可是个放高利贷的?#19968;?/dd>
[00:00:25] I wonder how Sarah and Mat are. 我想知道莎拉和马特的情况怎么样了. [00:07:05] Don't you know they 've already broken up? 你不知道他们已经分手了吗? [00:11:13] I 'm not surprised. 我一点也不觉?#38391;?#24618;.
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