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Q:Tell me what you think our distinctive advantage is with in the industry.
A:I am most interested in your Latin American developments.My father was an army officer,so we lived for three years in Latin America.I know you have just entered joint ventures with two processing companies there.What are your plans for the next few years?
A:It seems that your new ads are trying to show that breakfast time is family time,with a certain wholesomeness.Are you doing this to balance against the recent bad press about highfat foods,without attacking the issue directly?
I lost a bid several years ago to your company.I realized then that products in the computer industry are becoming increasingly similar.They are so similar now,and retail prices are so competitive,that service is the best way for a company to distinguish itself from the competition.
Q:What have you learned about our company from customers,employees,or others?
You wouldnt know that Ive managed my own small portfolio since I was sixteen,but I believe that its important for you to understand my interest in investment sales. Ive averaged a 12 percent return over the past eight years.
I served as an intern analyst to a restaurant last summer,so I followed all the steakhouse chains closely.What youve done especially well is focus on a limited menu with great consistency among locations;the business traveler trusts your product anywhere in the U.S.Im particularly interested in your real estatefinance group and expansion plans.
Q:If this were your first annual review with our company, what would I be telling you right now?
Q:If you had unlimited time and financial resources,how would you spend them?
A: I'd like to have the opportunity to work in a plant as well as at the home office.I also hope to develop my management skills,perhaps by managing a small staff.
A:I'd like to stay in a field related to training no matter what happens.I was too interested in business to work at a university,but I believe that teaching is somehow in my blood.Ive been good at sales because I took the time to educate my clients.Now I look forward to training the new hires.
A:The technology in the industry is changing so rapidly that Isee lots of room for job enhancement regardless of promotions. I am particularly interested in the many applications for multimedia as a training tool.
A:I pore over the Wall Street Journal,the Times,Institutional Investor,and several mutual fund newsletters. And Ihave a number of friends who are analysts.
A:I was a pastry chef,so I understand dessert products well and can help you with new product development.Recent preservatives have come a long way toward eliminating texture difference in pastry dough.This means we can investigate many more products than before.
Q:How do you handle your failure?(你怎樣對待自己的失敗?)
Q: What do you find frustrating in a work situation?(在工作中,什么事令你不高興?)
Q:How do you handle your conflict with your colleagues in your work?
Q:How do you normally handle criticism?(你通常如何處理別人的批評?)
Q:What leadership qualities did you develop as an administrative personnel?(作為行政人員,你有什么樣的領導才能?)
Q: How would your friends or colleagues describe you?(你的朋友或同事怎樣形容你?)
Q:What personality traits do you admire?(你欣賞哪種性格的人?)
Q:What is your strongest trait(s)?(你個性上最大的特點是什么?)
A:The trait is needed in my current(or previous) position and I know I can handle it well. (這種特點就是我目前(先前)工作所需要的,我知道我能應付自如。)
My graduate school training combined with my internship should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be successful.


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