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纯正地道美语 第186期(外教讲解):家庭烧烤2010-12-20
Yeah, good idea.We can put some lawn furniture outside next to the grill. I also set up the tent outside so we can hide from the sun if it gets too hot.
纯正地道美语 第185期(外教讲解):买新手机2010-12-18
I see. Well, you have come to the right place. We have over one hundred models of more than twenty leading mobile phone manufacturers.
纯正地道美语 第184期(外教讲解):要求加薪2010-12-17
I understand your position, and I know that the current economic downturn has had a negative impact on sales, but you must also take into consideration my hard work, pro-activeness and loyalty to this company for over a decade.
纯正地道美语 第183期(外教讲解):节食减肥2010-12-16
Yeah, my friend is getting married next month and I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid. I have to fit into my dress and look nice for her wedding, but I haven’t lost any weight! Look at these love handles.
纯正地道美语 第182期(外教讲解):商业计划2010-12-15
That’s exactly what I am going to do! I’ve decided to create my own company! I’m going to write up a business plan, get some investors and start working for myself!
纯正地道美语 第181期(外教讲解):农场动物2010-12-14
Isn’t this great? I always wanted to own a farm, live out in the country, grow my own food!
纯正地道美语 第180期(外教讲解):新的开始2010-12-13
You got it! I have a new job, I’m living in a new city, with new friends! This is my opportunity to make some small changes in the way I live my life.
纯正地道美语 第180期(外教讲解):冬季装衣2010-12-10
Hold on, with that wind, you’re going to catch a cold. Wear this scarf.
纯正地道美语 第179期(外教讲解):节礼日2010-12-09
Well I have to decide which gifts to keep and which to exchange for better ones when I go to the Boxing Day sales this afternoon!
纯正地道美语 第178期(外教讲解):欢度圣诞节2010-12-09
Alright, Timmy, knock yourself out. We should get ready and head to the market to buy everything for the Christmas dinner tonight.
纯正地道美语 第177期(外教讲解):《铃儿响叮当》2010-12-07
The wolf dashed through the woods.狼突然跑进树林中.
纯正地道美语 第176期(外教讲解):《平安夜》2010-12-06
纯正地道美语 第176期(外教讲解):《平安夜》
纯正地道美语 第175期(外教讲解):为母亲挑选礼物2010-12-03
That’s just it! I don’t know what to get her! Last year I got her a ring that was two sizes too big and a pair of shoes five sizes too small! I suck at getting presents for people.
纯正地道美语 第174期(外教讲解):装扮圣诞树2010-12-02
I’m home! Everyone come here! I bought a Christmas tree! Look at this beautiful pine tree!
纯正地道美语 第173期(外教讲解):取暖系统2010-12-02
Dad! Are you serious? What’s the point of having central heating if we can’t use it! Look, I can see my breath!
纯正地道美语 第172期(外教讲解):新年决定2010-12-02
Did you read this? It says that the number one new years resolution make is to spend more time with friends and family.
纯正地道美语 第171期(外教讲解):修指甲2010-11-29
Again? You just went last week! You spend more time at the nail salon than you do here at home! Honestly, why do you need a manicure every week?
纯正地道美语 第170期(外教讲解):制定家庭预算2010-11-26
Yes that’s correct. Frankly speaking our household income is relatively high and we have never had any money problems, but I think this is the main reason as to why our spending has gone out of control.
纯正地道美语 第169期(外教讲解):干洗店的对话2010-11-25
you don’t understand, I need this tomorrow morning! I accidentally spilled beer all over my wife’s dress and we have a wedding to attend tomorrow! She’s gonna kill me!
纯正地道美语 第168期(外教讲解):买照相机2010-11-24
We’ve got a wide selection do you know if you’d like a point-and-shoot, or something a little fancier? Are you shopping for yourself or for someone else?
纯正地道美语 第167期(外教讲解):婚前焦虑2010-11-23
I can’t go through with this! I just can’t! I’m not ready for marriage! What was I thinking? I’m only thirty five years old! I’ve got my entire life ahead of me, adventures waiting! I can’t settle down yet!
纯正地道美语 第166期(外教讲解):玩过山车2010-11-22
I’m so excited! We are finally here! Six Flags Magic Mountain! This is the best amusement park in the world!
纯正地道美语 第165期(外教讲解):学开车2010-11-19
Hold on there,Fittipaldi, first let’s go over things one more time. Now before you even think of starting the car, make sure your seat is at a comfortable position and you can grip the steering wheel firmly. Next check your rear view mirrors to make sure you can see properly.
纯正地道美语 第164期(外教讲解):我要去整容2010-11-18
I don’t see any wrinkles or sagging skin! You are stop beings ridiculous. Besides, I think that people who get Botox, have facelifts, or tummy tucks look weird. It doesn’t look natural.
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