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每日說英文》由留美老師Regina擔任主持人!Regina在臺灣出生,長大。在14歲獨自留學美國。其后8年都在美麗的波斯頓,就讀于紐曼中學Newman High School和東北大學Northeastern University。快來聽聽Regiina老師是如何說英文的!

留美老師帶你每日說英文 第509期:想象可以改變一切2018-02-20
A great imagination is required of everyone facing crisis, turmoil or disaster. So trust yourself, you are uniquely designed to face any predicament that you encounter, you just need to let your imagination take it from here.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第508期:找到心中的勇氣2018-02-20
So no matter what youre facing right now, no matter whats getting you so scared, theres only one question that you need to ask and answer to find the courage to make that big leap,
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第507期:過度耐力訓練的弊端2018-02-20
Endurance training, in particular, has been shown to send the body into an acute inflammatory state that, over time, can damage the heart.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第506期:洗冷水澡的好處2018-02-20
Studies show that exposing yourself to cold water can activate components of the brain responsible for regulating wakefulness, making you feel alert.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第505期:關于自戀這回事2018-02-20
More recently, social media has multiplied the possibilities for self-promotion, though its worth noting that theres no clear evidence that social media causes narcissism.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第504期:不要讓自己被挫敗所定義2018-02-20
The goal here is to not define yourself by one upsetting event but learn to define yourself by your accomplishments, your life experience.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第503期:認真思考人生2018-02-20
When your body is so on the edge of dying or on the edge of pain its terrifying!
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第502期:美夢成真的不變法則2018-02-20
There is something very exhilarating about having a dream so big, that it kind of scares you a little bit.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第501期:模擬外太空靜止狀態2018-02-20
The study simulated long term inactivity in space with these participants.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第500期:Hyperloop超級高鐵2018-02-20
And his plans for Hyperloop would involve linking 2 urban areas, probably no more than 1,500 kilometers apart, with a low-pressure pneumatic tube-type system, sending pods carrying people from town to town at close to sonic velocity.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第499期:壓力的減少對我們的影響2018-02-20
The reduction of stress triggered a powerful stimulation of the reward centre of the brain, effectively reinforcing unethical behavior.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第498期:章魚的大腦是如此不凡!2018-02-20
And octopus intelligence isnt just useful for octopuses. Their radically different nervous system and autonomously thinking appendages have inspired new research in developing flexible robots made of soft materials.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第497期:黑市中的個人信息2018-02-20
Experts suggest that there are robust economies in places like Eastern Europe for stolen information. Social security numbers, credit card numbers and addresses are the most sought after information on the black market.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第496期:降低垃圾產量2018-02-20
The average American produces 4.3 pounds oftrash a day. Thats almost 1600 pounds a year, but if we took some simplesteps, we could go off the trash grid and minimize thousands of pounds of wasteinto just a single jar.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第495期:語法真的重要嗎2018-02-20
And because speech also uses mood and intonation for meaning, its structure is often more flexible, adapting to the needs of speakers and listeners.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第494期:懷孕對大腦的影響2018-02-20
Mothers had more intense brain activity in the dopamine reward system, than women had never had children.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第493期:關于自閉癥2018-02-20
I say how autism is a spectrum of behaviors.On one hand, it can cause children to experience social difficulties, anxiety, obsessive traits and disruptive habits.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第492期:聆聽能增加溝通效率2018-02-20
Number 9: Listen. And look, I know, it takes effort and energy to actually pay attention to someone.
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第491期:什么樣的壞習慣被定義為心理疾病?2018-02-20
If a habit isnt physically harmful, its just considered a bad social habit, but if a habit creates open wounds or sores
留美老師帶你每日說英文 第490期:恐懼的力量2018-02-20
Remember our rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.
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