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留学生在中国 第1期 Rent Apartment 租房2015-07-13
Chapter 1. advice to rent an apartment 第一章 租房建议 I want to ask you for a favor. I want to rent an apartment here in Beijing, but as a foreigner, I dont know the normal practice. Can you give me some advice?
留学生在中国 第2期:To rent an apartment介绍房源2015-07-13
To rent an apartment 介绍房源 David:This apartment is nice, but I am a student and would like to find a cheaper apartment. I think a two-bedroom is too expensive. Maybe a one-bedroom apartment would be cheaper.
留学生在中国 第3期 negotiation 洽谈详情2015-07-12
Negotiating Apartment Details 洽谈租房 David:Does that apartment come furnished? ) 那套房子里有家具吗? You:This apartment has all the furnitures that are necessary for daily liveing.
留学生在中国 第4期 housemate 合租2015-07-12
Renting an Apartment in the US 在美国怎么租房子 You:I have some questions regarding how to rent an apartment in America. 我想知道, 在美国如何租房子的? David:What would you like to know?
留学生在中国 第5期 live 住处2015-07-11
Where Do You Live? 你住哪儿? You: You live on this street? 你住在这条街上? David: Yeah. 对. You: you havnt move yet? I thought youve told me, you want to move out.
留学生在中国 第6期 lovestory 爱情故事2015-07-11
You:Chinese lovers day just passed. 中国的情人节刚过. David:Ah, the time for lovers to meet. 哦, 情人约会的日子. You:Yes, it is in the August. I cant remember which day, but I do know that in the Chinese lunar calendar
留学生在中国 第7期 Christmas 圣诞节2015-07-10
David:Do you know what Christmas is about? 你知道圣诞节是关于什么的吗? You:No, my teacher did told me once, but I cant remember. 不知道. 我的老师曾经告诉过我一次, 但我没记住.
留学生在中国 第8期 halloween 万圣节2015-07-10
You:There is a foreign holliday which has something to do with pumpkins. I think youre supposed to carry a pumpkin around on that day. I cant remember which holliday is it.
留学生在中国 第9期 Haunted House鬼屋2015-07-09
Chapter 9 Haunted Houses and Burning Money. 鬼屋和烧纸钱. David:There are so many haunted houses in the Halloween. 万圣节里有好多鬼屋. You:I have never been to a haunted house. It must be scary.
留学生在中国 第10期 Dumpling 饺子2015-07-09
David:I understand that in Chinese culture people normally eat rice or, as an alternative, dumplings at the end of a meal. 我感觉中国人吃?#25925;畢不?#26368;后吃米饭或饺子.
留学生在中国 第11期 politeness礼节2015-07-08
David:What Chinese customs of politeness are traditional? 中国传统里有哪些表示礼貌习俗的? You:I think youve heard this one before, you fight with a friend over the bill in a restaurant.
留学生在中国 第12期Delicacy美食2015-07-08
Lesson 12. The Chinese Delicacy 12课中国美食 You:Have you ever heard about Man Han Chuan Xi at all? 你听说过满汉全席吗? David:I am not sure. What was it like? 不大清楚. 能告诉我吗?
留学生在中国 第13期 Chinese Medicine 中药2015-07-07
David:I understand that Chinese medicine is based more on natural products while western medicine more on chemical products. Are Chinese people more accustomed to Chinese medicine?
留学生在中国 第14期 Cooking Style 烹饪方式2015-07-07
David:As a foreigner, I traveled around China and noticed that the cuisine in the north and south is very different. There is a great variety of food in China.
留学生在中国 第15期 Fast Food 快餐2015-07-06
Popular American Fast Food 受欢迎的美国快餐 David:Why are KFC and McDonalds so popular here in China? 为什么肯德基和麦当劳在中国这么受欢迎? You:I think many people like the ambiance in this kind of restaurants.
留学生在中国 第16期 Hobbies 兴趣爱好2015-07-06
Lesson 16 Chinese and American Hobbies 中国人的爱好和美国人的爱好 David:I noticed that your hobbies do not include book reading, painting, poetry, or collecting stamps.
留学生在中国 第17期 University Hobbies 大学兴趣爱好2015-07-05
Chapter 17 Popular University Hobbies 大学生的爱好 David:Id like to ask what your friends have as hobbies. 能知道你的朋友?#34892;?#20160;么爱好吗? You:Some of my friends like to get physical, so they play volleyball.
留学生在中国 第18期 Swimming&Games游泳和游戏2015-07-05
Chapter 18 Swimming and Computer Games 第18课游泳和电脑游戏 David:Are there any other hobbies you have? 你还有其他的爱好吗? You:Another hobby? I like to play swimming. 其他爱好? 我?#19981;?#28216;泳.
留学生在中国 第19期 Cats and Dog 猫和狗2015-07-04
Chhapter 19 cats and dogs. 第19章 猫和狗. David:Do you have any pets? 你养宠物吗? You:No. 不养. David:Is it common for people to have pets in China? 中国人?#19981;?#20859;宠物吗?
留学生在中国 第20期 Friendly Country 友好的国度2015-07-04
Chapter 20 Chinese Welcome All Foreigners 中国欢迎你 You:Most Chinese are polite to foreigners. We Chinese are polite and kind to people from all nations, and we are pleased to welcome them to our country.
留学生在中国 第21期 Exchange Ideas 交流思想2015-07-03
Chapter 21 Exchanging Ideas with Foreigners与老外交流You:Its very common nowadays to see foreigners and have a chance to exchange ideas with them.
留学生在中国 第22期 Impolite Questions 禁忌问题2015-07-03
Chapter 22 Impolite Questions for foreigners. 第22章 老外的 禁区 . You :In China, its common to ask people their age and salary but when we talk to foreigners, we try not to ask those questions.
留学生在中国 第23期 Foreign Expertss 外国专家2015-07-02
Chapter 23 Increasing Number of Foreign Experts第23章 越来越多的外国专家David: The number of foreign experts in China has risen sharply. Can you explain why? 现在在中国的外国专家人数激增.
留学生在中国 第24期 Language Barrier 语言?#20064;?/a>2015-07-02
Chapter 24 Language Barrier between Chinese and Foreigners第 24章 中外语言?#20064;璂avid:Do you know any foreign experts here in China? 你认识在中国工作的外国专家吗?


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