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学习之道 study tips2018-12-08
Sophia Chua-Rubenfield, daughter of writer Amy Chua who is also known as The Tiger Mom, has shared some study tips in a blog post. Sophia graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Philosophy in 2015. Just recently, she finished her Juris Doctor program at Yale University.
科学素质 scientific literacy2018-12-07
科学素质 scientific literacy 请看例句:According to a national survey on scientific literacy, nearly 8.5% of China's total population is scientifically literate in 2018, a 2.3 percentage point inc
续种补种方案 follow-up inoculation plan2018-12-07
续种补种方案follow-up inoculation plan 请看例句:A follow-up inoculation plan has been issued by the National Health Commission and the State Drug Administration for people who have received rabie
积分落户 point-based household registration2018-12-06
请看例句:People who attack medical staff will be placed on a blacklist, according to a circular released by the National Development and Reform Commission on Tuesday that is designed to deter illega
养老支出 expenditures on caring for the elderly2018-12-06
养老支出expenditures on caring for the elderly 请看例句:The draft amendment to the individual income tax law, which was submitted for a second reading at the National People's Congress Standing Co
信息公开 disclose information, information disclosure2018-12-05
信息公开disclose information, information disclosure 请看例句:China's Ministry of Civil Affairs has unveiled a regulation requiring charities to disclose information in accordance with the law.日前
亚运会会徽 Asian Games emblem2018-12-05
亚运会会徽Asian Games emblem 请看例句:Called Surging Tides, the emblem for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 consists of six elements: a Chinese fan, the Qiantang River, a tidal bore, a runnin
非法代写服务 illegal ghostwriting services2018-12-04
非法代写服务illegal ghostwriting services 请看例句:As the end of the summer holiday approaches, Chinese elementary and junior high school students increasingly find themselves bogged down with too
生育基金 childbirth fund2018-12-04
生育基金childbirth fund 请看例句:The proposal of setting up a childbirth fund to cover expenses of families having second child has drawn a wave of criticism.一项关于设立生育基金、覆盖家庭生育二胎的
七夕节 Qixi Festival2018-12-03
七夕节Qixi Festival 请看例句:Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls this Friday, will be a money-spinner for the hospitality and tourism sector in the country. According to data
天价片酬 sky-high remuneration of stars2018-12-03
天价片酬sky-high remuneration of stars 请看例句:Three major online movie and television platforms Youku, iQIYI and Tencent along with six major movie and television production companies including H
外挂 plug-in2018-12-02
外挂plug-in 请看例句:Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing announced on Thursday it has removed a plug-in that used to double the cost of a ride.国内叫车巨头滴滴出行16日宣布,已将一款让车费翻倍
网民 online users2018-12-02
网民online users 请看例句:The number of online users in China has crossed the 800 million mark for the first time as of the end of June, according to an official report. 官方报告显示,截至6月底,
消费降级 consumption downgrading2018-12-01
消费降级consumption downgrading 请看例句:There is heated discussion online as to whether China is experiencing a consumption downgrading. Some figures do suggest that retail products with lower pri
双卡双待 dual-SIM dual standby2018-12-01
双卡双待dual-SIM dual standby 请看例句:Apple's latest iPhone XR and iPhone Xs Max for the Chinese market will support dual-SIM dual standby for the first time. 面向中国市场发售的苹果新款iPhone XR
性别?#38477;?#25945;育 gender equality education2018-11-30
性别?#38477;?#25945;育gender equality education 请看例句:Students in Guangdong will receive gender equality education starting September, which experts said will help to further equalize the social status of
顺风车业务 hitch riding services2018-11-30
顺风车业务hitch riding services 请看例句:Didi Chuxing, the nation's largest online car-hailing platform, halted its hitch ride services across the country starting Monday after a rape and kill
娘炮之风 feminization trend2018-11-29
娘炮之风feminization trend 请看例句:After the broadcast of a TV program called First Class for the New Semester featuring feminine-looking male celebrities, many think the feminization trend h
?#35753;?#22806;语 popular foreign language2018-11-29
?#35753;?#22806;语popular foreign language 请看例句:More students took A-level Chinese than German this year in Britain's A-level test for the first time, making it the third most popular foreign languag
电竞 e-sports2018-11-28
电竞e-sports 请看例句:With e-sports joining the Asian Games for the first time as a demonstration sport in Jakarta, China won two gold medals and a silver in three of the six events: League of Lege
网络文学 online literature2018-11-28
网络文学online literature 请看例句:The number of China's online literature readers has increased to 406 million this year, almost half of the country's total online population, according to a ne
人造月亮 man-made moon2018-11-27
人造月亮man-made moon 请看例句:China's man-made moon conception is expected to be realized in 2022, the Science and Technology Daily reported.据《科技日报》报道,我国人造月亮的设想有望于2022年
客户信息 client information2018-11-27
客户信息client information 请看例句:News that 500 million pieces of client information were leaked from Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd went viral on social media Tuesday.28日,有关华住酒店集团5亿条客户信
首位月球?#27599;?first Moon trip passenger2018-11-26
首位月球?#27599;蚮irst Moon trip passenger 请看例句:SpaceX announced Monday that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will become the aerospace company's first Moon trip passenger.17日,太空探索技术公司
种族歧视 racial discrimination2018-11-26
种族歧视racial discrimination 请看例句:A lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against Asian-Americans in Harvard University's admissions process headed to trial in Boston's federal court Monda
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