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E: inflation is more than just the rising prices, I guess. But the central bank is warning about the risk of inflation.
H: it doesnt matter, but it needs to be close to the subway or on a convenient bus route.M: anything you need to have in the place?
C: thank you. Actually, I could not believe it at first. You know, there're so many outstanding people in our company. Many of them are qualified to fill that position.
R: sounds good,but I still think perhaps you should first have a clear career path to follow and then decide whether to change your job or not.
R: yeah, after reeciving my yearly bouns, I want to search out better opportunities in the spring job market. I've been working in the company for nearly a year and a half and I still haven't received a pay rise. It's unfair.
C: why are you choosing to leave a foreign country? Many people are reluctant to leave the superior living environment abroad.
B: yes, I can still recall the days when we were all seniors at college. I asked you whether you would go back to your hometown or not.
E: Have you made up your mind about not going back to your hometown after graduation? Where else would you go?
S: you could say so.I'll work hard in that company and try to understand as much as possible about how to run an enterprise.
S: why do you want to start your own business? Students of your major can easily land a job nowadays.
B: yeah, an office that runs efficiently by using nothing other than online communication technologies. I pay the rent and share office services with others in the same building.
You have a decent salary, lots of promotion opportunities and a regular life of going to the office at 9 o' clock and coming back home at 5 in the evening
you can't waste your time wandering around. If you want a job that requires a higher degree or diploma, you should focus on your graduate school extrance exam;if you want a job that needs working experience, you should start job hunting and consider further studies at a later time.J: thank you so much for your advice. I'll think it over.
wear formal clothes to your interview and do be punctual. That'll leave your interviewers with a good first impression.
E: Hows your job search going?A: I only started looking for a job a few days ago.E: have you finished compiling your resume?A: yes, I was precise with every word in my resume?
M: I dont know why people are just mad about David Beckham. Is there really anything so fascinating with him?J: He appeals to the fans thanks to two things: his bending kicks and his good looks.
M: who is your favorite NBA star?J: Kobe Bryant, of course.M: Kobe? I know him, the key guy of the Lakers, a heck of a NBA player. He is on fire when he breaks through enermy defense.
E: Guess who I saw yesterday?B: I dont know. Who?E: Avril Lavigen!B: the Canadian rock singer? But I heard you had a part-time job yesterday. How did you see her?
K: its getting cold.R: yes. I bought a scarf yesterday. Its really nice and warm. Have a look.K: Oh, its made of wool. I like the striped pattern.R: yes, I adore simple fashions. How does it look on me?
k:oh,the clothes here are so expensive! No wonder there are few people.R: Beauty costs, dear! What do you think of this dress? Do you think it suits me?K: yeah, its lovely, but to be frank, its not the most practical. You dont have many formal events in your calendar, do you?
K: Julie, whats on the tube?J: nothing but tons of commercials. These days the amount of commercials is amazing.K: yeah. Maybe we can change to another channel. what about the sports channel? Lets see if theres a game on.
k:hey, Jimmy, youve been sitting in front of the TV all day. Anything interesting on TV?J: not really. Quite boring right now, actually. Mostly infomercials and public serveice announcements.
A: hey, you look great! hows everything?S: yeah, you know what?Ive been going to the club regularly. The training really pays off. Now I am in a good shape and I know more about how to keep fit.
A: good afternoon, madam. How can I help you?S: well, I am a little bit out of shape. I think I should get some exercise to keep fit. what kind of service do you offer?
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