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賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 12012-05-05
BOOK TWO Lesson 1 Jacks family Text: Jack is married to Alice. She is his wife and he is her husband. They have a daughter and a son. The sons name is Henry and the daughters name is Lisa. They live next to Alices parents Harry and Margaret.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 22012-05-05
Lesson 2 Two pronouns Text: Tommy is a pupil. He is always absent-minded in class. His father and mother always tell him to listen to the teacher in class carefully.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 32012-05-04
Lesson 3 Computer games Text: There are many kinds of computer games. Some of the games show violence. While others show women with almost no clothes on, some games let you point the gun at the people and shoot them.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 42012-05-04
Lesson 4 A teenagers complaint Text: I try to be a good son. But no matter how hard I try, my parents never seem to be satisfied.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 52012-05-03
Lesson 5 Coffee shop Text: Every year more and more coffee shops open up. Coffee has been a popular drink for centuries. Nowadays coffee shops dont just sell coffee.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 62012-05-03
Lesson 6 Red light runners Text: The San Francisco department of traffic is installing cameras at street intersections. The cameras take pictures of cars running red lights.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 72012-05-01
Lesson 7 Henry Parter Text: The Henry Parter books are fine and exiting to read. Henry Parter, the main character is a wizard. He goes to a special school to learn how to be a better one.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 82012-05-01
Lesson 8 Bill Clinton Text: Bill Clinton took office on January, 20th, 1993 and became the 42nd US president. He was the first US president born after World War II.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 92012-04-29
Lesson 9 The 2002 World Cup Stadiums Text: A main thirty-first 2002 Korea and Japan held the World Cup 2002 together. It was the first time that the World Cup was held in two countries.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 102012-04-29
Healthy babies Text: In order to have a healthy baby, it is best for a woman not to do certain things while pregnant. Most babies have problems because their mothers took drugs or drank alcohol while pregnant.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 112012-04-28
AIDS Text: AIDS is a disease that kills. It is caused by a virus called HIV. Sharing needles or having sex with an AIDS patient spreads it. More and more people are at risk.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 122012-04-28
Lesson 12 A team player Text: When you are working on a job teamwork is important. A team player is a person who works well with the other people on the job.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 132012-04-27
Lesson 13 Walking at night Text: There are times when walking at night can be very dangerous. Remember the advice list below and you can make walking safer.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 142012-04-27
Lesson 14 Looking for a job Text: Are you looking for a job? More and more people are looking for work. Also many people have to change jobs as the job market keeps changing.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 152012-04-27
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 15,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 162012-04-27
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 16,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 172012-04-25
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 17,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 182012-04-25
Thanksgiving is coming this week,and several of our relatives from out of town will be stay in with us during the long holiday weekend. Uncle Frank will be stay in for a few days.
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 192012-04-24
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 19,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 202012-04-24
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 20,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 212012-04-24
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 21,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 222012-04-24
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 22,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 232012-04-22
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 23,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 242012-04-22
賴世雄學英語第二冊 lesson 24,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!


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