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《高级英语Advanced English(张汉熙)第二册》适用于已掌握英语基础知识的进入高年级的学生。有些课文全部选自原文,有些经过压缩或节选。课文的内容及题材力求多样化,以便学生接触不同的文体,吸收较广泛的知识。张汉熙高级英语是英语专业通向专业八级之路的教材,需要认真地研读和思考。教材有点儿老,但是每一篇文章都是经典之作。为了学习其中的专业八级词汇,可以一边听录音,一边对照课文。

高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(11)2018-12-27
There is wonderful variety of places to eat or shop, and though the most successful of such places are likely to touristy hybrid compromises, they too have genuine roots.
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(10)2018-12-27
By Adolf Hitler’s definition, New York is a mongrel city.
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(09)2018-12-26
It is possible in twenty other American cities to visit first-rate art museums, to hear good music and see lively experimental theater,
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(08)2018-12-26
In New York, like seeks like, and by economy of effort excludes the rest as stranger.
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(07)2018-12-25
I am surprised by the lack of cynicism, particularly among the younger ones, of those who work in such fields.
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(06)2018-12-25
In both these roles it ratifies more than it creates.
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(05)2018-12-24
A testing of oneself, a fear of giving in to the most banal and marketable of one’s talents, still draws many of the young to New York.
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(04)2018-12-24
Natures pleasures are much qualified in New York.
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(03)2018-12-23
Perhaps some of these Europeans are reassured by the sight, on the twin fashion avenues of Madison and Fifth, of all those familiar international names
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(02)2018-12-23
The giant Manhattan television studios where Toscaninis NBC Symphony once played now sit empty most of the time
高级英语第二册 第14课:亦爱亦恨话纽约(01)2018-12-22
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(19)2018-12-22
What we accept, and what the abolitionist will clamp upon us all the more firmly if he succeeds
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(18)2018-12-21
But Dr. Sheppards vindicator is under no illusion as to the conditions that this lucky evader of the electric
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(17)2018-12-21
In the propaganda for abolishing the death sentence the recital of numerous miscarriages of justice commits the same error and implies the same callousness
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(16)2018-12-20
This is what counsel always says to the jury in the course of a murder trial and counsel is right:
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(15)2018-12-20
The prisoner emerged to find that his wife had died and that his children and his aged parents
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(14)2018-12-19
They read without a qualm, indeed they read with rejoicing, the hideous irony of Killer Gets Life;
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(13)2018-12-19
Similarly, a bullying minority in a diet, parliament or skupshtina would be prosecuted for treason to the most sacred institutions
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(12)2018-12-18
The Western peoples revulsionfrom power in domestic and foreign policy has made of the state a sort of counterpart of the bank robber
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(11)2018-12-18
This is the moment when all the rationalized hypocrisies of civilization are suddenly swept away and two men stand there facing each other morally and ethically naked
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(10)2018-12-17
I say irrationally taking life, because it is often possible to feel great sympathy with a murderer.
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(09)2018-12-17
It is all very well to say that many of these killers are themselves children, that is, minors.
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(08)2018-12-16
If, moreover, we turn to the accounts of the crimes committed by these unfortunates, who are the victims?
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(07)2018-12-16
The victims are easy to forget. Social science tends steadily to mark a preference for the troubled, the abnormal, the problem case.
高级英语第二册 第13课:为死刑辩护(06)2018-12-15
Yet it deserves examination, for upon our acceptance or rejection of it depend such other highly civilized possibilities as euthanasia and seemly suicide.
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