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慢速英語短文聽力 第212期:寶寶和襪子2016-12-18
The mother gave her baby a red apple. The baby tried to eat the apple. His mouth was too small. And he didn't have any teeth. His brother took the apple. His brother ate the apple. The baby cried. His brother gave the baby a blue ball to play with.
慢速英語短文聽力 第211期:鳥兒們和寶寶2016-12-17
The baby was lying on her back. A blue bird flew in through the window. The blue bird had blue eyes. It sat on the baby's crib. The bird had a bell around its neck. The bell rang. The baby smiled. The baby reached for the bell. The bird shook its head.
慢速英語短文聽力 第210期:一只貓和一只狗2016-12-16
The black cat jumped up onto the chair. It looked down at the white dog. The dog was chewing on a bone. The cat jumped onto the dog. The dog kept chewing the bone. The cat played with the dog's tail. The dog kept chewing the bone. The cat jumped back onto the chair.
慢速英語短文聽力 第209期:小熊寶寶2016-12-10
The baby bear followed his mama. Mama bear walked through the woods. She was looking for berries to eat. She found some black berries. She started eating them. The baby started eating them, too. They ate all the berries. Baby bear was full.
慢速英語短文聽力 第208期:一個蘋果派2016-12-09
The tree was full of red apples. The farmer was riding his brown horse. He stopped under the tree. He reached out and picked an apple off a branch. He bit into the raw apple. He enjoyed the apple. His horse turned its head to look at him.
慢速英語短文聽力 第207期:上層床2016-12-08
He and his brother slept in a bunk bed. He had the bottom bunk. His brother had the top bunk. The top bunk had a guard rail. The rail kept the sleeper safe. His brother didn't like the rail. He always left it down. One time his brother fell out of the top bunk.
慢速英語短文聽力 第206期:去問圣誕老人2016-12-03
It is December. That means it is Christmas time. Christmas time means Santa Claus is coming. Sara and Billy love Christmas. They love Santa Claus. They love the gifts from Santa. Last year they got nice gifts. Sara got a teddy bear and a rubber duck.
慢速英語短文聽力 第205期:一輛作為生日禮物的自行車2016-12-02
January 7 is Benny's birthday. He will be eight years old. He is in the third grade. He goes to Park Elementary School. An elementary school is for kids. It is only one mile away. He walks to school. It only takes 20 minutes. When it rains, he wears a raincoat.
慢速英語短文聽力 第204期:在花園里2016-11-27
Mama was in the garden. What are you doing? Johnny asked. She said she was planting roses. Roses are flowers. They are very pretty. They are usually red. Roses have thorns. His mama said, Thorns will stick you. Be careful around thorns.
慢速英語短文聽力 第203期:今天的郵件2016-11-26
The mailman put the mail in the mailbox. Dad went outside. He said hello to the mailman. The mailman said hello. Dad opened the mailbox and took out a magazine and two letters. One letter was from his sister. The other letter was from his brother.
慢速英語短文聽力 第202期:男兒本色2016-11-25
The two brothers loved each other. But sometimes they argued with each other. Sometimes they yelled at each other. Sometimes they pushed each other. Sometimes they hit each other. Sometimes they got into a fight with each other. Bobby was the older brother.
慢速英語短文聽力 第201期:一頓大餐2016-11-22
The children were hungry. They looked out the window. Where was their mother? She walked into the house. The children ran over to her. Mama, we're so hungry, they both said. She said lunch was coming. She walked into the kitchen.
慢速英語短文聽力 第200期:沒有工作 沒有食物2016-11-21
I am an adult. I'm not a kid. I'm a grown-up. I need some money. I have no food. I am hungry. I am not thirsty, because water is everywhere. But water has no taste. I want to drink a soda. I want to drink milk. I want to drink coffee. I want to work.
慢速英語短文聽力 第199期:一雙新鞋2016-11-18
She is young. Her shoes are old. She wears them to work. She goes to work five days a week. She loves her work. She is a waitress. She works at a restaurant. The restaurant is near her home. She walks to the restaurant. She stands up all day long.
慢速英語短文聽力 第198期:我沒有朋友2016-11-17
I am lonely. I am always by myself. I meet people every day. I smile at them. I say hello. I am nice to them. I want to have a friend. But I have no friends. What is wrong with me? I am polite. I am friendly. I am nice. I am kind. Why don't people like me?
慢速英語短文聽力 第197期:生活很美好2016-11-16
I am happy. I have many friends. I have a large family. I have four brothers and four sisters. I am in the middle. Four brothers are older than me. Four sisters are younger than me. I go to school. I am in the sixth grade. I like my teachers. My teachers like me.
慢速英語短文聽力 第196期:一定要誠實2016-11-08
She was angry. She was angry at her husband. He lied to her. He lied many times. She was tired of his lies. She said enough was enough. She took off her ring. She dropped it into the toilet. She flushed the toilet. She got into her car. She got on the freeway.
慢速英語短文聽力 第195期:人們和動物們的玉米2016-11-07
The farmer drives a tractor. The tractor digs up the ground. He plants yellow corn in the ground. He plants the yellow corn in the spring. The corn grows in the summer. The rain helps the corn grow. If there is no rain, the corn dies. If there is a lot of rain, there is a lot of corn.
慢速英語短文聽力 第194期:上帝愛小孩2016-11-06
The husband and wife wanted to have a baby. They prayed for a baby. God answered their prayers. The doctor said they were going to have a baby. The wife asked, How many? The doctor said he didn't know yet. The husband and wife were very happy.
慢速英語短文聽力 第193期:別再遲到了2016-10-31
He was late. He was always late. Why did time always go so fast? Time always went too fast. He looked at his watch. He looked at the clock on the wall. They both said 6:10. He had to leave in 10 minutes. But first he had to shave. Then he had to brush his teeth.
慢速英語短文聽力 第192期:一輛干凈的車2016-10-30
He had a blue car. He loved his blue car. It was dark blue. It had four doors. It was not a new car. It was an old car. But it had new tires. It had new black tires. All four tires were new. He felt safe with his new tires. They would not blow out.
慢速英語短文聽力 第191期:咳嗽而已2016-10-29
The TV reporter coughed. Then she coughed again. The other TV reporter was worried. Are you okay? he asked. She couldn't answer. She continued to cough. She coughed and coughed. The other reporter dialed 911. What is the emergency?
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