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place the order 定購;訂購 enquiry n.調查;詢問 numerous a.數量大的,數目更多的 detail n.細節;詳情 look forward to 渴望 hear from 收……的來信
A:Hello,Australian Trading Company.Can I help you? B:Hello.Yes.This is Mr.Kent of Oriental Ltd.We are interestedin the carpets advertised by you and I think the carpet will finda ready market in our country.
(A:Philip B:Tom) A:Hello!Is that you,Tom? B:Philip!Yes,this is Tom. A:Oh,how do you know its me? B:Id know your voice anywhere. A:I cant believe I got hold of you at last.And what have you be-ing doing?
(A:Mary B:Julia) A:Hello.I wish to speak to Julia. B:This is Julia speaking. A:Oh,how do you do,Julia.This is Mary speaking. B:Mary,I recognized your voice right away.Im glad you calledme. A:Julia,listen,um…Im calling to ask you some questions aboutJim,you know him,dont you?
171.I recognized your voice right away. 我一聽就知道是你的聲音. 172.Im calling to ask you some question about Jim,you knowhim,dont you? 我打電話來問一下有關吉姆的問題,你認識他,對吧?
connection n.連接;聯系;關系 echo n.回首;回聲;反響 awfully ad.異常,非常 doubt n.懷疑,疑問,疑惑 fault n.缺點,毛病 engineer vt.設計;建造 n.工程師
(A:Operator B:Li Ming) A:Hello.How can I help you? B:Hello.Look,I think my phone is out of order. A:What seems to be the problem? B:Ive been trying to get through to a number for the past fifteenminutes,but I keep getting a funny noise.
(A:Tom B:Sue) A:Hello,Sue.Its Tom. B:Hi,Tom? A:Ive been trying to get hold of you forever. B:Really?Ive being stayed at home all day long.
(A:Operator B:Lin Ping) A:Operator.How can I help you? B:Yes.The connection was bad.There was a lot of echo and Icouldnt hear well,will you put me through again?
146.The connection was bad. 通話情況很糟. 147.There was a lot of echo and I couldnt hear well. 回音太多,我聽不清楚. 148.Ill connect you agian. 我再為您接通一次.
automobile n.汽車,機動車 extension n.(電話)分機 engaged a.占線的 completely ad.完全;十分;徹底 quarter n.四分之一;一刻鐘 receiver v.(電話的)聽筒,收話器
(A:Susan B:John C:Operator D:Mike) A:Do you mind if I use your phone? B:No,not at all.Go ahead.Its over there in the corner. A:I wonder if I could make a long distance call? B:Of course.
(A:Operator B:Mary C:Jim) A:Hello.Dodge Automobiles.How may I driect you call? B:Could I have extension 239,please? A:Im sorry the numbers engaged.Would you care to wait,please? B:Sure.
134.How may I direct you call? 您要哪里? 135.Could I have extension 239,please? 請轉接分機239. 136.Im sorry the numbers engaged. 對不起,這個電話有人在打.
beg vt./vi.乞求;請求;懇求 pardon n.原諒,請再說一遍 come on 來吧;快點;出現,上演 check v.制止;控制;檢查,核對 offer v./n.提供;提出;提議
(A:Mrs. Charles B:Clerk) A:Hello.This is Mrs.Charles.Id like to buy a new car.Couldyou offer me a new type of the car,please? B:Oh,Madam,buy what?
(A:Operator B:Zhou Qiang) A:Operator.Can I help you? B:Id like to make a person-to-person call to Beijing,China.Thenumber is 6634-6972,and I want to speak to Mr.Qin. A:To Mr.Qin at 6634-6972?
(A:A young man B:Receiver) A:Hello.Can I talk to Miss Anna Li,please? B:I beg you pardon?Miss who? A:Miss Li.Anna Li.
118.I beg you pardon? Miss who? 對不起,你說誰? 119.Im sorry,but I dont know that name. 對不起,我不認識這個人. 120.You must have the wrong number. 你一定是弄錯號碼了.
oversea(s) a.海外的;往海外的 operator n.操作者;工作者;接線員 collect call 對方付費電話 area n.面積;地區;區域 code n.法典;法規;規章;代碼
(A:Operator B:Ron Smith C:Marilyn Peters) A:Long Distance.May I help you? B:Yes.Id like to place an overseas call to London.Can I dial di-rect? A:No,sir.Im afraid not. B:Oh,I see.How about the charges?
(A:Operator B:Mr. Ma) A:Operator. B:Hello. Id like to make a call to Australia. A:You can call direct if you like. B:Oh, can I? A:Yes, please.
(A:Operator B:Helen Kent C:Edna) A:Hello.Overseas operator. May I help you? B:Yes. Id like to make a collect call to Japan. A:Your name, please? B:Its Helen Kent. A:Who would you like to talk to?


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