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Lesson 122 I Quit Smoking Gary : Hi, Susan! Do you have a light? Susan: No. I quit smoking long ago. Gary : Thats good. Congratulations! Susan: Why dont you quit as well?
My girlfriend always complains. Accord ing to her, I should be more ambitious. I should work harder and earn more money She also thinks I should live in a bigger and nicer apartment. In a way, shes right. However, she should be more considerate and less critical. After all, I am trying my best. Besides, money isnt everything.
I have a very superstitious friend called Mack. He thinks that if he breaks a mirror, he will have seven years bad luck. As a result, Mack doesnt have any mirrors in his house.
Lesson 19 I Have Two Friends I have two friends. One is short, and the other is tall. My short friend is fat, bald and ugly, but his girlfriend is beautiful. My tall friend is handsome, intelligent and strong, but his girl- friend is ugly.
Dans a Good Swimmer Lucy : Dans a good swimmer, isnt he? Lewis: Yes. In fact, hes a lifeguard. Lucy : Wow! Can he teach me the butterfly and the backstroke?.
Lesson 15 Mrs.Lees Kitchen There are mice in Mrs. Lees kitchen! Theres a mouse on the kitchen table. Theres a mouse behind the stove. There are mice next to the refrigerator, under the sink and inside the cupboard!
Hold On, Please Operator: This is the operator. Is Mr. Ken Wang there, please? Ken : Yes, this is he. Operator: I have a collect call from England. Ken : Whos calling? Operator: Its a Mr. John Smith. Do you accept the charges?
Australia is a unique country. It's the world's largest island, but it's also the world's smallest continent. In fact, Australia is the only country that is also a continent.
What would you do if you were a million- aire? Many people would buy a house or travel the world. As for me, I would start a school. If I had a school, I would be able to educate many children and teach them right from wrong.
Alcohol and cigarettes are the two great- est killers in the world. Hundreds of thou- sands of people have died because of these two social evils.
Global Warming Have you noticed that its getting warmer and warmer every year? To put it simply thats because of air pollution. Scientists tell us that because of air pollution, the earths heat cannot escape.
Nobody is at home at the Wangs house. Mr.Wang is working in his office.Mrs.Wang is shopping at the supermarket. Tony is sitting on the bus.Hes on his way to the gym. Tina is studying at the library.
Taxi Driver : Where to, lady? Passenger : The train station, and make it. fast. Taxi Driver : Whats the hurry? Passenger : I must catch the first train to Shanghai.
Chris: How do you go to school, Judy? Judy : I usually take a bus, but sometimes I ride my bicycle. What about you? Chris: I live near our school, so I always walk. Judy : Youre lucky.
Lesson 30 Money Doesnt Grow on Trees Sam : Mother, can you buy me a new bike? Mother: No, Sam. I cant. Sam : But all my friends have new bicycles. Mother: You can ride their bikes. Sam : Why cant I have a new bike?
Hong Ying, who comes from Guangdong, is known as the oldest person in China. She is 122 years old. Although she can hardly hear, her voice is loud and clear. In fact, she is still full of life.
Lesson 104 We Need Fresh Air Joan : Boy, its really stuffy in here. Drake : Youre right. We need some fresh air. Joan : Lets turn on the air-con. Drake : Why not just open the window? Joan : Thats even better.
Eve :Welcome back! What was America like? Adam : OK, I guess. Eve : What do you mean by I guess? Adam : Well, frankly speaking, it was terrible.
Lesson 18 Is It Near the Post Office? Mary: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the train station, please? Jack: Sure. Its only three blocks down the street. Mary: Is it near the post office?
Wheres Chen from? A: Wheres Chen from? B: Hes from Malaysia. A: Really? He looks Chinese. B: As a matter of fact, he is Chinese, but he really is from Malaysia.
My father is a teacher. He works during the day. My mother is a nurse. She works at night. They only see each other on the week- ends. My brothers, my sister and I don't work.
David Livingstone was a doctor and explorer from Scotland. He is famous for traveling 29,000 miles in Africa during the 19th century. He discovered many rivers, lakes and mountains, including the Victoria Falls, the biggest waterfall in the world. Most of all, he is highly respected because he helped to abolish slave trade in Africa.
The Job Interview Carrie: How did the job interview go? Jock : It went very well. Thanks. Carrie: Whats the name of the company? Jock : Chunghwa Computers. Carrie: Ive heard it has a good reputation.
Lesson 103 Air Pollution Why do people get headaches in a crowded, stuffy room? Because they are breathing bad air. People who breathe bad air for a long time can get really sick. They may even get lung cancer and die. People need fresh air.
Lesson 114 NO Pain, NO Gain Rachel: What does John do for a living? Derek : Hes a salesman. Rachel: Thats a difficult way to make a living. Derek: Well, remember: No pain, no gain. 一分耕耘,一分收獲 雷切爾:約翰是靠什么謀生的?
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