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I used to play basketball when I was little, and I never scored a goal. Every time I watch a basketball game, I think about how horrible I was at it.
I thought Barcelona was going to win. They are a much better team than Madrid.
I'm just trying to complete today's crossword puzzle. Whenever I get the time, I like to do the crossword puzzles in the paper.
we decided to stay in our apartment. With all the buses out of service and the underground trains at a halt, many people had no choice but to walk home. It was utter chaos.
given that your colleagues are working so hard on this project, I suppose we could change that deadline to Monday morning, I won't have time to look over it on the weekend anyway.
how did that happen? He's so talented! I thought he had a great chance of winning a gold medal!
I'm dead serious. They've decided that it's too small to be a planet, but actually they haven't yet agreed on how big something has to be in order to be a planet anymore.
they're also one of the richest couples. They have so many money and they can buy almost anything they want.
I think you're being a little critical. The actor in the lead role is fantastic. I suppose the chorus could be a bit better, though.
she's terribly sorry about that. She had to leave the office suddenly and won't be able to returen until next week. She hopes you understand.
let me repeat that back to you. That's zero, double seven, eight, seven, three, six, seven, double six, double eight.
she's very generous with her money. I think that's because she was poor when she was young.
the air quality in this city is horrendous! The pollution levels were so high that we weren't supposed to go outside with a face mask again!
we have digital TV. It's amazing though---even with 100 channels, there's often nothing on that I'd want to watch!
I usually ask them if they want some food and then give them something to eat. I figure that if they're homeless, they're probably hungry.
I personally would never want to have one, but I think that since a pregnancy can affect a woman's entire life, she should have the right to decide for herself.
I think that countries are working hard to find a planet that we can live on in the future so that when global warming destroys this planet, humankind will not become extinct.
it might not be possible to fix the problems that we've created for ourselves, but there are lots of things we can do to prevent more damages from happening.
yes, I experienced one when I was in Tokyo once. The tremors only lasted a few seconds though and then it was over.
they were really easy on him. The problem is that that was a long time ago. They are much tougher on crime now.
well, when it's nicer outside, you can start biking to work. That will give you just as much freedom as your car usually provides.
the editor-in-chief heard that I had experience as an editor at another maganize and asked me if I was interested in becoming an assiatant editor for him.
There's an interesting interview with a top director about his latest film that I want to finish.
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