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The out-come / appearance of the frills of sealing sample is not ccceptable, it looks very flat / dead, must be more balanced / natural look as standard sample DD 28.8.02.
76 Yes, we have been interested in new system.是的,我们对新系统很感兴趣。77 Has your company done any research in this field?请问贵公司对此范畴做了任何研究吗?
What do you think of it?你认为怎样?Whats your opinion on this matter?你对这个问题有什么看法?
We would be glad to start business with you.我们很高?#22235;?#19982;贵公司建立贸易往来。
107 Our project must proceed at a reasonably quick tempo. Surely one month is ample time, isn't it?这个计划必须尽速进?#23567;?#19968;个月的时间应该够了吧?
83 Would it be too much to ask you to respond to my question by tomorrow?可以请你在明天以前回复吗?
1 I've come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.我特地为你们?#25165;?#20351;你们在?#26412;?#30340;逗留愉快。
401. He neither smokes nor drinks. 他既不抽烟也不喝酒。402. He ran his horse up the hill. 他策马跑上小山。403. He reminds me of his brother. 他使我想起了他的弟弟。
This is the overseas telephone operator in the United States. We have a call for Mr. John Wang in the International Finance Department from a Mr. Robert of ABC Company in New York.
301. Did you enter the contest? 你参加比赛了吗?302. Do you accept credit cards? 你们收信用卡吗?303. Don‘t cry over spilt milk. 不要做无益的后悔。
297. You mustn‘t aim too high 你不可好高骛远。298. You‘re really killing me! 真是笑死我了!299. You‘ve got a point there. 你说得挺有道理的。
I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. I’m sure the prices we submitted are competitive.不知道您认为我们的规格是否符合你的要求?我敢肯定我们的价格是非常有竞争力的
In this part we are going to find out how Melita got on with her dictation and typing test. We are also going to hear her interview with Mr Ballito. Opal has just introduced Miss Melita to Mr Ballito. And here is Mr Balllito telling to her.
办公室英语:Daily Office Routine(I)2012-05-18
Mr Ballito' s secretary, Opal, is very busy nearly all the time. She has to answer letters,take messages,arrange appointments and answer the telephone.
Miss Melita Fagurian, who has been working as a shorthand-typist for two years at the National Bank would like to apply for the junior secretary in Modern Office Limited.
Last time Mrs Ballito rang up Mr Ballito, but he wasn' t there. Opal had to take a message. She knew that Mr Ballito was at the dorigali Development Corporation, so she telephoned him there and passed on the message.
Melita has started her new job as a junior secretary at Modern Office Limited. Part of Opal's work is now to train Melita in her secretarial duties. Today she is going to show Melita how to take a message on the telephone. Here are Opal and Melita.
I'm afraid he's in a meeting/not in the office/still at lunch/not available just now. Is there anything I can do for you?
MR BALLITO: Opal,I'd like to see Mr Hussein this afternoon. Would you phone him at Plaza Hotel, Room 246 and ask him if he's free to come to the office at 4 o'clock.
The following phrases are used for talking about responsibilities.My job is to…Im responsible for…My job involves…
Our apologies for the mix-up. Weve sorted things out now.Weve looked into your complaint and it seems to be justified. Can we offer you some sort of compensation?
First Maria tells her boss what she has found out from the shipping agents The consignment is due to arrive on Saturday. It will take two days to unpack the crates and clear the customs.
Mr. shelli is the Sales Manager of Modern Office Limited. He buys office equipment in Europe and sells it in Dongali. The equipment is usually sent by sea.
Making telephone calls is an important part a secretary's work. When Mr Shelli wants to speak to someone on the telephone, Maria gets the call for him.
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