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白領快餐口語 第51期:他現在暫時不在公司~~2017-12-01
英文原文【Trancript】Unable to reachA: May I speak to Mr. Smith? B: He is at the warehouse this morning.A:What time do you expect him back? B:Sorry, I have no idea. You can call him there if you like.A
白領快餐口語 第50期:我們公司有兩個史密斯2017-12-01
英文原文【Trancript】We have two SmithsA:Thank you for calling ABC Company, may I help you? B:I’m Liu Yi. I’d like to speak to Mr. Smith.A:Sorry, we have two Smiths, Robert Smith and James Smith,
白領快餐口語 第49期:需要一些辦公用品2017-11-30
英文原文【Trancript】Office supplies neededA:We were decorating and I’m going to ask some things.B:Well, I’ll be glad to help you out. We can deliver what you need to your office.A:Shall we need
白領快餐口語 第48期:這個文件夾里是什么?2017-11-30
英文原文【Trancript】Filed alphabeticallyA:What are in this folder? B:They are reports of our company.A:Are they filed alphabetically? B:No, they are filed according to dates.A:Can you find last m
白領快餐口語 第47期:幫Thomas先生收郵件2017-11-29
英文原文【Trancript】Check e-mailA: I take care of the letters. I may read, sort out and organize incoming mails.B: So you have to open all the envelopes.A: Yes, except the personal mail. And I also
白領快餐口語 第46期:上班時間,手機使用規定2017-11-29
英文原文【Trancript】Rules for using cell phoneA: Have you read the new rules about using cell phone at work? B: Yes, not bad. Like turn your cell phone ringer off and find a private place to make cal
白領快餐口語 第45期:上班的時候,手機要設成振動模式2017-11-28
英文原文【Trancript】Vibration modeA:Did you hear something? B:Oh, it is my cell phone ringing. I set it in the vibration mode.A:It is a good habit to set your cell phone to vibrate. It is very ann
白領快餐口語 第44期:用公司的電腦偷偷上網~~2017-11-28
英文原文【Trancript】Personal use of internetA: Look at this survey conducted by a website. A quarter of the employees will spend an average of 10 minutes everyday online doing personal things. Hi, F
白領快餐口語 第43期:公司電腦的速度好慢啊~~2017-11-27
英文原文【Trancript】Slow network connectionA:How come it is slow as a snail today? B:You mean the network connection? A:Yes, I wanted to look for some information on the company page just now. It t
白領快餐口語 第42期:發一封電子郵件2017-11-27
英文原文【Trancript】Sending e-mailsB:What’s up? A: I guess there is some kind of virus seeking into my computer, I can’t send out this e-mail. B: Do you mind I have a look at your computer? A: Of
白領快餐口語 第41期:辦公軟件讓工作方便了很多2017-11-26
英文原文【Trancript】Best inventionsA:Office software like Windows might be one of the best inventions in this information age. It saves us from so much work and makes the communication even around
白領快餐口語 第39期:打印機又卡紙了,怎么辦?2017-11-26
英文原文【Trancript】A paper jamA:Look, the printer isn’t functioning well. I’ve pushed the start button. It is supposed to be working now but it remains like a log. What’s going on? B:Let me che
白領快餐口語 第38期:真是個令人興奮的消息2017-11-25
英文原文【Trancript】Better office equipmentA:It is really exciting news.B:What news? A:You don’t know? The company is going to replace these old computers with the latest ones.B:You know what we
白領快餐口語 第37期:這些字顏色太淺了,看不清楚2017-11-25
英文原文【Trancript】Change the toner cartridgeA:I can’t make out anything, the words are too light. I thought they have already changed the toner cartridge this month.B:It seems not or somebody h
白領快餐口語 第36期:能借用一下你的傳真機嗎?2017-11-24
英文原文【Trancript】Use your machineA:Hi, I am afraid that the fax machine in my room won’t be working till tomorrow. A technician has just come and checked it. He will bring me a new one tomorrow
白領快餐口語 第35期:公司的傳真機壞了,怎么辦?2017-11-24
英文原文【Trancript】Fax machine doesn’t workA: I am waiting for a fax but just now I found there’s something wrong with the fax machine.B: What’s wrong with the fax machine? Is it urgent? A:Yes, v
白領快餐口語 第34期:整理公司的相關文件2017-11-23
英文原文【Trancript】Collecting relevant filesA:Would you like to copy the EX files and pass me the copy. There are some figures I want to check.B:Here is the copy. Do you need anything else? A:Yes
白領快餐口語 第33期:給公司的文件正確歸檔2017-11-23
英文原文【Trancript】Filing documentsA:Please tell me how to file things according to the concerned rules.B: Well, all right. There are four points you should keep in mind when you file documents, i
白領快餐口語 第32期:給其他公司發送郵件2017-11-22
英文原文【Trancript】Mailing lettersA:Would you please mail these letters, Lucy? B:Yes, Sir.A:These two are urgent letters and should be sent by registered express airmail. Others are ordinary lett
白領快餐口語 第31期:提前約個時間討論工作2017-11-22
英文原文【Trancript】Making appointmentsA:Hello, this is Francis.B:Hi, this is Monica. I was wondering when we can work on this financial report.A:Today, I am busy all day long.B:Shall I see you
白領快餐口語 第30期:今天有哪些公司安排?2017-11-21
英文原文【Trancript】What’s on the agenda for today? A:This is today’s schedule. At 8:30AM, conference with the department managers. At 9 o’clock, live for the workshop where you’ll award prizes
白領快餐口語 第29期:新公司的入職培訓課程2017-11-21
英文原文【Trancript】Busy afternoonA:We have the orientation this afternoon.B:What’s going to be covered in the orientation? A:The company introduction, our mission, vision, various policies, insu
白領快餐口語 第28期:新公司都有哪些禁區?2017-11-20
英文原文【Trancript】Work taboosA:May I ask whether we are allowed to wear casual clothes in the office? B:Sure, company rules are not very strict at this point.A:Thank you for telling me that.B:B
白領快餐口語 第27期:新公司的上下班時間~2017-11-20
英文原文【Trancript】Work time and breaksA:Didn’t you punch in this morning, Monica? B:Sorry, I don’t know the rule about punching.A:That’s ok. I should have told you earlier. This is a company
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pk10长龙统计走势图 北京赛车计划大全 北京赛车pk开奖视频app 北京pk10的玩法技巧 北京pk109码计划 中国福彩北京赛车官网 北京pk10微信群二维码 彩票控北京赛车走势图 北京赛车冷热杀号 pk10冠亚和值推荐号 北京pk10在哪看直播视频 北京赛车pk10下注 北京赛车超准计划 北京赛车pk10单期计划 北京赛车pk10冠军口诀
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