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Eztalk美语【1】In the lingerie department 在女?#38405;?#34915;专2014-03-10
服装专柜美语 At Takashimaya, in the lingerie department Ali: Hello, sir. Is there anything I can help you find? Mr. Shy: Um...Uh...Im just looking, thanks. Ali: Need a gift for your girlfriend or wife...
Eztalk美语【2】Well-endowed 胸前伟大2014-03-10
服装专柜美语 Shan: Excuse me, but Im looking for a gift for my friend. Ali: Is it a Chinese New Years gift or a birthday gift? Shan: Well, its a wedding gift.
Eztalk美语【3】different taste 品味不一样2014-03-09
Shan: I just meant that shes got different taste. Ali: What kind of girl is she? Shan: Shes pretty conservative. Ali: Is her fiance Taiwanese?
Eztalk美语【4】New Millennium Woman promotion千禧年新女2014-03-09
Ali: Actually, you can take advantage of our New Millennium Woman promotion. Shan: Does that include some kind of Love, Amy Card? Ali: Yes. If your Love, Amy purchases amount to 10,000NT or more, you get a V.I.P. card and a 20 percent discount.
Eztalk美语【5】want a refund 我要退钱2014-03-09
Miss Mad: I want a refund! Ali: Yes, miss. What was the problem with your purchase? Miss Mad: These pajamas dont fit right. Theyre too long.
Eztalk美语【6】Sorry to make you wait 抱歉让您久等了2014-03-09
Ali: Im sorry to make you wait. What did you decide? Shan: Well, I wasnt planning on spending that much money today, so...
Eztalk美语【7】What a coincidence! 真巧!2014-03-07
Ali: Didnt you say your friend was American? Where is she going on her honeymoon? Shan: Theyre going skiing in Colorado.
Eztalk美语【8】free teddy bear 免费送的泰迪熊2014-03-07
Ali: So that will be one teddy, two terry cloth robes, three pairs of satin slippers, and two pairs of pajamas. Shan: Does all that come to 10,000NT?
Eztalk美语【9】the gift set 礼物组合2014-03-06
Ali: Right here. And write your address. Youll get the card in the mail within a week. Shan: OK. Ali: I know your friend will like the gift set, especially the teddy bear.
Eztalk美语【10】gift-wrap 包装礼物2014-03-06
Shan: OK. Id like to have everything gift-wrapped, please. Ali: Ill give you the boxes. You can then go to our gift-wrapping department.
Eztalk美语【11】a pervert 性变态2014-03-05
Ali sees Mr. Shy again. She calls her co-worker Sandy: Hello, jewelry department. How may I help you? Ali: Its me, Ali. Theres this strange guy who keeps coming around. Hes been here three times this week.
Eztalk美语【12】gives me the creeps 让我起鸡皮疙瘩2014-03-05
Ali: I dont know, but he gives me the creeps. Sandy: Just take it easy. If he starts to bother you, let me know and Ill call security. Ali: But what if he knows my name, where I live...
Eztalk美语【13】expensive underwear 好贵的内衣2014-03-05
Mr. Shy is in the lingerie department Ali: Um, hello again. Are you sure you dont want to make a purchase, sir? Mr. Shy: I have a question.
Eztalk美语【14】a misunderstanding 误会2014-03-05
The security guard comes running with Sandy Security: Im sorry, sir. Im going to have to ask you to leave. Mr. Shy: What? I was just having a friendly conversation with the lady here...
Eztalk美语【15】have a crush on you 爱慕于你2014-03-03
Sandy: Whats in the box? Ali: [opening the box] Sandy, I think we made a mistake... Sandy: What do you mean? Ali: Its a cute little teddy bear!
Eztalk美语【16】KTV palace KTV歌城2014-03-03
Jack: Here we are, Ryan! This is where were going to celebrate! Ryan: Its a KTV palace! Im glad I brought my platinum card. Jack: You wont need it. Stanley, my best man, is going to treat everybody!
Eztalk美语【17】order something to eat 点东西吃2014-03-03
Ryan: This is where we sing? These booths are so comfortable I think I could fall asleep! Jack: Lets order something to eat. What are you in the mood for? Ryan: Ill have whatever youre having.
Eztalk美语【18】a terrible singer 糟糕的歌手2014-03-03
Jack: Did you know that drinking beer helps you sing better? Ryan: Are you sure? How do you know?
Eztalk美语【19】pretend you're singing 假装在唱歌2014-03-01
Jack: Who wants to go first? Allen? Allen: Uh...I mostly just like to listen. Youre the groom. Why dont you go first?
Eztalk美语【20】a complimentary fruit tray 送的水果拼盘2014-03-01
Cute waitress appears with fruit Waitress: Hello! Im sorry to bother you. This is a complimentary fruit tray. Your food will be ready soon.
Eztalk美语【21】rush off so fast 急着走2014-02-28
Ryan: Wow. That girl who brings the fruit is really pretty! I wish she wouldnt have rushed off so fast... Jack: Hey, its an English song! Sing with us, Ryan!
Eztalk美语【22】raise our beer glasses 举杯2014-02-28
Jack: Well, if you cant sing the English songs, then were going to have to teach you a Taiwanese song! Ryan: I dont think Ive had enough beer yet!
Eztalk美语【23】Whatever suits your fancy. 只要合你意就2014-02-27
Jack: Are you still hungry, Ryan? How about some more squid balls? Ryan: Squid balls? How about some more fruit!
Eztalk美语【24】It looks really artistic! 看起来真有艺2014-02-27
Waitress: Hello again! Heres another fruit tray for you. Ryan: Oh, hi again! Hey, the fruit looks different this time.
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