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白领口语应急80主题 超级面试1 我要找工作2015-07-17
1. Interview我要找工作 常用应急场景 范例一:I am working on it Hi, Monica, how is everything going? Everything goes well, but I am thinking about quitting my current job. Why? Youre not satisfied anymore? I just sense. But I cannot grow anymore.
白领口语应急80主题 超级面试2 接到猎头电话2015-07-17
2. 接到猎头电话 常用应急场景 范例一:A call from a head-hunter R: Hello, I am Richard from the Brooks Head-hunter company. Can I have a private talk with you? M: Er? I am driving right now. Can you call back in 30 minutes? R: Sure.
白领口语应急80主题 超级面试3 第一次去公司2015-07-16
3. 第一次去公司 常用应急场景 范例一:How can I get there? Hello, this is Lucy from ABC Company. Is this Monica? Yes, it is. I am calling to inform you that we have arranged an interview for this accountant position at 2 PM this Thursday afternoon.
白领口语应急80主题 超级面试4 初次面试2015-07-16
4. 初次面试 常用应急场景 范例一:Three rounds is successful Good afternoon. How can I help you? Good afternoon. My name is Monica. I am here for the job interview at 2 PM. Ok, please first fill in the form and return it to me.
白领口语应急80主题 超级面试5 面试终于结束了2015-07-15
5. 面试终于结束了 常用应急场景 范例一:It is enough for today It is enough for today. Do you have any last question? If not, thank you for taking your time to come to our interview. Youre welcome. For the moment, I have no further questions.
白领口语应急80主题 超级面试6 复试通知2015-07-15
6. 复试通知 常用应急场景 范例一:Please come for the next round Hello. This is Lucy from ABC Company. Is this Monica? Yes. I am calling to inform you that you have passed the first two rounds of interview. Could you please come for the final round?
白领口语应急80主题 超级面试7 薪水与福利2015-07-14
7. 薪水与福利 常用应急场景 范例一:Negotiates salary Good morning, Miss Monica. Nice to meet you again! Good morning, Mr. Thomas, it is nice to see you too.
白领口语应急80主题 超级面试8 面试成功2015-07-14
8. 面试成功 常用应急场景 范例一:Please come next Monday Hello, this is Lucy from ABC Company. Hello, Lucy. Im calling to see if you have made your decision. You are the right person we are seeking for. Yes, I have decided to work with your company.
白领口语应急80主题 入职之初9 为第一天做?#24613;?/a>2015-07-13
Part 2. First day in office 9. 为第一天做?#24613;?常用应急场景 范例一:What to dress Tomorrow will be my first day at work, what do you think I should be wearing?
白领口语应急80主题 入职之初10 报到?#20064;?/a>2015-07-13
10. 报到?#20064;?常用应急场景 范例一:Getting to know your colleague M: Morning, Lucy. Here I am. L: Hi, Monica, how are you doing today? M: Cant be better! Thank you. L: Your supervisor, Mr. White was out on a business trip.
白领口语应急80主题 入职之初11 我的办公环境2015-07-12
11. 我的办公环境 常用应急场景 范例一:Company surroundings How long does it take to get to downtown from here? It is 15 minutes drive. What companies do we have in our neighborhood?
白领口语应急80主题 入职之初12 你好!我是新人2015-07-12
12. 你好, 我是新人 常用应急场景 范例一:Introduce myself to the office I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Monica to our company and introduce her to her department and colleagues.
白领口语应急80主题 入职之初13 了解公司规定2015-07-11
13. 了解公司规定 常用应急场景 范例一:Security regulations Lucy, Id like to fix the light in the corridor, it keeps flashing, which drives me crazy. Would you like to help me with the ladder? Monica, wait a moment.
白领口语应急80主题 入职之初14 入职培训2015-07-11
14. 入职培训 常用应急场景 范例一:Busy afternoon We have the orientation this afternoon. Whats going to be covered in the orientation? The company introduction, our mission, vision, various policies, insurances, pension plan, company ID, batch, tele
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五15 日程安排2015-07-10
15. 日程安排 常用应急场景 范例一:Whats on the agenda for today? This is todays schedule. At 8:30AM, conference with the department managers. At 9 oclock, live for the workshop where youll award prizes to the staff for presentatives.
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五16 信函与文件2015-07-10
16. 信函与文件 常用应急场景 范例一:Mailing letters Would you please mail these letters, Lucy? Yes, Sir. These two are urgent letters and should be sent by registered express airmail. Others are ordinary letters. All right, who should I send them to?
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五17 发传真2015-07-09
17. 发传真 常用应急场景 范例一:Fax machine doesnt work I am waiting for a fax but just now I found theres something wrong with the fax machine. Whats wrong with the fax machine? Is it urgent?
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五18 复印与打印2015-07-09
18. 复印与打印 常用应急场景 范例一:A paper jam Look, the printer isnt functioning well. Ive pushed the start button. It is suppose to be working now but it remains like a log. Whats going on?
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五19 计算机2015-07-08
19. 计算机 常用应急场景 范例一:Better office equipment It is really exciting news. What news? You dont know? The company is going to replace these old computers with the latest ones. You know what we will get? We will all get a docking station on
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五20 互联网的使用2015-07-08
20. 互联网的使用 常用应急场景 范例一:Slow network connection How come it is slow as a snail today? You mean the network connection? Yes, I wanted to look for some information on the company page just now. It took me almost one minute to open it.
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五21 使用手机2015-07-07
21. 使用手机 常用应急场景 范例一:Vibration mode Di d you hear something? Oh, it is my cell phone ringing. I set it in the vibration mode. It is a good habit to set your cell phone to vibrate.
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五22 接发电子邮件2015-07-07
22. 接发电子邮件 常用应急场景 范例一:Check e-mail I take care of the letters. I may read, sort out and organize incoming mails. So you have to open all the envelopes. Yes, except the personal mail.
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五23 文件存档2015-07-06
23. 文件存档 常用应急场景 范例一:Filed alphabetically What are in this folder? They are reports of our company. Are they filed alphabetically? No, they are filed according to dates. Can you find last months report for me, please?
白领口语应急80主题 朝九晚五24 办公用品2015-07-06
24. 办公用品 常用应急场景 范例一:Office supplies needed Where were decorating and Im going to ask some things. Well, Ill be glad to help you out. We can deliver what you need to your office. Shall we need at 1:15 this Thursday?
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