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实用口语天天学 第185期:必胜无疑2018-10-21
今天还是要讲在总统大选年里你常常会听到的两个习惯用语,而且这两个习惯用语都和侯选人的当选机会和希望有关. 第一个习惯用语是从射击或者赛马这两种体育运动中借用来的.它是:long shot.Long shot在射击运动中
实用口语天天学 第184期:预约看房(01)2018-10-20
Scheduling an Apartment Viewing(1)A: Hi, can I speak with the apartment manager, please? 请问我能跟房产部经理通话吗? B: Hello, this is the apartment manager speaking.您好,我就是房产部经理.A: I'm ca
实用口语天天学 第183期:有备无患2018-10-20
情景对话Jennifer: Cool! You can put two SIM cards in it at once!Billy: With two different phone companies, I'll get great reception.Jennifer: So if one company has bad reception, the other probably
实用口语天天学 第182期:公私?#32622;?/a>2018-10-19
情景对话Jennifer: Are you starting a Billy hotline? Why do you need two cell phone lines? Billy: You could say it's like a is a business line and the other is private.Jennifer: So you'
实用口语天天学 第181期:我真是个大酷哥2018-10-19
情景对话Billy: I am such a stud.Jennifer: Good for you. I'll tell all my friends.Billy: I've got two lines.Jennifer: You mean you've got wrinkles? At your age? Billy: Not wrinkles, my pet. Two cell
实用口语天天学 第180期:其实你很想亲我2018-10-18
情景对话Jennifer: Give me a break. You've noticed how shiny and moist my lips look.Billy: Well, they do catch the light.Jennifer: I bet you've secretly wishing you could kiss me...Billy: Oh! Come o
实用口语天天学 第179期:这是炫亮?#35762;?/a>2018-10-18
情景对话Jennifer: No. It's shimmering lip gloss.Billy: Who ever heard of sparkling lips? Jennifer: The glittery look is in this year. Glittery eye shadow, powder... Billy: Well, I think it's silly.J
实用口语天天学 第178期:我有约会2018-10-17
情景对话Billy: Why are you so dressed up? Jennifer: I have a date.Billy: Are you serious? There's a guy that would date you? Jennifer: There are lots. And with these kissable lips, there are bound to
实用口语天天学 第177期:找旅馆2018-10-17
情景对话(Later that day, looking for a hostel on Kaosan Road)Leah: Another hostel? Let's make a decision. I think I've got heatstroke.Stefan: Hang in there. It always takes a few tries to find a go
实用口语天天学 第176期:那?#19968;?#30495;是让我不爽2018-10-16
情景对话(Stefan comes back)Leah: Ooh, that guy really gets under my skin!Stefan: Chill, Leah. We've met weirdos from all over the world.Leah: If we only meet lost causes when we travel, then why bot
实用口语天天学 第175期?#22909;?#24819;到会在这儿碰到妳2018-10-16
情景对话(Hardcore Boy sees Leah) HB: Fancy seeing you here.Leah: Finish your guide, Introduction to Hardcore? HB: I will after I finish what we REAL travelers call an adventure trip. I'm going solo i
实用口语天天学 第174期:我们得先去换现金2018-10-15
情景对话(Arriving in Thailand)Stefan: We made it! The Bangkok International Airport.Leah: What do we do first? Grab a bus downtown? Go shopping? Put on our bathing suits? Stefan: Um, yeah, right. May
实用口语天天学 第173期:我把钱包忘在家里了2018-10-15
情景对话A2: But madam, this is for your own safety—optimal tire pressure is key.Elain: Me leaving this place is key! A2: Not until I clean your windows!Elain: Hey, hey, why are you polishing my hubc
实用口语天天学 第172期:别管那个了2018-10-14
情景对话A2: OK, here's your oil...Whoa!! Your window cleaning fluid is low, miss. Should I topper up? Elain: Is it really necessary now? A2: It's always necessary! Holy smokes!!Elain: What? What is
实用口语天天学 第171期:只要你动作快就好2018-10-14
情景对话(Elaine is waiting again at yet another pump)Elain: Hey!! What's the hold-up? Attendant 2: Just a second, ma'am. I have to get some highway passes for this customer.Elain: (Yells to atte
实用口语天天学 第170期:我无能为力2018-10-13
情景对话(Elaine waits impatiently at the next pump) Attendant: Hello, miss. How much? Elain: To the top, please. Quickly!Attendant: What kind of gas would you like,92 or 95? Elain: 98. This car only t
实用口语天天学 第169期:我也?#35805;?#27861;2018-10-13
情景对话Attendant: Uh-huh...I see your gas cap is on the passenger's side, but the hose can't reach over that far.Elain: Well, well, make it reach!Attendant: I'm sorry, but you'll have to drive t
实用口语天天学 第168期:去车站加油2018-10-12
情景对话(Elaine arrives at the gas station and waits.) Elain: Why am I always waiting? If I'm late for work, the boss will be really ticked off!(there's an open gas pump for Elaine)Attendant: How m
实用口语天天学 第167期:他得让我保持快乐2018-10-12
情景对话Zina: Do you want to know what really motivates Vince to be nice to me? Dave: OK. What? Zina: It isn't gratitude. It's fear. Vince is afraid I'll jump to a competitor.Dave: You wouldn't do
实用口语天天学 第166期:不该那么凶2018-10-11
情景对话Dave: Hey, Zina. You shouldn't act so tough with Vince. What if he's your rhumba boy? Zina: Please. He's only nice to me because I'm making him a ton of money.Dave: He was definitely happy
实用口语天天学 第169期:再接再厉2018-10-11
情景对话Vince: Hey, Zina. You're here early today.Zina: Yeah, I'm going to be making phone calls all day. What a blast.Vince: I just wanted to say thanks for putting us on the map so fast. I apprec
实用口语天天学 第168期:仰慕者2018-10-10
情景对话Zina: Dave, wake up.Dave: Whaah? Zina? What time is it? Zina: It's seven-thirty. I want to know who left this note on my desk.Dave: What note? I can't see. I just pulled an all-nighter.Zina:
实用口语天天学 第167期:我是最棒的2018-10-10
情景对话Zina: I'm not cheap.Vince: I'm prepared to increase your stake to three percent.Zina: I've sold more subscriptions to InfoKing in one week than you expected me to sell in a month.Vince: I
实用口语天天学 第166期:提供股?#27604;?#36141;权2018-10-09
情景对话Vince: I want to offer you more InfoKing stock options.Zina: When you hired me, you knew you were going to be low on cash, didn't you? Vince: Let me explain. To get more cash, I'll have to b
实用口语天天学 第165期:?#19968;?#35753;你发财2018-10-09
情景对话Zina: Hi, boss. You wanted to see me? Vince: Zina. Look, I know when I hired you, I told you I'd pay you a salary. But I just can't.Zina: Excuse me? I hope I didn't just hear what I think I
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pk10长龙统计走势图 北京赛车计划大全 北京赛车pk开奖视频app 北京pk10的玩法技巧 北京pk109码计划 中国福彩北京赛车官网 北京pk10微信群二维码 彩票控北京赛车走势图 北京赛车冷热杀号 pk10冠亚和值推荐号 北京pk10在哪看直播视频 北京赛车pk10下注 北京赛车超准计划 北京赛车pk10单期计划 北京赛车pk10冠军口诀
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