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新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson60:On Moral Courage2014-09-04
Although truth and justice1 may be the most powerful impulses to show moral courage, there are others. Compassion is one of these.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson59:The Great Escape2010-10-17
Economy is one powerful motive for camping, since after the initial outlay upon equipment, or through hiring it, the total expense can be far less than the cost of hotels.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson58:Painting as a Pastime2010-10-17
A gifted American psychologist has said, Worry is a spasm of the emotion; the mind catches hold of something and will not let it go.It is useless to argue with the mind in this condition.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson57:Of Men and Galaxies2010-10-14
I am sure that, without modern weapons, I would make a very poor show of disputing the ownership of a cave with a bear, and in this I do not think that I stand alone.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson56:The Age of Automation2010-10-14
science and technology have come to pervade every aspect of our lives and, as a result, society is changing at a speed which is quite unprecedented.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson55:Patterns of Culture2010-10-13
The inner workings of our own brains we feel to be uniquely worthy of investigation, but custom have a way of thinking, is behaviour at its most commonplace.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson54:Are There Strangers in Space?2010-10-13
We must conclude from the work of those who have studied the origin of life, that given a planet only approximately like our own, life is almost certain to start.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson53:The Story of the French Foreign Legion2010-10-12
He had been on the throne for barely eight months when he authorized thismeasure, which was as much a product of necessity as of careful planning, although there may bedivided views on this.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson52:The Earth Beneath2010-10-12
An earthquake comes like a thief in the night, without warning. It was necessary, therefore, to inventinstruments that neither slumbered nor slept.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson51:Elephants2010-10-11
Two main techniques have been used for training elephants, which we may call respectively the tough and the gentle.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson50:British Canals2010-10-11
In mediaeval times rivers were the veins of the body politic as well as economic. Boundaries between states or shires, they were crossed by fords which became the sites of towns, or by bridges which were often points of battle. Upon rivers the people of that time depended for food, power and transport.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson49:Balloon Astronomy2010-10-10
Rockets and artificial satellites can go far above the ionosphere, and even escape from the Earth.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson48:What Every Writer Wants from Harper's2010-10-10
I have known very few writers, but those I have known, and whom I respected, confess at once that they have little idea where they arc going when they first set pen to paper.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson47:Plato Today2010-10-07
The modern Plato, like his ancient counterpart, has an unbounded contempt for oliticians and statesmen and party leaders who are not university men.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson46:The Menace of Urban Explosion from The Listener2010-10-07
After millennia of growth so slow that each generation hardly noticed it, the cities are suddenly racing off in every direction.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson45:The Process of Ageing2010-10-02
It has yet to reach its full size and strength, and its owner his or her full intelligence; but at this age the likelihood of death is least.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson44:The Backward Society2010-10-02
This increases the expense of government, and reduces correspondingly the amount of economic resources that could be used for developing the country, And it should not be forgotten how small those resources are in a poor and backward country.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson43:Our Developing World2010-09-29
In Britain, Calder Hall on the coast of Cumberland first made its contribution to the National Electricity grid in 1957.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson42:Journey Through Adolescence2010-09-29
Parents are often upset when their children praise the Homes of their friends and regard it as a slur on their own cooking, or cleaning, or furniture, and often are foolish enough to let the adolescents see that they are annoyed.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson40:Themes and Variations2010-09-28
In most parts of the world, the relation between population and resources is already unfavourable and will probably become even more unfavourable in the future.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson41:The Origin of Things2010-09-28
A man without an education, many of us believe, is an unfortunate victim of adverse circumstances deprived of one of the greatest twentieth-century opportunities.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson39:Galileo Reborn Galileo2010-09-26
In his own lifetime Galileo was the centre of violent controversy; but the scientific dust has long since settled, and today we can see even his famous clash with the Inquisition in something like its proper perspective.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson38:The Sculptor Speaks2010-09-26
Appreciation of sculpture depends upon the abi8lity to respond to form in three dimensions. That is perhaps why sculpture has been described as the most difficult of all arts;
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson37:On Telling the Truth2010-09-25
The Victorians, realizing that the greatest Happiness accorded to man is that provided by a happy marriage, endeavoured to pretend that all their marriages were happy.
新概念英语四册课堂笔记 Lesson36:Exploring the Sea-floor2010-09-25
Our knowledge of the oceans a hundred years ago was confined to the two-dimensional shape of the sea-surface and the hazards of navigation presented by the irregularities in depth of the shallow water close to the land.
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