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新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第60课:On Moral Courage2011-02-10
Although truth and justice1 may be the most powerful impulses to show moral courage, there are others. Compassion is one of these. 2Tentatively it can be suggested that this is the main influence upon those who urge the abolition of capital punishment.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第60课2011-02-03
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第60课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第59课:The Great Escape2011-02-03
Economy is one powerful motive for camping, since after the initial outlay upon equipment, or through hiring it, the total expense can be far less than the cost of hotels. But, contrary to a popular assumption, it is far from being the only one, or even the greatest.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第59课2011-02-03
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第59课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第58课:Painting as a Pastime2011-02-02
A gifted American psychologist has said, Worry is a spasm of the emotion; the mind catches hold of something and will not let it go.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第58课2011-02-02
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第58课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第57课:Of Men and Galaxies2011-01-30
In man's early days, competition with other creatures must have been critical. But this phase of our development is now finished. Indeed, we lack practice and experience nowadays in dealing with primitive conditions.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第57课2011-01-30
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第57课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第56课:The Age of Automation2011-01-29
Science and technology have come to pervade every aspect of our lives and, as a result, society is changing at a speed which is quite unprecedented.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第56课2011-01-27
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第56课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第55课:Patterns of Culture2011-01-25
Custom has not been commonly regarded as a subject of any great moment. The inner workings of our own brains we feel to be uniquely worthy of investigation, but custom have a way of thinking, is behaviour at its most commonplace.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第55课2011-01-25
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第55课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第54课:Are there Strangers in Space2011-01-24
We must conclude from the work of those who have studied the origin of life, that given a planet only approximately like our own, life is almost certain to start. Of all the planets in our own solar system we arc now pretty certain the Earth is the only one on which life can survive.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第54课2011-01-24
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第54课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第53课:The Story of...2011-01-24
The French Foreign Legion was founded by a Royal Ordinance, written on a small piece of official French War Office notepaper dated March 9th, 1831, and signed by the then reigning monarch of France, Louis-Philippe.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第53课2011-01-24
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第53课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第52课:The Earth Beneath2011-01-23
An earthquake comes like a thief in the night, without warning. It was necessary, therefore, to invent instruments that neither slumbered nor slept. Some devices were quite simple. one
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第52课2011-01-23
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第52课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第51课:Elephants大象2011-01-23
Two main techniques have been used for training elephants, which we may call respectively the tough and the gentle. The former method simply consists of setting an elephant to work and beating him until he does what is expected of him.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第51课2011-01-23
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第51课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第50课:British Canals2011-01-22
In mediaeval times rivers were the veins of the body politic as well as economic. Boundaries between states or shires, they were crossed by fords which became the sites of towns, or by bridges which were often points of battle. Upon rivers the people of that time depended for food, power and transport.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第50课2011-01-22
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第50课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第49课:Balloon Astronomy2011-01-21
Rockets and artificial satellites can go far above the ionosphere, and even escape from the Earth. Yet they are complex and expensive, and in their present stage of development they cannot lift massive telescopes, keep them steady while the observations are being carried out, and then return them safely.
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第49课2011-01-21
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第49课
新概念英语85年上外美音版第四册 第48课:What Every Writer Wants2011-01-20
I have known very few writers, but those I have known, and whom I respected, confess at once that they have little idea where they arc going when they first set pen to paper.
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