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新概念英语第三册》是该教材首次出版以来第一次推出的新版本。这套经典教材一如既往地向读者提供一个完整的、经过实践检验的英语学习体系,使学生 有可能在英语的四项基本技能——理解、口语、阅读和写作——方面最大限度地发挥自己的潜能。

掌握英语的关键(Developing Skills)着重分析句子之间内在的逻辑关系,使你认识到句型的精炼、优美、实用与可模仿性,从而将其有机地运用于英语写作之?#26657;?#32769;师将进一步扩充讲解词汇、短语及语法的实战运用。具备3000个左右的词汇,或已完成《新概念英语》第二册学习的学员可进?#23567;?#26032;概念英语》第三册的学习。

New Concept English 为基本教材,结合前?#22871;员?#33521;语教材,听说读写全面出发,循序渐进地扩充语法、强化训练,解决您的应试教育之苦;同时,注重实用,师生互助开口讲英语,介绍经典口语、英文故事及其由来;配美文化背景、古希腊神话传说?#24230;?#35838;堂之?#26657;?#22937;趣横生,前程英语注重应试教育和素质教育“两手抓”,让您在轻松愉悦的环境中感受到英语水平的全面提高!


新概念第三册经典句子 第60课2014-09-04
She entered the station twenty minutes before the train was due, since her patents had imressen upon her that it would be unforgivable to miss it and cause the friends with whom she was going to stay to maike two journeys to meet her.
新概念第三册经典句子 第59课2010-10-22
Those who never have tochange house become indiscriminate collectors of what can only be described aclutter.
新概念第三册经典句子 第58课2010-10-17
Her shopping had tired her and her basket had grownheavier with every step of the way home.
新概念第三册经典句子 第57课2010-10-17
He did not marry again and Iwas brought up without a woman’s care; but I lacked for nothing, for he was both father and motherto me.
新概念第三册经典句子 第55课2010-10-14
Radio telescopes have one bigadvantage over conventional telescopes in thatthey can operate in all weather conditions and can pick up signals coming fromvery distant stars.
新概念第三册经典句子 第56课2010-10-14
We knowinstinctively, just as beekeepers with their bees, thatmisfortune might overtake us if the important events of our lives were notrelated to it.
新概念第三册经典句子 第53课2010-10-13
As long agoas 1809, the Swedish Parliament introduced a scheme to safeguard the interest of the individual.
新概念第三册经典句子 第54课2010-10-13
We regardthem as unnecessary creatures that do more harm than good.
新概念第三册经典句子 第52课2010-10-12
Despite the fact that the bottle is tinted a delicate shade of green, an observant visitor would soon notice that it is filledwith what looks like a thick, grayish substance.
新概念第三册经典句子 第51课2010-10-12
One of the greatest advances in modern technology has beenthe invention of computers.
新概念第三册经典句子 第50课2010-10-11
Mentally, at least, mostof us could compile formidable lists of dos and donts.
新概念第三册经典句子 第49课2010-10-11
If she were alive today she would not be able to air her views on her favorite topic of conversation:domestic servants.
新概念第三册经典句子 第48课2010-10-10
In thismuch-travelled world, there are still thousands ofpalces which are inaccessible to tourists.
新概念第三册经典句子 第47课:Through the Earth's Crust2010-10-10
Satellites orbiting round theearth have provided scientists with a vast amount ofinformation about conditions in outer space.
新概念第三册经典句子 第45课2010-10-07
In democratic countries any efforts to restrict the freedom of the Press are right condemned.
新概念第三册经典句子 第46课2010-10-07
So great is our passion for doing things for ourselves, that we are becoming increasinglyless dependent on specialized labour.
新概念第三册经典句子 第44课2010-10-02
People traveling long distancesfrequently have to decide whether they would prefer togo by land, sea, or air.
新概念第三册经典句子 第43课2010-10-02
Needless tosay, the biggerthe risk an insurance company takes, the higherthe premium you will have to pay.
新概念第三册经典句子 第42课2010-09-29
Cave exploration, or potholing,as it has come to be known, is a relativelynew sport.
新概念第三册经典句子 第41课2010-09-29
City born andcity bred, I have always regarded the country as somethingyou look at through a train window, or something you occasionally visitduring the weekend.
新概念第三册经典句子 第39课2010-09-28
Even though the road waslittered with boulders and pitted with holes, Bruce was not in the least perturbed.
新概念第三册经典句子 第40课2010-09-28
It has never been explainedwhy university students seemto enjoy practical jokes more than anyone else.
新概念第三册经典句子 第38课2010-09-26
Future historians will be in a unique position when they come to record the historyof our own times.
新概念第三册经典句子 第37课2010-09-26
Ships may be delayed by storms;air flights may be cancelled because of bad weather; but trains must beon time.
新概念第三册经典句子 第35课2010-09-25
We might say that justice hasbeen proved beyonddoubt.
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