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《二冊實踐與進步 初級班》構建英語的基石(Practice and Progress)在掌握一冊語法知識的基礎上,由淺入深、逐步講解語法要點,使你輕松掌握枯燥的語法;通過對句型想方設法的分析及對詞匯、短語的講解,使你在聽、說、讀中能真正運用地道的句型。掌握后,可以參加高考一類考試。

I crossed the street to avoid meeting him,but he saw me and came running towards me. 'It was no use pretending that I had not seen him, so I waved to him.
The Hatheld Puffin is a modern aero-plane, but its designer, Mr John Wim-penny, is finding it difficult to get it off the ground.
i'll accompany you to your hotel i'll accompany you home come nearer and nearer
Haroun Tazieff the Polish scientist, has spent his life-time studying active volcanoes and deep caves in all parts of the world.
In future, astronauts will be required to descend from a spaceship while it is still in space and to return to it.
In l858, a French engineer, Aime Thome de Gamond, arrived in England with a plan for a twenty-one mile tunnel across the English Channel.
Geoffrey Hampden has a large circle of friends and is very popular at parties.
Firemen had been fighting the forest fire for nearly three weeks before they could get it under control. A short time before,great trees had covered the countryside for miles around.
The tiny village of Frinley is said to possess a 'cursed tree'. Because the tree was mentioned in a newspaper, the number of visitors to Frinley has now increased.
Our dog, Rex, used to sit outside our front gate and bark. Every time he wanted to come into the garden he would bark until someone opened the gate. As the neighbours complained of the noise, my husband spent weeks training him to press his paw on the latch to let himself in.
Dreams of finding lost treasure almost came true recently. A new machine called 'The Revealer' has been invented and it has been used to detect gold which has been buried in the ground.
It sped downhill at the end of the race and its driver had a lot of trouble trying to stop it. The race gave every-one a great deal of pleasure. It was very different from modern car races but no less exciting.
A woman in blue jeans stood at the window of an expensive shop. Though she hesitated for a moment, she finally went in and asked to see a dress that was in the window.
At last I hung up the receiver. What a mess! There was pastry on my fingers, on the telephone, and on the door-knobs. I had no sooner got back to the kitchen than the door-bell rang loud enough to wake the dead. This time it was the postman and he wanted me to sign for a registered letter !
We have just moved into a new house and I have been working hard all morning.
At last firemen have put out a big forest fire in California. Since then, they have been trying to find out how the fire began.
I sat in the front of the bus to get a good view of the countryside. After some time,the bus stopped.
My friend, Herbert, has always been fat,but things got so bad recently that he de-cided to go on a diet.
Dentists always ask questions when it is impossible for you to answer. My dentist had just pulled out one of my teeth and had told me to rest for a while.
Tired of sleeping on the floor, a young man in Teheran saved up for years to buy a real bed. For the first time in his life, he became the proud owner of a bed which had springs and a mattress.
When a plane from London arrived at Sydney airport, workers began to unload a number of wooden boxes which contained clothing.
The whole village soon learnt that a large sum of money had been lost. Sam Benton,the local butcher, had lost his wallet while taking his savings to the post-office.
A public house which was recently bought by Mr Ian Thompson is up for sale. Mr Thompson is going to sell it because it is haunted.
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