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新概念英语第一册为英语初阶水平,适合英语水平在初中阶段或没基础从零开始学习英语的学生。本册可以说是学习英语的敲门砖(First Things First)讲练基本语音、语调(包括所有的音标、连读、同化)及英语中的基本语法、词法、句法及句型结构知识。学好第一册,是练好英语基本功的关键,适合于英语基础差,欲在短期内掌握英语基础的学习者。掌握后,可以参加中考一类考试。

新概念英语》是世界闻名的英语教程。本版是该书出版30年来经作者亲自修订的唯一新版。这套经典教材通过完整的英语学习体系,帮助学生掌握英语的4项基本技能——听、说、读、写,使学生能在学习中最大限度地发挥自己的潜能。此第一册《First Things First英语初阶》的学习对象为英语初学者,共有72个教学单元、144课。学习者学完后可以达到初级以下和初级的英语水平,若想继续提高,可以接着学习2、3、4册。

新概念英语第一册笔记新版 第1课 主讲人:张生云2014-09-04
Haven't seen you for ages/for a long time./Long time no see.
It's nice to see you again here. life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.
life is just a field of newly fallen snow, and where you choose to walk every step will show.
It's fun to run and jump in the sun.The first person in a class shirt works in my firm.Her younger brother's daughter was a driver.
life is like a fable. It is not measured by its length, but by its content.
What you get is a living, what you give is a is what happens to us, while we are making other things.Nothing to fear but fear itself.
I love my country.Another flyover will be built across that street.Nothing to fear but fear itself.
Yesterday I watched a French movie.It's about marriage, career, daily world and something like that.
Would you like something to drink? 你想喝点什么吗?
I wish that you have had a very good starting point of the new week. There are three things men can do with women, love them, suffer for them and turn them into literature.
Women lie about their age, men lie about their income.A man, who can govern a woman can govern a nation.
The park is on the right.Some children are coming out of the building.Some of them are going into the park.
If not because of the sickness, I'll never realize how terrible my life was before.
I'm going to send it to my Grandfather.What are you going to do with these flowers?I'm going to send/take them to my wife.
The boss is going to ask Pamela to type a letter for him, but Pamela can't read the letter, because the boss's handwriting is terrible.
The girl is sitting between her mother and her father.The teacher is standing in front of the blackboard.
It's often cold in December, January and February.It snows sometimes.
I don't like autumn and winter.Because the days are short and the nights are long.The sun rises late and sets early.
If someone has deceived you, don't get angry with him, because everybody wants to make a living. And the way of life is so narrow that you cannot but run into others.
He usually shave at 7:00 o'clock, but today, he is shaving at 8:00.
Jimmy looks ill. Jimmy is in bed. He feels ill. He doesn't feel ill. Does he feel ill? How does he feel? He looks ill.
What must Jimmy do today? Jimmy must stay in bed and mustn't eat rich food.
They are going to stay at her mother's this weekend.
What you really value is not what you have, but what you miss.
When the teacher came into the classroom, the students stopped to talk.


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